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Tailwagger Combo$7.94
Any 2 hotdogs on menu, small fry and medium drink.
Sausage Dog Combo$6.44
Sausage Dog, Small Fry, medium drink.
Bbq Sandwich Deal$15.94
4 Barbeque sandwiches and a half gallon of tea.
Tailgate Package$21.04
8 plain hot dogs with a cup of chili, slaw and onions on the side and half gallon of tea.

Hot Dogs

Collie Dog$2.36
Mustard, slaw, chili.
Ol' Yallow$2.47
Mustard, melted cheese, bacon bits.
Boxer Dog$2.36
Mustard, onions, chili.
Bull Dog$2.26
Mustard, slaw, onions, chili.
Sausage Dog$3.14
Spicy mustard, grilled peppers and onions.
Puppy Dog$1.89
Plain with ketchup or mustard.
Hound Dog$2.26
Mustard, chili.
German Shepherd$2.43
Spicy mustard, sauerkraut.


BBQ Pint$9.30
Pulled pork and lightly chopped with a hint of smokey vinegar flavor.
1 dozen, fried and delicious
Brunswick Stew$5.30
Made with fresh tomatoes, chicken, potatoes, beans, onions and ham.
Cheese Spuds$3.34
Crisp fries with melted cheese.
French Fries$1.64
Crinkle cut with no added salt.
Hot Apple Turnover$1.04
Fried apple turnovers with home made glaze topping.


Soft Drink$1.54
Soft Drink$1.94
Soft Drink$2.14

Bbq Sandwich

BBQ sandwich$3.44
Smokey pulled pork, steamed bun.