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Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich only$8.94
Philly Chicken Sandwich only$8.94
Shrimp Po' Boy Sandwich only$8.94
Oyster Po' Boy Sandwich only$9.04
Fish Po' Boy Sandwich only$9.04
Cheese Burger only$8.94
3 Cut Wings and Burger only$11.94
3 Cut Wings and Philly Sandwich only$11.94

Chicken Wings

20 Cut Wings only$21.94
30 Cut Wings only$32.04
50 Cut Wings only$48.04
20 Whole Wings only$27.94
30 Whole Wings only$36.04
50 Whole Wings only$58.04
20 Boneless Wings only$18.04
30 Boneless Wings only$25.04
50 Boneless Wings only$35.94
1/2 Pan of Gizzards only$26.04
1/2 Pan of Liver only$25.94


Cut Wings
Whole Wings
10 Pieces Boneless Wings$12.04


10 Pieces of Whiting Fish only$24.94
10 Pieces of Perch Fish only$28.04
10 Pieces of Tilapia Fish only$25.94
10 Pieces of Fish Fillet only$32.04
1/2 Pan of Catfish Nuggets only$28.94

Fish and Seafood

2 Pieces Tilapia with 2 Sides$12.94
2 Pieces Ocean Perch with 2 Sides$15.04
2 Pieces Fish Fillet with 2 Sides$13.04
3 Pieces Whiting with 2 Sides$11.94
Jumbo Shrimp with 2 Sides
Whole Catfish with 2 Sides
Catfish Nuggets with 2 Sides$11.94
10 Oysters with 2 Sides$16.04


Chicken Fingers Dinner$10.94
Chicken Nuggets Dinner$10.94
Chicken Gizzard Dinner$11.04
Chicken Liver Dinner$11.04
Chicken Liver and Gizzards Dinner$11.04

Sharks Combos

Sharks Combo 1$13.94
Choose 2 different items for meats Choose 2 different items for sides
Sharks Combo 2$18.04
Choose 3 different items for meats Choose 2 different items for sides

Sharks Family Combo

10 Wings and 5 Piece Fish Combo$30.04
10 Whole Wings and 8 Piece Whiting Combo$32.04
20 Whole Wings and 8 Piece Whiting Combo$40.04

Side Orders

Fried Dill Pickles$4.94
Fried Corn Nuggets$4.94
Fried Green Tomatoes$5.04
Small Fries$4.04
Cheese small Fries$6.04
Onion ring$4.94


Cheese cake$3.94