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Food Menu

Bagel and Cream Cheese$3.95
Choose either plain or everything bagel.
Granola and Yogurt$7.55
Greek yogurts, granola bark, strawberry, blueberry raspberry, pistachio, maple syrup, lemon zest.
Buttermilk Waffle$7.95
From scratch buttermilk waffle, maple syrup, fresh whipped cream, and candied pecans.
Avocado Toast$8.45
Country sourdough, avocado, multicolor cherry tomato, frisee, lemon Dijon sauce, Cotija.
Breakfast Biscuit$7.45
Buttermilk biscuit, bacon jam, fried egg, aged white cheddar.
Dixie Dawn$9.55
Buttermilk waffle sandwich with fried egg, bacon, aged white cheddar.
Lox and Rye$11.05
Violet rye, cured salmon, soft boiled egg, mustard-dill, sauce, shaved red onion.
Quiche and Greens$10.05
Changes daily, see chalkboard for current offerings.
Grilled Cheese$9.95
Country sourdough, aged white cheddar, chipotle aioli.
Seeded whole wheat sourdough, avocado, bacon, tomato, and whole grain mustard aioli.
Vegan Hummus Sandwich$10.05
House-made hummus, candy beats, peas, red onion, sprouts, pesto.
Tossed Salad$4.95
Mixed greens, radish, toasted pine with house agave-chive vinaigrette.
Corn and Potato Bisque$5.80


Espresso Macchiato$3.20
Caffe Miel
House Coffee$1.85
Drip Coffee
Iced Coffee


Caramel Latte
Lava Salt Latte
Lavender Honey Latte
Sap Sugar Latte
Spring Cb (Small)$5.45
Rose and pistachio syrup, Mexico, cb, coconut milk.
Dark & Stormy$2.80
Dream Soda (Small)$5.55
Spiced syrup Honduras cb, tonic, lime, ginger garnish.
Sap Matcha$3.55
Ginger Mocha$4.55
Golden Milk$3.55
Pistachio latte$4.45
Vanilla Latte
Butterscotch Latte


Herbal tonic with ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, black pepper, and licorice root.
Herbal tonic with hibiscus, licorice root and lemongrass.
Silver Needle$4.55
White tea.
Kodama Sencha$3.55
Green tea.
Black tea.
Iron Goddess$5.05
Black tea.
Matcha Kodemari$3.55
Green tea.
Li Shan Winter Sprouts$4.95
Oolong - 4 min.
Green Mist$3.45
Green tea - 2 min.
Ruby 18$4.95
Black tea - 3 min.
Nepal White$4.95
White tea - 4 min.

Not Coffee

Matcha Kodemari
Sap Matcha
Hot Chocolate
Italian Soda
Iced Tea
Mango Peanut Butter Smoothie$6.05
Mixed Berry Oat Smoothie$5.95
Pineapple Recharge$5.55
Strawberry Smoothie$4.95
Blueberry Macha (Small)$6.05
Very Berry Smoothie (Small)$5.20

Breakfast (Archived)

Savory Hand Pies$4.30
Maple Mascarpone Toast$7.80
Pumpkin mascarpone spread, sliced green apple, maple drizzle, toasted walnuts.
Quiche & Greens$8.95
Maple Waffle$6.20
Fluffy waffles buttered and topped with maple syrup, fresh whipped cream toasted walnuts.
The Hunter$7.30
Waffle sandwich with an egg, sliced turkey, or applewood bacon choose swiss, havarti, or cheddar.
Bagel & Cream Cheese$2.95
Plain or everything.
Blueberry Waffle$6.80
Fluffy waffles buttered, housemade blueberry syrup, fresh whipped cream, toasted walnuts.
Avocado Powder Toast$8.55
Breadsmith whole grain bread, house avocado spread, baby kale sprouts, yellow cherry tomatoes, pickled radish, sunflower seeds, olive oil.

Salads (Archived)

Orange Sesame Springs Salad$7.45
Vegan without goat cheese, mixed greens, black-eyed peas, sriracha roasted carrots, pickled red onions, sesame seeds, house sesame orange vinaigrette.
Tempest Tossed$4.45
Mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, mushrooms, sunflower seeds house lemon vinaigrette.
Moody Bleu Salad$8.95
Mixed greens, bleu cheese, applewood smoked bacon, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, house lemon vinaigrette.

Lunch (Archived)

Mediterranean Quinoa$8.80
Vegan. Red quinoa salad with yellow pepper, red onion, shredded carrot, dried cranberry, cannelloni beans, toasted pine nuts topped with cranberry basil relish and arugula.
Lightly toasted 9-grain bread with mayo, avocado whip, sliced tomato, applewood smoked bacon, romaine.
Turkey Club$9.05
Turkey, applewood baco, lettuce, tomato, mayo on breadsmith whole grain bread.
Grilled Three Cheese$8.45
Cheddar, havarti, mozzarella with creamy chipotle dipping sauce.
Curried Chickpea Salad$8.80
Curried chickpea salad on a bed of greens with feta and cucumbers served with naan bread.
Chickpea Smash$8.95
Housemade chickpea salad (carrot, celery, scallion, vegan mayo), chopped pickles, sprouts, romaine.

Kiddos (Archived)

Grilled Cheese$5.05
Pb & J$5.05
Ham Deli$4.95
Ham cheddar, lettuce and mayo.