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Breakfast Combo$7.55
Two eggs, hash browns or grits and choice of our pan sausage, extra thick wright hickory smoked bacon, boudain or Louisiana smoked sausage,
Meat Lovers$8.95
Two eggs, hash browns or grits. Extra thick cut hickory smoked bacon, pansausage and louisiana smoked sausage.
Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs$9.55
Two eggs cooked to order paired with Chicken fried steak. Fried to a crispy golden brown and smothered in cream gravy.
Cheese Omelet$6.55
Cheddar cheese.
Ham and Cheese Omelet$7.55
Cheddar cheese and hand cut black forest ham.
Vegetable Omelet$7.45
Cheddar cheese, green peppers, mushrooms and onions.
Western Omelet$8.05
Cheddar Cheese, Black forest Ham, Green Pepper and onions.
Boudain Omelet$7.95
Boudain and cheese.
Cajun Omelete$11.05
Fresh Boudain in a three egg cheese omelet topped with our house made crawfish etouffee sauce.
Breakfast Sandwich$4.95
egg, cheese and your choice of meat served on your choice of bread.
Breakfast Casserole$7.95
Two eggs, hash browns, cheese, onions, bell peppers and choice of meat.
Breakfast Bowl$9.05
Starts with a fresh baked biscuit, two eggs , choice of meat, hash browns and topped with cream gravy.
Paw Paw's Grits Bowl$5.95
Two eggs cooked to order served in a bowl on top of southern style grits and bacon.

Something Sweet

Strawberry Cream Cheese Waffle$8.95
Powdered sugar, fresh strawberries , vanilla cream cheese icing and whipped cream.
French Toast$8.05
Six pieces of sweet bread, dipped in our cinnamon vanilla batter and grilled to perfection. Served with warm maple syrup and butter.
Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast$9.95
Powdered sugar, fresh strawberries, vanilla cream cheese icing and whipped cream.
Bananas Foster Waffle$8.95
Belgian waffle topped with warm home made bananas fosters sauce, pecans,fresh bananas and homemade whipped cream.
Red Velvet Waffle$8.95
Decadent red velvet waffle served with homemade vanilla creme cheese icing and topped with fresh berries.
Belgian Waffle$6.95
They are crisp on the outside and light in the inside and so scrumptious. Served with warm maple syrup.
Chicken and Waffle$11.05
Three chicken strips marinated in buttermilk and our own buffalo style hot sauce. Battered and crispy fried served on top of a sweet Belgian waffle.
Three fluffy sweet pancakes made with real cream, dusted with powdered sugar and served with warm maple syrup.
Strawberry Cream Cheese Pancakes$9.05
Powdered sugar, fresh strawberries, vanilla cream cheese icing and whipped cream.
Blueberry Pancakes$7.95
Three fluffy, pancakes with real blueberries and served with warm maple syrup.

A La Carte

Biscuit and Toast$1.45
English Muffin$1.45
One Egg any Style$2.05
Biscuit and Gravy$3.05
Hash Browns$2.05
Single Blueberry Pancake$3.05
Single Pancake$2.45
Strawberry and CC Pancake$3.45
French Toast$2.45
Strawberry and CC FT$3.55
Cup of Fresh Fruit$3.05
Fresh Brewed Tea$2.45
Bottled Water$1.05
Personal Hot Tea Pot$3.05
Soft Drinks$2.55


Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
Thick dark roux made with our own chicken stock, chicken breast and smoked sausage.
Seafood Gumbo
Shrimp and Grits$14.05
Blackened‎, large fresh gulf shrimp served over creamy grits with a Cajun butter sauce and served with a piece of garlic.
Chicken Fried Steak$11.95
Tenderized beef cutlet. Fried to a golden brown and served with cream gravy and your choice of 2 sides.
Cajun Grilled Chicken Strip Basket
Hand cut chicken strips, Cajun spiced and grilled and served with our house seasoned fries. Served with your choice of our house made blackened ranch, ranch or honey mustard.
Cajun Grilled Chicken Strip Dinner
Hand cut chicken strips, cajun spiced and grilled, served with your choice of two sides. Served with your choice of our house made blackened ranch, ranch or honey mustard.
Southern Lunch Specials$11.05
Your choice of protein and two sides. Please check our Daily Menu Board or ask your server about our specials.
Ham and Turkey Club Combo$10.95
Ham, Turkey, Lettuce and tomato served on grilled sourdough bread served with your choice of chips, gumbo or soup.
Hamburger Steak$10.95
A half lb of black Angus beef. Fresh ground beef served with sauteed onions, mushrooms and topped with brown gravy. Served with your choice of two sides.
Jenny's Chicken$12.05
Grilled, marinated chicken breast, basted with our housemade barbecue sauce, bacon, sauteed mushrooms and cheddar cheese. Served with our home made honey mustard barbecue sauce and one side.


Fresh Garden Salad$4.05
Cajun Grilled Chicken Salad$8.05
Cajun Grilled Shrimp Salad$9.95

Burgers and Sandwiches

Best Burger$10.05
1/2 lb of fresh, 100% black Angus beef. Dressed with mayo,lettuce, tomato, purple onions and pickles. Served on your choice of a sourdough bun or jalapeno cheese bun.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$9.05
Marinated, tender, juicy grilled chicken breast, served with crisp lettuce, juicy tomato and mayonnaise on a toasted sourdough bun.
Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich$11.95
Our full sized chicken fried steak with lettuce and tomatoes served on a toasted bun with mayo.


Fresh Brewed Tea$2.45
Fountain Drink$2.45
Mexican Coke$2.45
Dr. Pepper$2.55
Bottled Water$1.05