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Pollos A La Brasa | Pollos and Carnes Y Chuletas | Tallarines Saltados

Pollos A La Brasa

1/2 Pollo Sola$6.45
Chicken plain.
1/4 Pollo Solo$5.05
1/4 chicken plain.
1/2 Pollo con Seleccion$7.95
Chicken with choice.
1/4 Pollo con Selection$5.95
Chicken with choice.

Pollos and Carnes Y Chuletas

Pechuga De Pollo Apanado$13.95
Breaded chicken breast.
Pechuga De Pollo A La Plancha$12.55
Grilled chicken breast.
Milanesa De Pollo$16.05
Fried Milanese chicken.
Pollo Saltado$12.05
Chicken stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, and french fries.
Lomo Saltado$12.05
Top sirloin stir-fried with onions, tomatoes and french fries.
Lomo Saltado Montado$13.45
With fried eggs.
Bisteck con Selection$12.45
Steak with choice.
Bisteck Apanado$13.95
Bisteck Encebollado$14.95
Steak with sauteed onions.
Bisteck En Salsa De Ajos$15.95
Steak in garlic sauce.
Bisteck A La Milanesa$15.95
Fried milanese steak.
Bisteck A La Chorrilana$15.05
Fried steak. Topped with sauteed onions.
Bisteck A Lo Pobre$18.05
Fried steak served with rice, eggs, sweet banana and french fries.
Churrasco con Arroz y Papas$19.95
T-bone steak with rice and french fries.
Chuleta Frita$12.95
Fried pork chops.
Chulera Apanada$14.55
Breaded pork chops.
Chuleta En Salsa De Ajos$15.95
Pork chops with onions.
Chuleta Encebollada$14.95
Porkchops with onions.
Chuleta A Lo pobre$18.05
Porkchops served with rice, eggs, sweet banana and french fries.

Tallarines Saltados

Tallarin Saltado De Carne$11.95
Fried spaghetti with beef and chicken.
Tallarin Saltado Mixto$13.05
Fried spaghetti with beef and chicken.
Tallarin Saltado De Pollo$12.05
Fried spaghetti with chicken.
Tallarin Saltado de Camaron$15.95
Fried spaghetti with shrimp.
Tallarin Saltado De Mariscos$15.95
Fried spaghetti with seafood medley.
Tallarin Salatdo Especial$15.95
Fried spaghetti with beef, chicken and seafood.
Tallarin Verde con bisteck$14.95
Spaghetti basil with steak.