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Our Breaded Tenderloin Family

Grand Daddy Tenderloin (20 oz.)$11.55
Big Daddy Tenderloin (10 oz.)$6.45
Momma Tenderloin (6 1/2 oz.)$5.05
Baby Tenderloin (4 oz.)$3.45

Our Extended Sandwich Family

Char-Broiled Butterfly Pork Chop$4.70
Porkies Bar-B-Que Pork$5.30
Hot Ham & Cheese$3.55
Unbreaded Chicken Breast Sandwich$6.05
Porkies Fish Sandwich with Cheese$4.55
Rib-Eye Steak Sandwich$7.70
Polish Sausage$3.05
Baby Hot Dog (1/8 lb.)$1.80
Baby Chili Dog (1/8 lb.)$3.30
Momma Hot Dog (1/4 lb.)$3.20
Momma Chili Dog (1/4 lb.)$4.70
Big Daddy Hot Dog (1/2 lb.)$5.05
Big Daddy Chili Dog (1/2 lb.)$6.55


5 Cheeseburgers & French Fries (1/2 lb.)$11.20
5 Hamburgers & French Fries (1/2 lb.)$9.95
Shrimp Dinner$6.55
Cod Fish Dinner$7.20
Chicken Strips Dinner$6.70

Our Burger Family

Grand Daddy Burger (1 lb.)$9.70
Big Daddy Burger (1/2 lb.)$5.20
Momma Burger (1/4 lb.)$3.55
Baby Burger (1/8 lb.)$1.45
Double Burger (2-1/8 lb.)$2.45
Double Cheeseburger (2-1/8 lb.)$2.80
Bacon Double Cheeseburger (2-1/8 lb.)$4.20

Kids' Meals

Hot Dog$4.05
2 Chicken Strips$4.20


Small French Fries$1.55
Large French Fries$2.05
1/2 lb. French Fries$3.30
Loaded French Fries with Chili & Cheese$4.20
Seasoned French Fries$3.30
Onion Rings$3.80
Chile Pork & Beans (6 oz.)$2.30
Hot Pork & Beans (6 oz.)$2.20
Chile Pork & Beans (12 oz.)$3.20
Hot Pork & Beans (12 oz.)$3.20
Cole Slaw$1.05
Garden Salad$3.45
Garden Salad with Ham$4.95
Garden Salad with Bacon$4.95
Garden Salad with Chicken$5.95


Rice Krispy Treat$1.20
Chocolate Krispy$1.45

Porkies In Bulk

Quart of Hot Pork & Beans$6.80
Quart of Porkies Chili$6.80
Porkies Pork Bar-B-Que (1 lb.)$8.80
Including buns.

Miscellaneous Items

Vegas Wings (6 Pack)$5.55
Vegas Wings (12 Pack)$9.80


Fountain Drinks Small (16 oz.)$1.70
Fountain Drinks Medium (21 oz.)$2.05
Fountain Drinks Large (32 oz.)$2.30
Canned Pop (12 oz.) & Bottled Water (16 oz.)$1.20
Shakes Small (16 oz.)$2.55
Shakes Medium (21 oz.)$3.05
Shakes Large (32 oz.)$3.80
Regular Coffee$1.70
Hot Chocolate$1.70
Large Coffee$1.95
Hot Chocolate$2.05
Cappuccino (Large)$2.20
Orange Juice (Small)$2.05
Orange Juice (Large)$2.30