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Yellow Teas

Golden Dragon Yellow Tea$29.93
we are proud to offer one of the rarest teas in the world; our limited edition yellow tea direct from china. the name ?yellow' tea refers not only to the unique processing and the lovely, bright golden infusion color, but due to its rarity it is also associated with the imperial yellow worn exclusively by emperors for centuries. unlike any tea you have tasted before, at first sip it evokes the exquisite pleasure of everyday luxuries. captivating high floral notes mingle with a smooth honeyed body and a subtle creamy, buttery finish. a perfectly balanced tea curated just for you.

White Teas

Body & Mind$14.93
a romance of the senses indulged with a soft bouquet of jasmine and orchid scents released from these three amazing teas. an aromatic masterpiece, this triple tea blends the buddhist legendary monkey-picked oolong with jasmine dragon phoenix pearls green tea and mao feng white tea creating a perfect floral aroma and taste of jasmine and orchid. uplifting to the body, soothing to the mind and soul with sweet notes that intertwine and enlighten.
Raspberry Pineapple Luau$9.93
as refreshing as an ocean breeze off the shores of maui, this white tea is a fruit paradise bursting with juicy flavor. bright raspberry and ripe and tangy pineapple kissed with sweet hibiscus flower and pieces of crisp apple come together fantastically in a cup certain to have you in an aloha state of mind.
Strawberry Cream$12.93
imagine luscious peaks of whipped cream brightened with slices of ripe strawberries. this rich and dairy-free dessert treat is served on a snowy-white tea base reminiscent of a delightful, creamy, strawberry dream!
Peach Momotaro Artisan Tea$19.03
hand-tied, this artisanal display tea is both beautiful to behold and tantalizing to taste. with a crown of regal marigold flowers, each peach-scented white tea ball unfurls with flavor and can be infused three to five times.
White Ayurvedic Chai Tea$10.93
journey to india and take in all its exotic pleasures with this modern twist on a sweet and spicy classic. high quality white tea combines with cinnamon, coconut, pineapple, ginger, cardamom, and cloves, giving this balancing tea a complex, sweet, full-bodied flavor.
Watermelon Mint Chiller$15.03
this refreshing white tea is crisp, clean and the perfect antidote to a hot day. melon, brisk flavors of peppermint and soothing, stimulating eucalyptus mix marvelously with notes of pineapple, tangerine and berries creating a minty, juicy chiller that will keep you calm and collected no matter how high the mercury rises.
Spice Of Life$14.93
this nostalgic orange blend is spiced with coriander and infused with warm cinnamon and bits of coconut. spiciness melds into a memorable softness with the touch of white tea and flavors of creamy vanilla and caramel.
Very Berry$9.93
this luscious multi-berry blend of grapes, elderberries, black currants and blueberries is elegantly infused with high-grade mao feng white tea. the ripe, juicy berries are enhanced with tart hibiscus making a bold berry treat, enjoyed hot or iced.
Guava Papaya Passion$14.93
tantalize your taste buds with this exotic, tropical fruit marriage of rich white tea and green rooibos. a powerhouse of passionfruit, guava, papaya, sweet fig, and melon with just a touch of soothing vanilla and rose, it's a delicious and refreshing treat that is most definitely a sip worth taking.
Sweet Asian Pear$15.03
slip in to serenity with this soothing, flavorful and "oh-so-delicious" white and oolong tea blend. kissed with elderflowers, the sweet asian pear, passionfruit, peach and silky smooth citrus combine to create a blissful and calming experience, certain to keep your head in the clouds as you sip your way through daydreams.
delicate white tea gets its youthful blush from red currants, açai berry, hibiscus and rose petals. candied pineapple and mango pieces mingle with fuji and golden delicious apples in this sweetly timeless elixir.
Silver Needle$18.03
rarity and fame cloak our legendary silver needle white tea downy buds, which hold the highest of honors as one of the top teas in china. reserved for the chinese imperial family for centuries, this tea is reverently hand-harvested only two days of the entire year. the leaves are uniquely beautiful and silver tipped exuding royalty and an exceptional soft, smooth, sweet-silky luxuriousness.
Imperial Acai Blueberry$15.03
a majestic summer picnic of açaí, blueberry, black currants and lush white grapes is this royal blend's muse. renowned for the soft notes of the beautiful hibiscus flower, this white tea is a delicious treat. rich sweet blueberry infusion with tart hibiscus overtones
Lavender Dreams$14.93
enjoy a soothing evening with this delicate white tea infused with the tranquility only lavender can create. sweet floral harmony is just a cup away with aromatic lavender blossoms, rose buds and sweet peach. naturally sweet and subtly floral infusion with lavender undertones
Snow Geisha$15.03
luscious cherries plucked straight from the billowing, gorgeous sakura tree characterize this melodic eastern treat. sip this rare blend of delicate rose petals, soft white tea leaves, luscious cherries and candied cranberry that will take you on a sublime journey of the senses. light and refreshing cherry infusion with floral rose undertones
a toast to life, this delightfully fruity tea takes time out to celebrate with a clean, clear combination of sweet strawberry, delicate jasmine, zesty orange peel and savory rhubarb. a pleasure-filled tea created with the best and the brightest silver needle tea leaves features soothing undertones of jasmine dragon phoenix pearls and refreshing rooibos tropica. light fruity infusion with jasmine undertones
Strawberry Paraiso$11.03
shangri-la awaits in every sip of tempting strawberries, papaya and snowy white popcorn. this paradise of soft white tea is a skyward temple to luscious fruit flavors. indulgently sweet infusion with strawberry and papaya undertones
Jasmine Silver Needle$20.03
featuring young white tea buds and scented five times with summery blossoms of jasmine, this tea is a phenomenon of fragrance and sweetness. the delicate jasmine floral notes are the perfect complement to the lush natural sweetness embodied in our fresh silver needle buds. sweet & subtle white tea taste with elegant floral jasmine finish
Precious White Peach$15.03
this delicate and delightful peach medley blends white tea and soft herbs for an aromatic calmness that seeps into your night. warm, light blossoms of chamomile, marigold petals, lemon verbena and rose hips create a blush of herbs to drift into an evening of comfy, peachy sweetness. fruity, softly sweet and fragrant peach with delicate floral undertones
Earl Grey$9.93
a modern turn on a world classic taste, this lighter and brighter earl grey has uplifting apricot nuances and tartly orange flavor from the elite and robust bergamot. all balanced with a smooth infusion of top shelf, superior white tea featuring less caffeine than our regular black earl grey tea. light and refreshing with fragrant bergamot citrus
Silver Yin Zhen Pearls$22.93
ancient and revered, this exclusive pearl-shaped white tea was reserved for the imperial chinese aristocracy. once a well-guarded secret, the rare silver needle tea is a masterpiece to tea aficionados. hand-rolled, pearl-shaped tea buds exude a subtle, smooth, silky taste of exotic asia, as each leaf releases a hint of its rarest, most delicate form. mellow infusion with silky sweet undertones; more fragrant cup than silver needle
Scarlet Cloud$15.05
the newest trend in cocktails is captured in this delicious journey southward. conjuring up sun, fun and frolic with a sweet and sour citrus blend of three types of pineapple, sweet orange and sea buckthorn. mix in a refreshing hint of mint and pure white silvery tipped leaves and you've got a sweet, smooth latin treat. smooth sweet pineapple and orange with refreshing hint of mint
Queen Of Babylon$14.93
exotic journeys along age-old spice routes are vividly awakened in each cup of this delicate white tea blend. rich pomegranate and sweet cherries majestically blend with soft pineapple and apple flavors that will leave you feeling like royalty with every sip. soft clean pineapple and apple with subtle undertones of cherry and pomegranate
Garden Aria$13.03
cultivate your love for tea with this ensemble composed of delicate white tea and ambrosial fruit bits. harmony straight from our garden to you

Blooming Teas

Peach Momotaro Artisan Tea$19.03
hand-tied, this artisanal display tea is both beautiful to behold and tantalizing to taste. with a crown of regal marigold flowers, each peach-scented white tea ball unfurls with flavor and can be infused three to five times. delicate floral white tea infusion with soft peachy undertones

Green Teas

Cucumber Melon Cooler$13.03
refreshing as a summer rain, this spa-inspired green tea is crisp, clean and perfect for keeping your cool. soothing cucumber, luscious melon, candied pineapple, sliced orange and apple fuse fabulously with zucchini, carrot, beetroot and a zesty ginger lime twist for a summer surprise that's simply amazing over ice. cooling cucumber balanced with sweet pineapple and melon with bright hibiscus and a hint of juniper berry and ginger on a sweet, floral china misty green tea base
Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long$10.03
strawberry, apple, sliced orange, and lemongrass are complemented with a squeeze of tart grapefruit flavor and then balanced with soft notes of marigold and hibiscus. best over ice, this invigorating green tea infusion swirls sweet and tart together for a refreshing tea as unique as you. bold, bright flavors of pink grapefruit, balanced by sweet strawberries, apples, and lemongrass
Jeju Island$10.93
cultivated in the southernmost tip of korea on jeju island, this pure and clean gem is as bright and lush as the island's beautiful countryside. the green tea leaves are gently twisted into a crescent shape, making this a special cup to enliven your senses as it stirs your soul. full-bodied green tea flavor with rich notes of toasted chestnuts
Jade Citrus Mint$7.93
refreshing and invigorating, this green tea blend is a bright citrus balance of lemon verbena and lemongrass with a hint of spearmint and rich china chun mee green tea base. bright citrus balance of lemon verbena and lemongrass with a hint of spearmintand rich china chun mee green tea base
Matcha Japanese$19.90
since the 12th century, this green tea has been used in the traditional japanese tea ceremony 'chado', known as the 'way of tea'. the entire leaf is delicately ground into a silky smooth, chartreuse colored powder. with naturally occurring vitamin c, potassium, iron, and fiber, this is a wonderful alternative to a morning cup of coffee. smooth, complex vegetal flavor with a full palette and a silky finish
Jade Dragon Mao Feng$15.03
treasured for almost 1,200 years, this tea infuses a bright, emerald jade infusion color. grown in high elevation of 3,000 ft. above sea level, and covered with 'heavenly shade,' clouds & mist for 2/3 of the year, the tea has a soft, sweet liquor with lingering complex notes. light, slightly creamy and nutty with a luxurious smooth finish
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls$13.03
young green tea leaves are scented 6-8 times with summery blossoms of fresh jasmine, this tea is a phenomenon of fragrance and sweetness. three leaves are hand rolled into pearls that slowly unfold the rich and smooth sweet floral flavor. smooth green tea with a rich jasmine bouquet
Blackberry Mojito$8.03
this refreshing flavored green tea perfectly captures the latin-inspired minty mojito cocktail by combining succulent blackberries and raspberries with a spearmint kick. blackberry highlights with raspberry notes and a light spearmint kick
Peachberry Jasmine Sutra$9.93
this rose-colored blend is created from a pairing of luscious strawberries and peaches with sweet floral hibiscus, rose hips and jasmine green tea pearls. fragrant hints of jasmine mix lightly with sweet peach, strawberry, and kiwi
Moroccan Mint$4.93
this exciting and refreshing blend of chinese gunpowder green tea and moroccan spearmint mingle together with every refined and pleasing sip. robust green tea with refreshing spearmint
Empress Of China$9.95
this delicately curled green mao feng tea with elegant emerald silver buds is grown at 1,650 feet above sea level. high quality 1 bud and 1 leaf grade. gently fired to impart a desirable complex balance of sweetness, umami, and light toasted flavor. online exclusive naturally sweet with a touch of a roasted chestnut note
Sakura Allure$7.93
an enchanting green tea blend, this spiritual coupling of floral and fruit come alive as rose and hibiscus interwine with lively cherry, mango and candied pineapple. bright and lively cherries and hibiscus blend with soft rose and mango
Gyokuro Imperial$19.93
gyokuro bushes are covered in shade two weeks before harvesting, which creates a light but very complex blend and a luscious deep dark green color. the shading helps the leaves to retain chlorophyll, which concentrates both the green tea taste and nutrients, making this a bright and flavorful favorite. rich, almost full-bodied, smooth taste with sweet ending & complex notes
Fruta Bomba$6.93
playful peach, papaya, lemongrass and green tea give a cheerful chant while the fruit-filled fireworks will lift your spirits, welcoming you with brightness. crisp citrus notes from pineapple, apple, and lemongrass with sweet peach and papaya
hand-flattened jade-green leaves create a mellow-sweet taste with chestnut overtones. natural sweetness from the jade-green leaf establishes complexity in this renowned sweet nutty tea. lightly sweet with a smooth texture and a hint of lingering chestnut
Emperor's Clouds And Mist$14.93
praised as 'green gold' for centuries, this chinese marvel is naturally cultivated in heavenly elevation of 3,500 feet and mystically shrouded in ethereal clouds and mist. receiving plenty of rain, this curly silver-speckled leaf and bud combination is lightly toasted to carry a gently smoky, softly sweet green tea essence. lightly smoky beginning, softly sweet middle, and green tea finish
Sencha Jade Reserve$9.93
this extra fine japanese cultivar is gently steamed to release the light and complex green tea sweetness. most popular as an everyday delight, but elevated by the discerning selection of artful cylindrical leaves which infuse the fresh green taste of an early spring harvest in each and every cup. fresh, sweet, vegetal infusion
Gyokuro Genmaicha$13.03
the exceptional top tier gyokuro imperial is intuitively paired with toasted brown "genmaicha" rice resulting in a highly aromatic medium bodied green tea blend. light smooth vegetal green tea taste with sweet nutty undertones
9 Treasures$9.93
an amazing blend of green tea and white tea mixed with a fruitful medley of delicious strawberries and pineapple.
Green Tea Heaven$9.93
this divinely aromatic blend of sencha green tea layers with heavenly flavors of rhubarb and beautiful red currant. as breathtaking as sunrise, this epicurean green tea blend will brighten your day sip by lovely sip. creamy and fruit-forward green

Oolong Teas

Pumpkin Spice Brulee Tea$39.90
a bountiful harvest of sweetness and spice, this warming oolong is an impeccable accompaniment to crisp autumn days. with a swirl of rich pumpkin, and flavors of caramel, toffee, butterscotch, and creamy vanilla, this rich and smooth cup is a sublime indulgence any time of day. includes 6oz of packaged pumpkin spice brulee loose leaf tea. richly sweet & creamy white & dark chocolate meets sweet pumpkin & toffee flavors, an undertone of sweet spice & mocha
Pumpkin Spice Brulee$13.03
a bountiful harvest of sweetness and spice, this warming oolong is an impeccable accompaniment to crisp autumn days. a balanced swirl of rich pumpkin and flavors of caramel, toffee, butterscotch, and creamy vanilla, this rich and smooth cup is a sublime indulgence for the body and mind any time of day. richly sweet and creamy white and dark chocolate meets sweet pumpkin and toffee flavors, an undertone of sweet spice and mocha
wulong tea with a touch of whimsy. bright oolong melts into classic flavors of the campfire; toasty marshmallow, sweet graham, and rich milk chocolate blend together for a treat to sip while thinking of bonfires past, and those yet to come. rich cocoa blended with sweet madagascar vanilla with sweet madagascar vanilla with toasted oolong and mate finish.
Blood Orange Sorbet$13.03
sip your way through the long, lazy days of summer with this oolong as vibrant and colorful as a sun-splashed piazza. slices of sweet and tangy blood orange, apple, plum, tart cherry, blackberry and creamy coconut chips dance in exquisite balance with dates, beetroot, rosehips, hibiscus and coconut blossom sugar in this rejuvenating, refreshing and relaxing anytime tea. bright blood orange balanced with a floral oolong tea base with a sweet, creamy and vanilla finish
Grape Wulong$13.03
certain to inspire your imagination, bright blueberry gets a subtle grape forward burst of flavor in this vibrant oolong. this refreshing taste of spring is perfect hot or iced to balance your senses any time of the day. medium bodied full orchid oolong notes balanced with ripe blueberry and luscious grape notes
this most precious of green oolong teas is made more delicate with the gentle scenting of fragrantly sweet jasmine. creating a hint of perfumed wonder, this sublime and aromatic hand-rolled tea is nothing less than a cup of transcendental bliss. well balanced infusion of crisp orchid and sweet jasmine with a clean finish
Monkey Picked$24.93
as legend has it, ancient buddhist monks trained monkeys to gather the youngest leaves from the tip-top of wild tea trees for this special imperial reserve blend. the legend lives on, now with the deft hand-plucking of the broken, evenly sized leaves that unfurl to create a light, orchid aroma, and the highest grade of oolong in the world. smooth, bright orchid aroma throughout with a clean, refreshing finish.
Qi'lan Fireside$20.03
as gorgeous as the changing leaves in autumn, this lustrous, deep green oolong tea transforms into a golden amber infusion worthy of the season. soft, fragrant, and delicately balanced with a lingering toasted sweetness, this exquisite oolong is perfect to enjoy fireside or outside - under crisp blue skies. floral orchid and lily notes, soft, sweet, and lingering with toasted overtone
Four Seasons$18.03
refreshing and fun, this rolled oolong hails from the renowned nantou region of taiwan. known locally as si ji chun, meaning "four seasons," this full-bodied cup is golden amber in color and pleasantly aromatic, evoking sweet jasmine, lily, and honey. mellow and fruity with a sweet buttery finish, you will enjoy the delicious taste day or night. rich, golden amber cup color. full-bodied, fresh, vivid orchid & a hint of lily aroma, with sweet honey flavor
Wild Orange Wulong$11.03
be transported to the wild orange groves off the coast of south america in a cup of this bright citrusy and exotic floral blend. brimming with a symphony of melodic succulent flavors including juicy oranges, soft marigolds, hibiscus and rose petals, this deliciously sweet green oolong tea ends with a lovely lyrical floral note. wonderful, served hot or iced. bright citrus balanced with gentle orchid, floral notes
Wonderberry Chocolate Truffle$10.93
inspired by belgium's decadent chocolate truffles, this delicious oolong is a wonderful blend of rich chocolate, cocoa, and creamy vanilla, infused with a juicy mix of elderberries, blackberries, cranberries, cherries, and raspberries. a true chocolate and berry lovers' delight, these indulgent flavors melt together with a hint of spice to create a perfectly wicked treat. explosive multi-berry taste with full-bodied chocolate notes
Strawberry Blush Rosé$13.03
this french-inspired flavored oolong tea features luscious strawberries, pink rose buds, crisp rhubarb, white grapes, soft vanilla, and a hint of bubbly champagne. deliciously romantic, it's a sumptuous combination that sparkles on the palate, conjuring up dreamy days ambling along épernay's rolling vineyards and valleys. lush strawberry and soft rose sparkle in perfect balance alongside vibrant notes of white grape
Spiced Mandarin$9.93
journey along the asian spice trading routes and savor the rich exotic flavors of juicy tangerines, lemons and ripe blood oranges perfectly blended with cinnamon, ginger, star anise, cloves and pepper. with its wonderful mix of sweet citrus fruits and traditional chai spices, this delicious flavored chinese oolong tea is destined to become an everyday favorite. bright citrus notes with well-balanced spice
Slimful Chocolate Decadence$11.03
drawing inspiration from a decadent warm hawaiian chocolate cake, this oolong blend is a luxurious mix of creamy toasted coconut, and chocolate flavors. pink rose petals add romantic icing to this guilt-free treat. a tea feast like never before. flavors of dark chocolate with sweet toasted coconut
Maharaja Chai$13.03
the rich, heady spices of india mingle with the royal splendor of oolong tea in this blend inspired by the legendary spice route. cinnamon, ginger, cloves, caroband cardamom lead the sensory journey that begins with the first aroma of this robust chai. robust infusion full of rich spice notes from cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cloves
Six Summits$17.93
this high fragrance top tier blend elevates your palate to new heights. the monkey-picked oolong base is gently scented with a delicate raspberry and strawberry aroma. softly hand-rolled to perfection, this lofty tea was harvested atop the mountain peaks before making its long journey to your cup. naturally sweet infusion of orchid and raspberry undertones
Toasted Nut Brulee$8.03
savor each sweet sip as this silky modern brûlée channels the decadent scenery of the french riviera. this sinless oolong tea aims to capture a sweet, sovereign dessert bursting with coconut, cinnamon and caramel. smooth infusion with coconut, cinnamon and cardamom

Black Teas

Teavana Oprah Chai Tea$15.03
this distinctive chai tea blend, created in partnership with oprah winfrey, will warm your soul with sweet spice. for every 2 ounces of oprah chai tea purchased, we will donate $1.00 to the oprah winfrey leadership academy foundation. the oprah winfrey leadership academy foundation will further support educational opportunities for young people, including girls inc., national cares mentoring movement, pathways to college and u.s. dream academy. learn more at a bold infusion of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves blended with loose-leaf black tea and rooibos
Black Dragon Pearls$16.03
rare spring-harvested black tea pearls are as coveted as the legendary gems they were inspired by. just as their bejeweled counterparts take years to become perfection, each tea pearl consists of 30 leaves and buds handpicked and immediately rolled before the leaves can dry. the famed pearls carry sweet undertones of chocolate, creating exquisitely smooth body in each cup. full-bodied infusion with cocoa undertones
Sangria Punch$10.03
colorful as a drive along the mediterranean coast, this flavored black is deep, complex and full of personality. red rich grapes, tangy orange slices, juicy peach and crisp apple spring to life with a hint of sweet cinnamon, creating a magical elixir certain to awaken your taste buds. full bodied, rich wine grapes with bright citrus, hibiscus, orange, red & black currants
Weight To Go! Pu-Erh Tea$10.03
enticing and tantalizing, this rosy blush blend of pu-erh black and green oolong teas merge to create an intoxicating mix of sweet fruit with bright mint. sweet strawberries and golden delicious apples swirl into peppermint and spearmint and create guilt-free beauty inside and out. complex flavors of strawberry, apple, and hibiscus are followed by refreshing mint
Golden Monkey$18.93
steeped in ancient lore and imperial exclusivity, this legendary top chinese tea is the finest black tea from the fujian province. in 2011, it was served at the white house to the president of the united states and the president of china. a smooth tippy tea, rich with complex cocoa undertones, it manages to be extremely low in tannins yet rich in flavor. originating during the song dynasty, this imperial tribute tea features golden tipped black leaves consisting of one leafand one bud. full-bodied infusion with rich cocoa undertones
English Breakfast (High Grown)$4.03
this hidden treasure of royal lineage raises this most beloved morning black tea to new heights. each sip unfolds to reveal the complexity of the high grown full leaves. feel like royalty with this elegantly time-honored classic and add a majestic nod to every cup. full-bodied infusion with malty and oaky undertones
Earl Grey Creme$4.93
high tea is further elevated with tart bergamot orange tastefully tempered by creamy vanilla then blended with the classic pomp of an earl grey black tea. a majestically smooth confection that is now available any time the senses desire. sprinkled with sunny yellow marigold petals, this full leaf wonder is divinely delicious with a silky sweet finish. smooth infusion with bergamot overtones and a creamy vanilla finish
Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh® Tea$6.93
guiltless yet beguiling, this sweet strawberry blend leaves ordinary taste behind. featuring aged pu-erh black tea, it is a guilt-free delight with swirls of vanilla and whole strawberries. full bodied infusion of bold pu-erh and sweet strawberry undertones
Capital Of Heaven Keemun$17.93
plucked high atop the majestic huangshan mountain range, breathtaking views inspire this decadent golden honey aromatic tea. one of china's most coveted teas, it is sometimes called the 'queen of fragrance' and the 'king of taste'. this famed royal marriage is apparent with each and every smooth, silky sip. smooth, honey infusion with a sweet, mellow finish
Yunnan Golden Pu-Erh Tea$7.93
after drying, the tea undergoes an additional fermentation process that provides an elegant earthy flavor. our rich, loose-leaf pu-erh is carefully blended with a high-grade yunnan black tea. well-balanced, smooth and mellow, the cup finishes with a noble floral note. robust but elegant earthy notes with a smooth and mellow sweet finish
Darjeeling De Triomphe$19.93
glasses lifted high in moments of celebratory triumph inspire this most coveted "champagne of tea." young black tea leaves feature vibrant gradients of green colors that yield a high content of silvery tips and buds. this tea is scrutinized for purity in taste and features a harvest of the first flush of leaves from six of our private reserve tea gardens. taste a floral, sweet ending with each sip of this crème de la crème of darjeelings. light bodied infusion with crisp floral undertones
Cacao Mint$6.93
decadent childhood confections echo in this dessert-inspired concoction of mint chocolate wonder. refreshing peppermint compliments creamy cocoa pieces for a rich treat to enjoy day or night. full-bodied cocoa infusion with minty undertones
Cha Yen Thai$7.03
our thai tea is a harmonious blend of red rooibos and black tea infused with with sweet pineapple, star anise, ginger, and coconut. get ready to transport your senses to pure exotic delight. creamy, nutty infusion with soft, spicy undertones
Chocolate Chai$13.03
satisfy your inner chocolate lover with our decadent chocolate chai tea. velvety and smooth, this soothing black tea blended with rich indian spice, vanilla, and chocolate is a sensory treat any time day or night. warm your heart and hands with perfection in a cup. rich dark chocolate balanced with sweet cinnamon and madagascar vanilla, with a smooth body from black tea and rooibos
Earl Grey$3.93
famously highbrow and high grown, our earl grey is top-of-the-tier timeless classic. aromatic bergamot adds a refined tart citrus taste to this dark full- leaf tea with prized tiny silver tips. smooth infusion with bergamot overtones
Masala Chai$9.93
the height of this culinary classic takes an ancient and traditional chai mix of whole cloves, warm cinnamon, piquant ginger, and anise and modernizes it with india's famed fragrant masala spices of coriander and cardamom, taking you on a sublime, savory tea journey. spicy infusion with cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom overtones

Mate Teas

Samurai Chai$6.03
the way of the warrior is strength, skill, fairness, mercy, power, energy and balance. our chai embodies this spirit with an invigorating green mate and green rooibos blend. cinnamon, anise and cardamom blend with papaya, pineapple, orange and lemongrass- a combination to face every new day samurai-style. sweet and spicy infusion of cinnamon and citrus undertones with papaya
My Morning$6.93
rise with the sun and kick-start the day with this unbelievably rich and robust caffeine mix of maté, black tea and red rooibos. a great alternative to coffee, this morning blend is filled to the brim with sweet cocoa, chocolate and coriander, rounded off with warm cinnamon. rich cocoa infusion with chocolaty undertones
Maté Vana Herbal Tea$5.93
it's not coffee, is it tea? taste this coffee-like maté and red rooibos blend. sweetened with cocoa and chocolate chips, this mochaccino inspired blend infuses smooth, dark rich sips that are soft and robust. roasted infusion with rich chocolaty overtones
Raspberry Riot Lemon$6.93
a riot of fruity flavors - bright fruity raspberry meets zesty, zingy lemon creating an unforgettable twist on lemonade. the explosion of phenomenal fruit flavors are complemented by high-grade maté, red and golden delicious apple slices, and peppy lemon zest. bold, brash, tart and terrific, it's outstanding served over ice. bright & crisp raspberries enhanced with refreshing lemon citrus
Java Vana$6.93
we created this rendition of a mocha cappuccino especially for coffee lovers. bold black assam tea and multi-fired maté merge with chocolate and cappuccino, and a touch of creamy vanilla. rich coffee-like infusion with creamy cocoa vanilla overtones
Acai Matetini$8.03
our take on a "mocktail" blends açaí, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and hibiscus with apples and sweet pineapple. a zesty citrus twist of lemon grass and orange brightens the mix. cheers! crisp & sweet berries, followed by sweet pineapple & finished with minty undertones
Caribbean Calypso$5.54
steel pan drums come to a piña colada crescendo on this island paradise of fruit and maté. the caribbean's flair is captured with juicy sweet mango, pineapple, and red delicious apples added to toasted coconut and zesty lemongrass. refreshing and delicious served hot, or chilling over cubes of cold ice. light & zesty mango, pineapple, & toasted coconut

Rooibos Teas

Zingiber Ginger Coconut$7.03
this balanced red rooibos wonder has a ginger, toasted coconut and black pepper zest, smoothed over with the sweetness of cinnamon, golden delicious apple and and creamy coconut. a sublime voyage of infinite possibilities. sweet coconut with slightly spicy ginger undertones
Spiced Apple Cider$9.03
capture the soothing and inviting essence of hot apple cider with this aromatic rooibos filled with fruits and spices. crisp apple and juicy plum blend temptingly with cinnamon, chicory, and sweet carob for a cup full of flavor that envelops the senses in comfort and joy. sweet cinnamon & apple balanced with bright hibiscus, orange, & a hint of plum
Cranberry Singapore Sling$5.64
opposites attract and travel famously together in this rooibos adventure inspired by the famed singapore sling cocktail. this tantalizing taste of tart, sweet, and creamy flavors is a nod to the past. created by combining tart cranberry and cherry with sweet pineapple and orange and finished with vanilla, this concoction commingles the spirits. coolest shaken over ice, or stirred and served hot. sweet pineapple blends with bright cherry and cranberry notes and smooth vanilla
Sevenberry Sangria$6.93
a delicious moment, shared and savored. each cup of our multi-berry medley swirls with the flair of a spanish punchbowl; brimming over with the lavish flavors of blueberry, grape, elderberry, creamy vanilla and black currant. evoke a sangria celebration every single day of the year with this luscious rooibos-based infusion. bright flavors of grapes, cherry, raspberry and blueberry
Rooibos Chai$5.03
spicy cinnamon, cardamom husks, piquant ginger and lightly citrusy lemongrass brew to a blissful honey-amber infusion. a caffeine-free chai perfect for watching the sunset over the ganges river or just enjoying the evening sun in your own backyard. cinnamon & ginger infusion
Opus Rouge$7.93
inspired by the world's best red wines, this most luxurious green rooibos blend is a symphony of sweet and fruity. the blush of red grapes, blackberry, and black currant blend beautifully, creating a scarlet red hue. creamy vanilla, sweet citrus and hibiscus flowers finish off this jammy delight. sweet & crisp grape, blackberry & currants with a smooth vanilla finish
Rooibos Tropica$5.93
a 'who's who' of tropical splendor, soft caribbean breezes inspire this fragrant red and green rooibos blend, conjuring up a paradise of peach pieces, strawberry bits and rhubarb. smooth out the sails of your voyage with a perfect match of silky rosebuds and soft marigold petals. a favorite since teavana's tea journey began. strawberry, peach, & citrus infusion with floral undertones
Apple Lemon Pomegranate$6.93
sunny, clear skies drenching moroccan fruit and spice markets inspire this green rooibos wonder. stroll through the sublime, aromatic mix of zesty lemograss, sweet delicious apple and pomegranate. this fruit-filled treasure finishes with silky smoothness. fruity infusion with cardamom & citrus undertones
Dosha Chai$8.03
an aromatic harmony equaled only by its extraordinary ingredients. red rooibos melts into cinnamon sticks, ginger, whole cloves and rose blossoms. heavenly vanilla balances toasted coconut and cardamom in this take on chai. spicy infusion of ginger, pepper, & cloves with cinnamon undertones
Caramel Chai$9.03
pamper yourself with the warm, sweet taste of caramelized sugar as it mingles with comforting, traditional indian spices in this rich and luxe rooibos tea. creamy caramel meets sweet cinnamon spice, with a hint of ginger and clove
Blueberry Bliss$6.93
this tea evokes childhood summers in the bright blaze of a blueberry patch. the sun streams into green rooibos with sweet fruity aromas, capturing the essence of summer in berries, grapes, black currants and hibiscus flowers. rich notes of blueberry, raisins, & black currants

Herbal Teas

Raspberry Balsamico$10.03
gorgeously invigorating, this herbal tea is fruit and floral amore with a splash of italian soul. plump and juicy raspberries, grapes, blueberries and strawberries delicately blend with juniper berries, elderberries and red currants, softened with rose petal and hibiscus flower kisses. we then finish with a culinary classic from modena- a sweet balsamico vinegar, creating a cup of pure delizioso summer enjoyment. well-balanced myriad of berries: grapes, elderberries, juniper berry, strawberry, red currant, raspberry and blueberries with an elegant balsamic finish
Limeade Twist$10.03
cool down and chill out with our limeade-inspired herbal tea for taming the heat on sizzling summer days. tangy lime and lemon, succulent slices of orange, juicy grapefruit, crisp pomelo and sweet tangerine get a tropical pineapple twist in this cooling wave of citrus refreshment. bright burst of citrus lime, pineapple, pomelo, tangerine and orange with an effervescent finish
Tomato Lime Cocktail$8.03
a modern twist on the brunch classic, this bloody mary inspired herbal tea is garden fresh and fabulously flavorful. rich and sweet sun dried tomato, celery, beetroot, carrot, apple, plum and raisins get a quiet-heat and citrus kick from pieces of chili, lime, orange and cinnamon in this haute tea that is fashionably and refreshingly cool. well-balanced sweet and savory blend of tomato, lime, hibiscus, carrot and celery with a hint of chili heat finish
Marshmallow Macaron$8.03
fragrant as a parisian patisserie on a sunday morning, this sweet, baby pink infusion is an herbal cup ideal for cloud gazing the day away. fluffy mini marshmallows float on a dreamy cloud of apple, raisin, sweet papaya, and toasted coconut swirls. luscious tropical papaya balanced with bright hibiscus and orange with sweet, creamy marshmallows and coconut
Orange Chocolate Sweet Spice$7.93
decadent rich chocolate marries elegant italian style orange marmalade to evoke the flavor of chocolate covered orange slices. sweet chili threads unite this dynamic cup by adding a whisper of heat and spice to the infusion. sweet chocolate, cocoa forward with bright orange & hints of sweet spice, chili threads
Passion Tango$6.93
refreshing and bright, the harmonious pairing of juicy mango and papaya cascades into a tropical wonderland lush with sweet hibiscus, lemongrass, apple, and warm cinnamon. calling forth visions of french polynesia, one sip of this naturally caffeine-free tea leads straight to pure bliss. bright tropical notes of papaya and mango with bright citrus lemongrass with a hint of cinnamon
Cococaramel Sea Salt$8.03
this chocolatier-inspired infusion combines the distinct tastes of sweet and salty. buttery caramel, decadent chocolate, a hint of cream and a light sprinkling of sea salt satisfies any craving. a lusciously creamy blend of caramel and chocolate with a hint of sea salt
Strawberry Lemonade$7.03
lemonade will never be the same since we created this tea with sweet, sour, punchy mix of strawberry slices, delicious apples, zingy citrus flavors, sweet rose hips and bright yellow marigold petals. serve it over ice for a tasty fruit-filled lemonade sensation! a refreshing lemon infusion with sweet strawberry undertones
Berry Kiwi Colada$10.03
loaded with the flavors of kiwi, prickly pear, mango, pineapple & strawberry with just a hint of creamy coconut, this tropical taste adventure creates the perfect getaway to your own personal paradise. bold flavors of strawberry, kiwi, and prickly pear with sweet pineapple & mango
Pomegranate Cranberry Crush$7.03
refreshing pineapple, crisp apple and brightraspberry blend superbly with cranberry and pomegranate, while fragrant notes of marigold and hibiscus round out this fruit and floral taste adventure that's full of delicious surprises. sweet cranberry, pineapple and raspberry notes with juicy pomegranate flavor & a bright-reddish pink infusion
Dragonfruit Devotion$8.03
the enticing flavors of this fruit-ladendelight are steeped with a delicious medley of dragonfruit, orange, mango, guava, and luscious strawberry. it's a tropical journey, soothed with the lush tropical fragrance of rose & orange flower blossoms. vibrant hibiscus balanced with sweet dragonfruit, guava and mango
Berry Almond Amaretto$4.84
ripe grape, tangy black currant and sweet hibiscus pair with the flavor of creamy almond and rose hips to create a heavenly harvest. bright berry and grape with a subtle nutty flavor of almonds with a hint of sweet spice
Chocolate Bananas Foster$8.03
the flavor of rich chocolate, creamy caramel and ripe banana blend smoothy with soft notes of apple, pinapple and rose hips for a treat you so richly deserve. rich chocolate and caramel with sweet banana
Tranquil Dream$7.03
take a trip to tranquility and relaxation as comforting egyptian chamomile mixes with lemongrass and hibiscus. curl up in your favorite cozy blanket while sipping orange petals and pleasant mint that will relax body, mind, and spirit. soothing citrus infusion with light floral undertones
Honeybush Vanilla$6.03
indulge in dessert-inspired sweetness that brings out the wild honeybush and tames it into a creamy confection. the south african honeybush is grown in the wild and carries soft, clear honey tones when it's blended with sweet vanilla beans. the result is a smooth, warm and friendly, creamy dessert tisane. smooth & rich honey-vanilla infusion
Wild Orange Blossom$7.03
a tribute to the plentiful citrus groves along the indian river, this bright favorite blends orange slices and pretty rose petals. refreshing orange infusion with light floral undertones
Peach Tranquility$6.93
a peaceful medley of soft peach and sweetpineapple gently falls across your palate, while calming roman chamomile and lemon verbena shower over you, creating a tranquil treat. sweet peach infusion with light citrus and floral undertones
Pineapple Kona Pop$6.93
prepare to receive the royal pineapple treatment. the mainland melts away as the warmth of pineapple sunshine filtersthrough a canopy of fragrant orange blossoms. you're on island time now. pineapple and citrus infusion with light floral undertones
Citrus Lavender Sage$10.93
citrusy orange, sweet pineapple and delicious apples complement and soften to a smooth perfection with luscious lavender,sage and sea buckthorn. zesty sea buckthorn, pineapple & orange with lavender & sage
Winter Berry Spice$7.85
luscious, delicious and full of bold and spicy flavor, this herbal treasure is as warming as nights by a roaring fire. a comforting cup of bright cranberry, sweet papaya and ripe pineapple, exquisitely balanced with soft vanilla, creamy almond, and aromatic cinnamon, it's certain to keep you calm and cozy. bold cranberry, papaya, and pineapple are balanced with almond, cinnamon, and vanilla
Caramel Almond Amaretti$7.93
this amazing herbal blend combines sweet cinnamon with a rich caramel flavor. delicious notes of roasted candied almonds are sure to put anyone in a warm mood. sweet candied apple and coconut with notes of caramel and cinnamon
Fig Rose$7.93
awaken your senses to the joy of summer, with dessert-inspired, herbal-infused brilliance. luscious fig, apple and tropical pineapple flourish with sweet, soft rose and hibiscus in a fruit and floral bouquet that is delicious, delightful and on the right side of decadence. a blush pink infusion of rich, sweet figs and soft floral rose
Caribbean Breeze$7.03
just as tropical rainstorms refresh and renew the torrid heat of summer, an iced glass of our caribbean breeze herbal tea can revive even the steamiest of days. dreamy strawberry and kiwi pieces are sun-kissed by bright hibiscus, rose petals, and marigold. berry-forward blend with fruit centered undertones
Plum Harvest$7.03
a sensory festival of flavor and color, a cup of our autumn-inspired plum, cinnamon, and creamy vanilla flavors will leave you feeling enchanted and ready for fun. plum, cinnamon, and vanilla flavors with a sweet and spicy finish

Best Tea Blends

Raspberry Limeade$19.91
cool off with teavana's unique herbal tea take on refreshing raspberry limeade, a summer favorite. beautiful balanced myriad of berries with an elegant balsamic finish blended with a burst of lime.
Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom$19.91
reinvigorate your life with this delicious blend of white and herbal teas. this blend combines youthberry white tea with wild orange blossom herbal tea for an explosion of pineapple citrus flavor. with the added punch of acai, red currants, and mango, this blend is sure to please the palate
Strawberry Blush/Peach Tranquility$19.91
harmony is embodied in this sophisticated oolong tea and herbal blend. strawberry blush rosé is complemented by dreamy peach tranquility for a fruity and floral duo, delicious in every way. a très bien relaxing treat!
Blueberry Kona Pop$13.91
deliciously fruity and refreshing! this blend of our blueberry bliss rooibos tea and pineapple kona pop herbal infusion conjurs up the flavors of hawaii with a blueberry pineapple hibiscus combination that beats the heat. this caffeine-free delight is perfect hot or iced and is great for the whole family to enjoy
Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai$18.91
maharaja chai oolong & samurai chai maté intermingle to form a blend that is bold in flavor and rich in heritage. ginger, cinnamon, black peppercorn, cloves, and nutmeg harmoniously balance with sweet notes of pineapple, papaya, and star anise. spicy and rich, this sweet ayurvedic blend combines oolong, maté and green rooibos in a wealth of flavor. robust infusion of rich spice notes from cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cloves