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2 Piece Shrimp Spring Rolls$3.45
2 Piece Egg Rolls$2.95
8 Piece Fried Wontons$4.00
No meat or cheese.
6 Piece Pot Stickers$5.00
8 Piece Chicken Wings$6.90
8 Piece Hot Braised Chicken Wings$8.00
Hot and spicy.
6 Pieces Shrimp Tempura$4.90
4 Pieces Beef Teriyaki$5.90
On stix.
4 Pieces Chicken Teriyaki$6.00
On stix.
6 Pieces Crab Rangoon$4.90
4 Piece BBQ Ribs$6.30
French Fries$3.45
10 Piece Fried Donuts$4.90
Lettuce wrap chicken (Appetizer)$9.00
Tidbit Plate$12.00
Shrimp tempura, egg roll, chicken wings, crab angles, teriyaki beef and fried pot stickers.


Wonton Soup$1.95
Served with shrimp, chicken and vegetable.
Egg Drop Soup$2.05
Hot and Sour Soup$1.95
Hot and spicy.
Sizzling Rice Soup$5.20
For 2.
Phoenix Soup$5.90
For 2.
Triple D'Lite Soup$6.90
For 2.
Spicy and Sour Seafood Soup$7.00
For two. Hot and spicy.
Vegetable Chicken Soup$6.00
For 2.
Seafood Bean Curd Soup$6.90
For 2.
House Special Soup$6.00
For 2.
Tom Yum Soup$8.00
Served with shrimp, chicken and vegetable.

Soft Noodle Soup

Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup$11.00
Chow ma mein.
Seafood Noodle Soup$11.90
House Noodle Soup$11.00
Shrimp Noodle Soup$10.90
Chicken Noodle Soup$9.90
Pork Noodle Soup$10.00


K1. Chicken with Chinese Vegetable$10.45
Dark meat chicken sauteed with mushroom, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and other Chinese vegetable, cooked in brown sauce.
K2. Sweet and Sour Chicken$10.55
K3. Almond Fried Chicken$11.00
K4. Orange Chicken$11.00
K5. Mandarin Chicken$11.00
Hot and spicy.
K6. Orange Flavor Chicken$11.00
Tender sliced chicken lightly fried with spicy orange flavored sauce and orange peel. Hot and spicy.
K7. Cashew Nut Chicken$10.45
K8. Kung Pao Chicken$10.45
Diced chicken meat with hot pepper sauce and peanuts. Hot and spicy.
K9. Chicken with Broccoli$10.45
K10. Hunan Chicken$10.45
Hot and spicy.
K11. Szechuan Fried Chicken$10.90
Deep fried chicken woked to perfection in a hot spicy sauce with vegetables. Hot and spicy.
K12. Moo Goo Gai Pan$10.55
K13. Garlic Chicken$10.45
K14. General Tso's Chicken$11.45
Hot and spicy.
K15. Honey Chicken$11.45
K16. Lemon Chicken$10.90
K17. Sesame Chicken$11.45
K18. Curry Chicken$10.90
K19. Spicy Garlic Chicken$11.00
Sliced chicken with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, carrots and water chestnuts in chef's special sweet and spicy sauce. Hot and spicy.
K20. Sizzling Chicken Wor Ba$11.45
Chinese cabbage topped with crispy rice served in a hot sizzling plate.
K21. Mongolian Chicken$11.55
K22. Teriyaki Chicken$11.55
K23. Mu Shu Chicken$11.55
K24. Black Pepper Chicken$11.45
K25. Chicken with Ginger and Green Onion$11.55
K26. Chicken with String Bean$11.45
K27. Lettuce Chicken$11.45
K28. Walnut Chicken$11.45


D1. Half Sizzling Duck with Vegetables$16.00
Boneless duck with freshly prepared Chinese vegetables.
D2. Half Szechuan Duck$16.00
Woked to perfection in a hot deep fried boneless duck. Hot and spicy.
D3. Half Crispy Duck$16.00
Canton style deep fried duck with plum sauce and vegetables.

Beef and Steak

B1. Beef with Chinese Vegetables$11.90
B2. Mu Shu Beef$12.00
Fancy flavored beef with egg and mixed vegetables. Served with Chinese pancakes.
B3. Sesame Beef$12.90
B4. Beef with Broccoli$11.90
B5. Hunan Beef$12.00
Hot and spicy.
B6. Emperor's Delight$12.00
B7. Orange Flavored Beef$13.00
Hot and spicy.
B8. Mongolian Beef$12.00
Tender sliced sirloin of beef, marinated and sauteed with fresh onions and scallions, garnished with crispy rice noodles.
B9. Pepper Steak$12.00
B10. Sizzling Scallops Beef$15.00
Sliced beef and scallops with onions and scallion served on a sizzling platter.
B11. Singapore Sizzling Beef$12.00
Tender sliced beef, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and snow peas cooked in medium spicy Singapore sauce and stirred in a hot plate.
B12. Szechuan Beef$11.90
Hot and spicy.
B13. Ribeye Stak$16.90
Served with steamed broccoli and french fries.
B14. Teriyaki Steak$17.00
12 oz. ribeye steak served with french fries.
B15. House Special Steak$17.00
12 oz. ribeye steak sauteed with vegetable and served with rice.
B16. Teriyaki Beef$13.00
B17. Beef with String Bean$12.90
B18. Lettuce Beef$13.00
B19. Beef with Ginger and Green Onion$13.00


P1. Sweet and Sour Pork$10.30
P2. Spicy Garlic Pork$10.30
Hot and spicy.
P3. Twice Cooked Pork$10.30
Sauteed pork with onions, cabbage, bell peppers and carrots. Hot and spicy.
P4. Roast Pork with Chinese Vegetables$10.30
P5. Pork with Plum Sauce$10.30
Strips of delicate pork sauteed with our special sauce.
P6. Mu Shu Pork$10.90
P7. Szechuan Pork$10.30
Hot and spicy.
P8. Hot Bean Curd with Chopped Pork$10.30
Hot braised Chinese bean curd, Szechuan style. Hot and spicy.
P9. Mongolian Pork$11.00
P10. Pork with String Bean$10.90
P11. Lettuce Pork$11.00
P12. Pork with Ginger and Green Onion$11.00


S1. Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables$12.20
S2. Mu Shu Shrimp$13.00
S3. Sweet and Sour Shrimp$12.20
S4. Cashew Nut Shrimp$12.20
S5. Shrimp with Broccoli$12.30
S6. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$12.30
Fresh shrimp with egg, water chestnuts, mushrooms and green peas.
S7. Szechuan Shrimp$12.30
Fried shrimp with vegetables in spicy Szechuan sauce. Hot and spicy.
S8. Spicy Garlic Shrimp$12.30
Marinated shrimp blended with bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, mushrooms and onion. Hot and spicy.
S9. Spicy Garlic Scallops$14.00
Hot and spicy.
S10. Hunan Shrimp$12.20
Hot and spicy.
S11. Shrimp with Scallops$13.90
S12. Sesame Shrimp$12.90
S13. General Tso's Shrimp$13.00
Hot and spicy.
S14. Sizzling Seafood Wor Ba$16.00
Jumbo shrimp, scallops and lobster sauteed with mixed Chinese vegetables in white sauce. Served in a sizzling hot plate top with crab legs.
S15. Kung Pao Scallops$14.00
Hot and spicy.
S16. Crispy Salt and Pepper Shrimp$13.90
S17. Crispy Salt and Pepper Scallop$14.00
S18. Teriyaki Shrimp$12.90
S19. Black Pepper Shrimp$12.90
S20. Shrimp with String Bean$13.00
S21. Lettuce and Shrimp$13.00
S22. Shrimp with Ginger and Green Onion$13.00
S23. Squid with Black Bean Sauce$12.90
S24. Salt and Pepper Squid$13.00


FH1. Fish with Mixed Vegetable$13.90
FH2. Fried Fish with Black Bean Sauce$14.00
FH3. Spicy Garlic Fish$13.90
FH4. Szechuan Fish$13.90
Hot and spicy.
FH5. Salt and Pepper Fish$13.90
Hot and spicy.
FH6. Fried Fish with Ginger and Green Onion$14.00
FH7. Whole Fry Pampano$16.00
FH8. Whole Fry Tilapia$15.90
FH9. Whole Fry Red Snapper$24.90

Egg Foo Young

Y1. Chicken Egg Foo Young$10.20
Y2. Beef Egg Foo Young$10.20
Y3. Roast Pork Egg Foo Young$10.20
Y4. Shrimp Egg Foo Young$10.20
Y5. House Special Egg Foo Young$11.00
Combination of chicken, shrimp and roast pork.
Y6. Szechuan Egg Foo Young$13.00

Chow Mein

CM1. Chicken Chow Mein$9.20
CM2. Beef Chow Mein$9.20
CM3. Roast Pork Chow Mein$9.20
CM4. Shrimp Chow Mein$9.20
CM5. House Special Chow Mein$10.00
Combination of chicken, roast pork and shrimp.

Fried Rice

F1. Vegetable Fried Rice$9.30
F2. Chicken Fried Rice$9.30
F3. Beef Fried Rice$9.30
F4. Roast Pork Fried Rice$9.20
F5. Shrimp Fried Rice$9.20
F6. House Special Fried Rice$9.90
F7. Jumbo Shrimp Fried Rice$11.90

Lo Mein

L1. Vegetable Lo Mein$9.90
L2. Chicken Lo Mein$10.00
L3. Beef Lo Mein$9.90
L4. Roast Pork Lo Mein$10.00
L5. Shrimp Lo Mein$9.90
L6. House Special Lo Mein$10.20
Combination of chicken, shrimp and roast pork.
L7. Hunan Lo Mein$12.00
A blend of beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetables, served over a bed of soft noodles and covered with Hunan sauce. Hot and spicy.
L8. Szechuan Lo Mein$12.00
Hot and spicy.
L9. House Pan Fried Noodle$11.90
A combination of shrimp, beef and chicken with vegetable, served over crispy pan fried noodle.
L10. Hong Kong Lo Mein$11.00

Rice Noodle

R1. Vegetable Rice Noodle$9.90
R2. Chicken Rice Noodle$9.90
R3. Beef Rice Noodle$10.00
R4. Roast Pork Rice Noodle$9.90
R5. Shrimp Rice Noodle$11.90
Big shrimp.
R6. House Special Rice Noodle$11.90
Combination of chicken, shrimp and roast pork.
R7. Singapore Curry Rice Noodle$11.90
Hot and spicy.

Chow Fun

R1. Vegetable Chow Fun$10.00
R2. Chicken Chow Fun$10.00
R3. Beef Chow Fun$10.90
R4. Roast Pork Chow Fun$9.90
R5. Shrimp Chow Fun$12.00
Big shrimp.
R6. House Special Chow Fun$11.90
Combination of chicken, shrimp and roast pork.
R7. Singapore Curry Chow Fun$11.90
Hot and spicy.

Vegetables and Vegetarian Dishes

V1. Vegetable Deluxe$10.00
White Sauce. Fresh Chinese vegetables lightly cooked.
V2. Broccoli Bean Curd$9.90
V3. Triple Vegetable Deluxe$10.00
Mushroom, water chestnuts and snow peas.
V4. Home Style Bean Curd$10.90
V5. Buddha Delight$10.00
Brown sauce.
V6. Broccoli with Oyster Sauce$9.90
V7. Steamed Vegetable Deluxe$9.90
V8. Sesame Bean Curd$10.90
V9. Mu Shu Vegetable$11.00
V10. Vegetarian General Tso's Chicken$12.90
V11. Vegetarian Sesame Chicken$13.00
V12. Vegetarian Chicken Lo Mein$12.90

Chef's Special

Triple Deluxe$14.00
Jumbo shrimp, sliced chicken breast, tender sliced beef and mixed Chinese vegetables in brown sauce.
Sizzling Triple Treasure$14.00
Scallops, white meat chicken, roasted pork and Chinese vegetables in brown sauce, topped with crispy rice and served on a pot.
4 Seasons$14.00
Jumbo shrimp, scallops, roasted pork and chicken sauteed with bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and snow peas.
Seafood Deluxe$16.00
Scallops, shrimp, lobster, crab meat, squid and fish sauteed with mixed vegetable in brown sauce.
Phoenix and Dragon$14.00
Shrimp and sliced chicken breast sauteed with carrots, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, mushrooms, broccoli and snow peas in white sauce.
Shrimp and Chicken with Cashew Nuts$13.90
Sizzling Happy Family$14.90
A combination of scallops, shrimp, fine crab meat, roast pork, tender beef and chicken breast sauteed with mixed Chinese vegetables. Served with on a sizzling hot plate.
Steak and Shrimp$14.00
Tender beef sauteed with shrimp and fresh Chinese vegetables.
Steak and Seafood$27.00
Ribeye steak, jumbo shrimp, scallops, lobster and fine crab meat with baby corn, mushrooms, carrots, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, broccoli and snow peas.
Triple Fragrance$13.90
A delightful combination of jumbo shrimp, chicken breast and roasted pork with water chestnuts and bamboo shoots, cooked in mild hot sauce. Hot and spicy.
Kung Pao Deluxe$13.90
Diced chicken, jumbo shrimp and tender sliced beef with vegetable and peanuts, cooked in hot pepper sauce. Hot and spicy.
Mongolian Triple$14.00
Curry Triple$13.90
Hot and spicy.
Teriyaki Triple$13.90
Black Pepper Triple$13.90
Supreme Seafood$21.90
Seafood sauteed mixed vegetable topped with steam snow crab legs.
1 lb. Steam Snow Crab Legs$26.00

Special Dinner for 1

Moo Goo Gai Pan and Sweet and Sour Pork Dinner$13.45
Pepper Steak and Sweet and Sour Chicken Dinner$13.55
Sweet and Sour Chicken and Vegetable Deluxe Dinner$13.55
Almond Fried Chicken and Pepper Steak Dinner$13.55
Shrimp with Chinese Vegetable and Sweet and Sour Pork Dinner$14.55
Garlic Chicken and Sweet and Sour Shrimp Dinner$14.45
Hunan Chicken and Sweet and Sour Shrimp Dinner$14.55

Special Family Dinner

Special Family Dinner for 2$28.95
Mongolian beef and sweet and sour shrimp.
Special Family Dinner for 3$42.05
Mongolian beef, sweet and sour shrimp and garlic chicken.
Special Family Dinner for 4$55.05
Mongolian beef, sweet and sour shrimp, garlic chicken and moo shu pork.
Special Family Dinner for 5$67.95
Mongolian beef, sweet and sour shrimp, garlic chicken, moo shu pork and sizzling triple treasure.
Special Family Dinner for 6$80.05
Mongolian beef, sweet and sour shrimp, garlic chicken, moo shu pork, sizzling triple treasure and happy family.

Family Dinner

Family Dinner for 2$27.05
Family Dinner for 3$40.05
Choice of three entrees, soup, egg roll, fried chicken wings, steamed rice and fortune cookies.
Family Dinner for 4$52.05
Choice of four entrees, soup, egg roll, fried chicken wings, steamed rice and fortune cookies.
Family Dinner for 5$65.05
Choice of five entrees, soup, egg roll, fried chicken wings, steamed rice and fortune cookies.

Combination Platter

C1. Chicken Chow Mein Combo Platter$11.00
C2. Beef Chow Mein Combo Platter$11.00
C3. Shrimp Chow Mein Combo Platter$11.00
C4. Green Pepper Steak Combo Platter$11.00
C5. Sweet and Sour Chicken Combo Platter$10.90
C6. Moo Goo Gai Pan Combo Platter$11.00
C7. Sweet and Sour Shrimp Combo Platter$11.00
C8. Hunan Chicken Combo Platter$10.90
Hot and spicy.
C9. Sweet and Sour Pork Combo Platter$11.00

Child's Platter

A1. Kid's Sweet and Sour Pork Platter$5.70
A2. Kid's Sweet and Sour Chicken Platter$5.70
A3. Kid's Sweet and Sour Shrimp Platter$5.70
A4. Kid's Beef Teriyaki Platter$5.80
3 piece.
A5. Kid's Chicken Wings Platter$5.70
4 piece.
A6. Kid's Sesame Chicken Platter$6.45

Side Order

Plain Fried Rice$2.55
Plain Lo Mein$4.05
Brown Rice$2.45


Fountain Drink$2.20
Sweet Tea$2.30
Unsweet Tea$2.20
2 Liter Drinks$3.20
Hot Tea$1.80
Boba Milk Tea$4.90
Boba Thai Tea$4.90
Boba Thai Tea$4.90
Boba Milk Tea$4.90

Lunch Specials

0. Buddha Delight Lunch Special$6.50
1. Vegetable Deluxe Lunch Special$6.50
2. Sweet and Sour Pork Lunch Special$6.40
3. Sweet and Sour Chicken Lunch Special$6.80
4. Sweet and Sour Shrimp Lunch Special$6.95
5. Almond Fried Chicken Lunch Special$6.70
6. Chicken Chow Mein Lunch Special$6.70
6. Pork Chow Mein Lunch Special$6.70
6. Beef Chow Mein Lunch Special$6.80
7. Shrimp Chow Mein Lunch Special$6.70
8. House Special Chow Mein Lunch Special$6.80
Shrimp, chicken and pork.
9. Chicken Fried Rice Lunch Special$6.80
9. Pork Fried Rice Lunch Special$6.80
9. Beef Fried Rice Lunch Special$6.80
10. Shrimp Fried Rice Lunch Special$6.70
11. House Special Fried Rice Lunch Special$6.80
Shrimp, chicken and pork.
12. Hot Braised Chicken Wings Lunch Special$6.70
Hot and spicy.
13. Hunan Chicken Lunch Special$6.70
Hot and spicy.
14. Moo Goo Gai Pan Lunch Special$6.70
15. Chicken with Cashew Nuts Lunch Special$6.70
16. Kung Pao Chicken Lunch Special$6.80
Hot and special.
17. Garlic Chicken Lunch Special$6.80
18. Chicken Broccoli Lunch Special$6.80
19. Szechuan Chicken Lunch Special$6.95
Hot and spicy.
20. Mandarin Chicken Lunch Special$7.05
Hot and spicy.
21. Spicy Garlic Chicken Lunch Special$7.05
Hot and spicy.
22. Honey Chicken Lunch Special$6.95
23. Sesame Chicken Lunch Special$7.05
24. General Tso's Chicken Lunch Special$6.95
Hot and spicy.
25. Teriyaki Chicken Lunch Special$6.95
26a. Orange Chicken Lunch Special$6.95
Hot and spicy.
26b. Orange Flavor Chicken Lunch Special$7.05
Hot and spicy.
27. Fried Tofu with Mixed Vegetable Lunch Special$7.05
28. Green Pepper Steak Lunch Special$7.45
29. Beef with Vegetable Lunch Special$7.35
30. Mongolian Beef Lunch Special$7.70
31. Beef with Broccoli Lunch Special$7.35
32. Hunan Beef Lunch Special$7.35
Hot and spicy.
33. Shrimp with Vegetable Lunch Special$7.80
34. Hunan Shrimp Lunch Special$7.80
35. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce Lunch Special$7.80
36. Dragon and Phoenix Lunch Special$8.40
37. Triple Deluxe Lunch Special$8.40
38. Chicken and Shrimp with Cashew Nuts Lunch Special$8.50
39. Four Seasons Lunch Special$8.40
40. Happy Family Lunch Special$8.50
41. Chicken Lo Mein Lunch Special$8.40
41. Beef Lo Mein Lunch Special$8.40
41. Pork Lo Mein Lunch Special$8.40
41. Shrimp Lo Mein Lunch Special$8.40
42. House Lo Mein Lunch Special$8.50
Shrimp, chicken and pork.
43. Mongolian Triple Lunch Special$8.50
44. Chow Ma Mein Lunch Special$10.90
Spicy seafood noodle soup.