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American Cheese$7.90
4 Veggie and American Cheese$8.90
Ham and American cheese$9.00
Western Omelette$8.90
Baby Spinach Omelette$9.00
Crab and Tomato$9.55
Southern Omelette$9.00
Mexican Omelette$9.00
Chili Cheese Omelet$9.00


Eggs Benedict$10.00
Tomato Bene$10.00
Tennessee Bene$10.00
Crab Bene$10.45
Hawaiian Bene$10.45
Fiesta Bene$10.55


Full Stack Regular$7.20
3 pieces.
Full Stack With Ham$8.20
Full Stack With Bacon$8.20
Full Stack With Sausage$8.20
Short Stack Regular$5.90
2 Pieces.
Short Stack With Meat$7.20
Cakes and Eggs$8.90
3 Cakes with 2 eggs.

Egg Meals?

One Egg$4.45
Two Eggs$5.30
One Egg With Meat$6.55
Two Eggs With Meat$6.70


Eggwich Regular$3.20
Eggwich with Cheese$3.80
Breakfast Burrito$6.90
whatever ingredients you want in a flour tortilla.
Stuffin muffin$4.90
1? egg on an english muffin, with ham and melted cheese.
Sausage Patty Melt$7.00
On grilled rye.