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Garden Salad$2.95
Grilled Chicken$6.95
Grilled Tilapia$6.95
Grilled Salmon$6.95

Sandwich Specials

Chicken Salad Sandwich$4.95
Curry Chicken Sandwich$5.05
Tuna Salad Sandwich$3.95
Turkey Salad Sandwich$5.05
Jerk Chicken Salad Sandwich$4.95

Open Face Sandwich

Tilapia Sandwich$3.05
Salmon Sandwich$2.95
Fried Whiting Sandwich$2.95
Catfish Sandwich$2.95
Crab Cake Sandwich$3.05
Salmon Cake Sandwich$3.05
Cheese Burger$2.95
Turkey Melt Sandwich$3.45
Boneless Breast Sandwich$4.05

Shell's Deli

Salmon Cake$4.95
Jerk Chicken$4.95
Lake Trout$5.05
Hot Honey Chicken$5.05
Crab Cake$5.05
Spicy Chicken$4.95
Baked Chicken$4.95
Chicken and Waffle$5.05
Fried Chicken$4.95
Meat Loft$4.95
Turkey Wing$5.05
BBQ Chicken$5.05
Five Party Wings$4.95
Six Fried Shrimp$4.95
Jerk Turkey Wing$5.05
Three Whole Wings$5.05
Three Tenders$5.05
Smothered Chicken$4.95
Smothered Turkey Wing$5.05


Turkey Chops$10.05
Beef Short Ribs$15.05
Pepper Steak$7.95
Seafood Platter$10.95
Deli 365 Dinner$13.55
Stuff Tilapia$10.05
Stuff Salmon$12.05
Stuff Chicken$11.95
Stuff Catfish$12.05
Stuff Turkey Chops$12.05
Hook Ups$11.05
Jumbo Shrimp$8.05
With spinach and pepper over rice.
Ciroc Box$6.95
Junk Box$6.45
Six Party Wing$5.05

Platter Specials

Chicken Salad Platter$6.05
Curry Chicken Platter$5.95
Tuna Salad Platter$5.05
Turkey Salad Platter$6.05
Jerk Chicken Salad Platter$5.45

Club Specials

Chicken Salad Club$6.95
Curry Chicken$7.05
Tuna Salad$7.05
Turkey Club$7.05
Jerk Chicken Salad$7.05
All Wraps Salads$5.05
Cold Coco Bread Salad$6.05
Turkey Salad$7.05
Ham Club$7.05
Shrimp Salad Club$8.45

Fries and Rice

Cheese Steak Fries$5.05
Chicken Steak Fries$4.95
Cheese Steak with Pepper$8.05
With gravy over fries.
Cheese Steak with Onions$8.05
With gravy over fries.
Cheese Steak with Pepper$8.05
With gravy over rice.
Cheese Steak with Onions$7.95
With gravy over rice.
Hook up Over Fries$11.05
Hook up Over Rice$11.05
Shabanga Over Fries$8.45
Shabanga Over Rice$8.45
Grilled Spinach with Jumbo Shrimp with Peppers$7.95
Garlic sauce over rice.
Grilled Spinach with Jumbo Shrimp with Onions$8.05
Garlic sauce over rice.
Stir Fry Rogers$8.05
Generals Tos Rogers$8.05
Steamed Shrimp Platter$10.05
Cheese Steak Pepper or Onions$8.05
With gravy over fries or rice.


Fried Hookup Sub Sandwich$7.95
Chopped Hookup Sub Sandwich$8.05
Tilapia Sub Sandwich$6.95
Catfish Sub Sandwich$7.05
Crab Cake Sub Sandwich$8.05
Steak and Chicken Sub Sandwich$6.95
Turkey Burger$5.95
Kosher Dog with Fries$2.95
Six Mozz Sticks$3.30
Steak and Cheese Sub Sandwich$5.55
Steak and Chicken Sub Sandwich$5.55
Steak Burger$5.55
Cheese Burger$5.55
Fish Sub Sandwich$5.45
Chopped Fish Sub Sandwich$5.55


Mac and Cheese$2.45
Potato Salad$2.55
Pasta Salad$2.55
Yellow Rice$2.55
White Rice$2.45
Fresh String Beans$2.45
Green Beans$2.55
Fried Potatoes$2.55
Mash Potatoes$2.45
Garlic Mash Potatoes$2.55
Sweet Potatoes$2.55
Corn on Cob$2.45