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Veg Starters

Harippa Paneer Tikka$17.04
Tandoor cooked cottage cheese marinated in a blend of chili and spices. Spicy.
Tangra Chili Paneer$14.94
Chilli paneer is a famous Indo-Chinese dish. It has a hint of sweetness , sournees and Spicy kick.
Samosa Chaat$9.04
Mumbai Style Vada Pav$4.94
Single vada pav served with Red and Green chutney
Chana Jor Gharam Tikki$14.04
Cheesy potato patties coated with crushed spiced black gram.
Shabnam Ke Moti$15.94
Bombay Pav Bhaji$14.04
Dhuadar Aloo Chaat$10.05
Baby potatoes tossed in sweet & tangy tamarind chutney; mint chutney garnished with cucumber & pomegranate seeds.
Ragda Pattice$9.04
A street snack from Mumbai, Potato Pattie, topped with Mumbai style yellow peas yogurt, chutney and sweet tamarind sauce.
Malai Soya Chaap$15.04
The original king of mock meat marinated with a mildly spiced creamy mixture & cooked to perfection, You won't miss the meat.

Not So Veg Starters

Bhatti Ka Jheenga$19.04
Prawns marinated with lemon and cooked in clay oven.
Chilli cheese Chicken Tikka$16.94
Creamy Chicken Tikka marinated with cheese and light herbs
Lawrence Road Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori chicken inspired from the popular Lawrence Road of Amritsar, North India.
Murgh Angaar Bedgi$17.04
Chicken tikka spiced with special bedgi chillies. Spicy.
Chowringhee Chilli Chicken$13.94
Chilli chicken from the famous street food lane of Calcutta.
Lamb Chops$23.95
Slow cooked spiced succulent mutton chops.
Pudina Seekh Kabab$17.95
Akhroti Murg Seekh$19.04
Walnuts not only add nutrients to this delicious kebab but also enhance the texture of mince chicken cooked over skewer. Dishes may contain nuts, gluten or lactose based products, please consult your server before ordering.
Andhra Fried chicken$18.04
Crispy chicken tossed lip-smacking south indian tempering.
Desi Fish & Chips$16.94
Classic fish & chips Indian style, served with Masala Fries
Prawn Pepper Fry$19.04
Stir fried prawns, with freshly cracked black pepper and tempered curry leaves a south Indian experience served in a dish
Tandoori Salmon$17.94
Salmon marinated with North Indian spices, cooked to perfection in tandoor


Coconut Zaffrani Shorba$6.04
Saffron flavoured coconut milk broth. (Option of Chicken)
Desi Manchow Soup Veg$7.04
Desi Manchow Soup Chicken$6.94
Tomato Basil Shorba$6.94
Chin Chin Corn Soup- Chicken$7.04
We make it our style- cream style corn & Chicken soup with a touch of Indian Herbs
Chin Chin Corn Soup- Veg$5.94
We make it our style- cream style corn with a touch of Indian Herbs.


Bowl of Greens$6.04
Fresh vegetables and lettuce in tamarind vinaigrette.
Chicken Tikka and Avocado Salad$10.04
Paneer Tikka and Avocado Salad$10.04
Papaya Peanut Kachumber$10.04


Ghugni Tikki Chaat$7.94
One of the most popular snacks in Eastern India, turned into Potato patties and served all jazzed-up!
Avacado Jhalmuri$7.04
Jhalmuri with spiced potatoes, onion, puffed rice, avocado, sev and tamarind mint chutneys

Veg Mains

Makhanwala Paneer$15.94
Butter and cottage cheese combination, Butter Paneer
Pindi Chole$13.94
Chickpeas with ginger and roated cumin
Subz Panchavati$13.94
Sauteed assorted vegetables with Indian tempering.
Tadka Palak$14.04
Tempered spinach puree with choice of potatoes or cottage cheese.
Adraki Dhaniya Paneer$16.04
Veggie curry cooked with Indian Cottage Cheese, Ginger and fresh Corriander
Malai Kofta Curry$17.04
Curry cooked with Vegetable kofta's ( dumplings)
Bhindi Masala$14.04
Freshly cut Okra cooked in onion and Tomato gravy
Paneer Lababdar$16.04
Shaam Savera$17.04
Methi Matar Malai$17.94
Fenugreek and green peas cooked in creamy sauce
Kumbh Butter Masala$15.04
Fresh Mushrooms cooked in butter masala sauce.
Veg Kolhapuri$13.94
Authentic spicy recipe with dry roasted red chilies, coconut and few other spices and then cooked with mixed vegetables gives it an authentic flavor. CANNOT be made mild

Meaty Mains

Fish Tikka Masala$17.94
Tandoor cooked fish tikka in tangy gravy.
Butter Chicken$16.04
Chicken Tikka Masala$15.94
Chicken tikka in tangy gravy. Spicy.
Goat Rogan Josh$18.04
Spicy goat curry
Murgh Palak Methi$14.95
Chicken tikka cooked with fenugreek and spinach leaves and a medley of masalas.
Puran Singh da Tariwala Murgh$15.94
This is very famous and delicious chicken curry from Puran Singh Da Dhaba on the Ambala-Delhi GT road.
Goan Prawn Curry$18.04
Prawns cooked in a spicy Kokum and coconut gravy.
Adraki Bhuna Gosht ( Lamb )$19.04
Lamb pieces, slow cooked with a variety of aromatic spices and ginger
Delhi Style Butter Chicken$16.94
Rich and creamy, with perfect amount of spices and succulent pieces of charred on the bone chicken.


Saada Chawal$2.95
Steamed long-grain rice.
Melange of rice, multigrains, pulses and fresh vegetables.
Tarkari Biryani$13.94
Long-grain rice cooked with vegetables and aromatic spices.
Dum Murg Biryani$15.04
Long-grain rice cooked with chicken and aromatic spices.
Dum Gosht Biryani$18.94
Long-grain rice cooked with tender mutton and aromatic spices.


Dal Tadka Dhaba$12.94
Lalla Mussa Dal$14.05
Black lentils.


Plain Naan$4.04
Butter Garlic Naan$4.55
Chilli Cheese Naan$5.94
Tandoori Roti$4.04
Pyaaz Mirch Roti$4.94
Mint Paratha$4.04
Made with whole wheat flour.
Laccha Paratha$4.94
Peshawari Naan$5.94
Butter Naan$3.94

Papad n Raita

Masala Papad$3.05
Topped with onion, tomato salad.
Onion Salad$2.94
Laccha Onion, green chiili & Lemon


Gulab jamuns stuffed with rose petal compote.
Cottage cheese dumplings in sweetened milk.
Kesari Kulfi with Rabdi$7.05
Saffron flavoured Indian ice cream with creamy condensed milk. Note:- Ice Cream could melt during delivery.
Shahi Tukda$7.95
Gulab Jamun$5.05
Normal sweet dumpling soaked in sugar syrup, no stuffing.
Mango Lassi$5.05
Yogurt based mango milkshake

Lunch Specials


Gobi Manchurian$15.04
Veg Manchurian$14.94
Veg Hakka Noodles$14.04
Egg Hakka Noodles$14.94
Chicken Hakka Noodles$16.04
Veg Fried Rice$14.04
Egg Fried Rice$13.94
Chicken Fried Rice$15.94