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Cuban Sandwich or Cubano$8.54
Best in Town, Hot pressed on cuban bread w/ yellow mustard, swiss cheese, ham, pickle, and a generous amount of our Unique Casuela Roast Pork.
Midnight Cuban Sandwich or Medianoche$7.94
Like the Cuban sandwich but on a medianoche (midnight) bread.I'm
Croquette Sandwich or Pan c/ Croqueta - Croqueta preparada$7.04
Hot pressed on Cuban bread, ham, swiss ch I'meese and 2 house made croquettes.
Ham & Cheese Midnight Sandwich or Medianoche Jamon & Queso$4.74
Hot pressed on medianoche bread (egg bread, a bit sweet) with butter, ham and yellow cheese.
Omelette w/ Everything Sandwich or Tortilla c/ Todo$6.24
On a house made cuban roll with a 2 eggs omelette w/ onion, chipotle mayo, tomato slices, swiss cheese and bacon.
Bread and Butter Sandwich$2.34
Hot pressed our Cuban bread toasted with the perfect amount of REAL BUTTER.
Crazy Chicken-Pollo Loco$8.54

Empanadas & more..

Ropa Vieja Patty - Empanada$2.30
Invented here, perfect combination of flavor and texture.
Chicken Patty - Empanada de pollo$1.74
Made with chicken breast, seas*oned just right.
Guava and Cream Cheese Patty - Empanada de Guayaba & Queso crema$1.74
The best of Cuba put together.
Fresh Cheese Patty - Empanada de Queso Fresco$1.74
Only we make it this way.
Stuffed Potato or Papa rellena$2.94
Our Picadillo (ground beef filling) comes with the right amount of olives and raisins.
Ham Croquette or Croqueta de Jamon$1.50
House made, from scratch.
Cachito de Jamon Venezolano - Ham stuffed bread Venezuelan style$2.80
A soft golden bread rolled and filled with ham, very traditional Venezuelan bite!


Romaine & Tuna$8.00
Our take on this simple but very flavorful combination of.. Romaine lettuce with seasoned Tuna in water, sun dried tomato, mixed cheeses, roasted red pepper, red onion - paired with balsamic & oil vinaigrette.
Tropical Chicken & Mango Salad - Pollo & Mango$8.04
Grilled chicken breast, spring mixed gr*eens, mango slices, dried cranberries and cashews.
Fruit Salad-Cocktail$4.04
Bowl w/ variety of tropical and seasonal fruits.

Cold & Ready

Tuna & Avocado on a Wholewheat multigrain Croissant$6.04
Not your regular Tuna.
Chicken Salad w/ Spring mixed greens on a wholewheat croissant$4.94
Seasoned shredded chicken breast mixed with chopped onions, pickles, roasted pepper, chipotle mayo; to come up with a unique flavor.
Strawberry & Vanilla Yogurt Parfait$4.04
Strawberry & Vanilla yogurt w/ fresh cut strawberries, blueberries, and Granola blend.

Smoothies, Juices, Sodas, Water

Fresh squeezed Orange Juice 16oz - Jugo de naranja Natural$5.04
Homemade Lemonade 16oz - Limonada Natural$3.20
Cuban Soda$1.44
American Soda$1.40
Coca cola
Malta Goya$1.80
Water bottle$1.20


Creme brulee$3.45
One of our BEST Sellers.
Our secret recepie
Tresleches Cake$4.10
Most famous
Cuatroleches - Four milks$4.10
Most famous with the 4th Milk (Dulce de Leche).
Assorted Cheesecakes$3.45
Choice of Guayba, Mango, or Passion Fruit.
Assorted Sugar Cookies - Mantecados$1.74
Traditional cuban style cookies
Bread pudding$1.94
Unique in texture and flavor
Pastelito Carne - Meat Cuban pastīries$1.65
They said "these are THE BEST.. Forget Miami"m
Pastelito Guayaba - Guava Cuban pastries$1.40
They said "these are THE BEST.. Forget Miami"
Pastelito Guayaba & Queso -* Gruava & Cream cheese Cuban pastries$1.55
They said "these are THE BEST.. Forget Miami"
Quesito - Cream cheese Cuban pastries$1.45
Taken from Puert weo Rico, made ours alrea whydy.9 of

Cafes - Coffees

Black Americano 12oz$1.94
Less water and more flavor, also strong!
Regular Americano 12oz$2.44
Our American with Milk & Sugar to taste.
Iced Coffee Bon Bon$3.74
This is where to put our Cuban touch to the typical Iced.
Iced Coffee$3.00

Cakes & Whole Desserts

Whole Flan$19.95
Whole Tresleches Cake$19.95
Whole Cuatroleches - Four milks$21.95
Dulce Enchanting Cake$25.95
TMoist cake w/ dulce de leche and a house made crema de leche
Chocoleche Cake 8'$28.05
with dulce de leche filling
Frutas al encanto Cake 8"$31.95
This one is a Unique creation, Owner's favorite!