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Appetizer From Sushi Bar

1. Spicy Tuna Krab Wrap$11.54
Krab meat wrapped with tuna and jalapeno and ponzu sauce.
2. Jalepeno Special$16.09
6 slice pieces of yellow tail topping with jalapeno and ponzu sauce.
3. Crispy Rice$10.34
6 beds of crispy rice, topping with spicy tuna, jalapeno and eel sauce.
4. Sushi Appetizer$11.94
5 pieces assorted sushi.
5. Sashimi Appetizer$15.24
Piece of fish.
6. Tako Suahi$10.79
Octopus salad.
7. Kani Sushi$8.89
Fresh crab meat mix with cucumber, fish egg and ponzu sauce.
8. Baby Octopus$9.54
Small cephalopod.
9. Tuna Tataki$12.74
Sliced seared tuna with ponzu sauce.
10. Hamachi Kama$16.44
Grilled yellowtail collar served with ponzu sauce.
11. Seafood Dynamite$17.59
Baked all kind seafood with spicy mayo on shell.
12. Seafood Sushi Egg Roll$13.20
Tuna, salmon, crab, fish egg and lettuce wrap with rice paper.
13. Sonomono$13.89
Raw fish, krab meat in spicy ponzu sauce.
14. Spicy Mussel$11.84
Baked mussel with spicy mayo, fish egg top with eel sauce.
15. Seafood Lettuce Wrap$16.09
All kinds fish, crab meat mix with spicy mayo and lettuce inside.
16. BBQ Salmon$12.74
Baked smoked salmon with chef's special sauce.

Appetizer From Kitchen

1. Edamame$7.39
Steamed soy bean.
2. Age Tofu$7.29
Deep fried tofu with tempura sauce.
3. Haru Maki$7.29
Sweet Japanese egg roll.
4. Yaki Tori$7.29
Chicken skewers served with Teriyaki sauce.
5. Gyoza$7.91
Pan-fried dumplings, choice of pork or vegetable.
6. Krab Wonton$9.54
Japanese-cheese wonton.
7. Shumai$8.04
Steamed shrimp dumpling.
8. Wasabi Shumai$9.29
Steamed dumpling.
9. Vegetable Tempura$7.53
Vegetable lightly deep-fried in thin batter and served with tempura sauce.
10. Chicken Tempura$9.54
Chicken and vegetable lightly deep-fried in thin batter served with tempura sauce.
11. Shrimp Tempura$10.69
Shrimp and vegetable lightly deep-fried in thin batter and served with tempura sauce.
12. Seafood Tempura$16.09
Seafoods lightly deep-fried in thin batter and served with tempura sauce.
13. Beet Negimaki$10.69
Scallion wrapped in thinly sliced beef served with teriyaki sauce.
14. Soft Shell Crab$10.69
Crab that has recently molted and still has a soft shell.
15. Fried Calamari$10.79
16. Beef Tataki$12.64
Sliced seared beef with ponzu sauce.


1. House Salad$5.61
2. Avocado Salad$6.76
Sliced avocado with a variety of vegetables.
3. Seaweed Salad$7.24
Salad with a seasoned microalgae base.
4. Spicy Seaweed Salad$8.33
Salad with a seasoned microalgae base.
5. Asparagus Salad$7.91
6. Kani Salad$8.43
Krab meat mix with cucumber, fish egg and spicy mayo.
7. Ika Salad$9.06
Fish salad.
8. King Crab Salad$14.88
9. Tokyo Salad$11.78
Octopus, shrimp, crab meat and covich with chef special sauce.
11. Salmon Skin Salad$8.43
Cooked salmon skin salad with mixed vegetables.


1. Soup$3.89
2. Seafood Soup$9.64
Savory soup with mixed seafood.

Sushi Sashimi

Mild and tender fish.
Ray-finned fish.
Smoked Salmon$6.38
Prepared and flavored with smoke.
Yellow Tail$6.38
Buttery mild fish.
Sweet tuna like fish.
Sea snail.
Krab Meat$6.09
Tofu skin.
Boiled until the yolk and whites become solid.
Shell fish.
Sweet Shrimp$8.04
Mild and slightly sweet seafood.
Red Clam$6.99
Flying Fish Egg$6.89
Savory with firm meat.
Sweet, buttery and delicate.
Spicy Scallop$7.24
Sweet, buttery and delicate.
Salmon Roe$6.89
Fish egg.
Sea urchin.
King Krab$14.59
Quail Egg$3.50

Sushi Entrees

1. House Maki Combo A$20.49
California, salmon and tuna roll.
2. House Maki Combo B$21.64
Spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy yellowtail roll.
3. House Maki Combo C$22.79
Tuna avocado, salmon avocado and shrimp cucumber.
4. Vegetables Love$22.79
Cucumber, asparagus roll, futomaki and avocado roll.
5. Chirashi$29.54
Sushi bowl.
6. Unagi Don$30.69
Freshwater eel.
7. Eel Lover$31.84
7 pieces eel and eel cucumber roll.
8. Red Lover$28.54
7 pieces tuna and spicy crunchy tuna roll.
9. Orange Lover$27.49
7 pieces salmon and spicy crunchy salmon roll.
10. Sushi Dinner$27.39
8 pieces and tuna avocado roll.
11. Tricolor Sushi$28.64
3 pieces tuna, 3 pieces salmon, 3 pieces yellowtail and New York roll.
12. Sushi Deluxe$36.39
14 pieces and pilly roll.
13. Sashimi Deluxe$35.14
18 pieces sashimi.
14. Royal Deluxe$55.24
6 pieces sushi, 16 pieces sashimi, California roll and New York roll.
15. Love Boat for 2$72.04
8 pieces sushi, 18 pieces sashimi with tuna roll, salmon roll and California roll.
16. Love Boat for 3$115.44
12 pieces sushi, 24 pieces sashimi with rock' roll, dynamite and dancing eel roll.
17. Love Boat for 4$145.39
18 pieces sushi, 30 pieces sashimi with spider roll, lobster roll and Tokyo roll.

Sushi Roll and Hand Roll

1. Avocado Roll$6.09
2. Cucumber Roll$6.19
3. Oshink$6.19
Pickled radish roll.
4. Sweet Potato Roll$6.53
5. Tuna Roll$6.99
Mild and tender fish.
6. Salmon Roll$6.89
7. Yellowtail Roll$7.34
Buttery mild fish.
8. California Roll$6.89
Cucumber, crab, and avocado.
9. New York Roll$7.58
10. Alaskan Roll$7.68
Sushi roll with salmon and avocado.
11. Shrimp Asparagus Roll$7.58
12. Boston Roll$7.68
Shrimp, cucumber, and avocado.
13. Philadelphia Roll$6.99
Makizushi with fish, avocado, and cream cheese.
14. Spicy Salmon Roll$7.00
15. Spicy Tuna Roll$7.24
16. Eel Roll$8.14
17. Crunch Crab Roll$7.68
18. Futo Maki Roll$8.73
Rolled sushi.
19. Shrimp Tempura Roll$8.10
20. Dynamite Roll$9.93
21. Rock and Roll$9.83
22. Dancing Eel Roll$10.44
23. Jacarada Roll$10.79
24. University Roll$10.69
25. Tempa Bay Roll$10.79
26. Summer Roll$11.13
27. Mexican Roll$10.79
28. Spider Roll$11.84
Crab makizushi sushi.
29. Volcano Roll$11.94
Spicy seafood and veggie roll.
30. LobsterTempura Roll$11.49
Pieces of cooked lobster served on a bun.
31. Crazy Roll$11.49
32. Dragon Roll$11.49
Avocado, unagi, and shrimp tempura.
33. Black Dragon Roll$11.49
Avocado, unagi, and shrimp tempura.
34. Rainbow Roll$11.49
Rolled sushi with cucumber, avocado and crab.

Tokyo's Special Roll

1. Fuji Roll$16.14
Tuna, krab meat, cheese deep fried with spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, eel sauce, masago, scallion and tempura flake on top.
2. Cape Coral Maki$16.04
Salmon, tuna, cheese wrapped with cucumber, topped with scallion, masago and served with ponzu sauce.
3. Top of World$16.14
Yellowtail, scallion, cucumber, topped with spicy tuna and crunch.
4. Madame Butterfly$17.94
Eel, avocado, asparagus, topped with shrimp tempura, eel sauce and red tobiko.
5. Santa Barbara Roll$19.04
Spicy. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail and red snapper deep fried with scallion, masago, eel sauce, spicy mayo and wasabi mayo on top.
6. Honey Moon Roll$18.94
Spicy. Deep fried tuna, shrimp tempura, lettuce, cucumber wrap with yellow soybean paper, peanut on top with eel sauce and spicy mayo.
7. Tiger Roll$19.04
Deep fried white tuna, krab meat, cucumber, asparagus, top with shrimp and avocado, Japanese mayo on the top with black tobiko.
8. Green Dragon$19.04
Spicy. Spicy tuna, squid, avocado deep fried, wrapped with green soybean paper with eel sauce and hot sauce.
9. Christmas Roll$20.04
Shrimp tempura, king crab, cucumber, topped with avocado and five kinds of fish eggs.
10. Lover Roll$19.94
Deep-fried salmon, crab, shrimp tempura, masago, cucumber wrapped with pink soybean paper with eel sauce and masago on top.
11. Godzilla Roll$20.04
Spicy. Spicy tuna, cream cheese, avocado deep fried, top with spicy krab meat with eel sauce.
12. Fireworks Roll$20.04
Spicy. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish baked with spicy mayo, eel sauce and hot sauce.
13. Tokyo Roll$20.04
Shrimp tempura, asparagus, cream cheese, avocado top with tuna, salmon or yellowtail, masago, crunch and crab meat with chef's special sauce.
14. Pink Basket$20.04
Shrimp tempura, eel, lettuce, krab meat wrapped with pink soy bean paper with eel sauce.
15. Jalapeno Special Roll$18.94
Spicy. Tuna, salmon, apple, avocado inside, yellowtail, jalapeno on the top with hot sauce.
16. Ocean Roll$18.94
Salmon, red snapper, cucumber, avocado, top with white tuna and fish eggs.
17. Spicy Mango Shrimp$20.04
Spicy. Shrimp tempura, krab meat, avocado, cucumber, top with chopped fresh mango and steam shrimp with spicy mayo.
18. Sea Dragon$20.94
Spicy. Deep fried red snapper, krab meat, avocado, asparagus, top with whole eel, furikake, eel sauce and hot sauce on top.
19. Fried Dragon$20.94
Spicy. Salmon, white tuna, avocado, krab meat, topped with spicy tuna, eel sauce, spicy mayo with fire fun and furikake.
20. Hot Lover Roll$21.04
Shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy tuna, krab meat crunch, wrap with soy paper and chef's special sauce.
21. Sear Tuna Roll$19.94
Tuna, cucumber, avocado topped with seared tuna, scallion and tobiko, served with yuzu sauce.
22. Season Roll$19.94
Spicy. Yellowtail, jalapeno, avocado and apple inside, top with snapper and hot sauce.
23. Sexy Roll$20.94
Lobster tempura, avocado masago inside, top with lobster salad, crunch, with 2 kinds of chef's special sauce.
24. Kamikaze Roll$20.94
Shrimp tempura, lobster Salad with mango, avocado, tempura flake inside, top with spicy salmon, wrap with soy bean paper and special sauce.
25. White Dragon Roll$20.04
Eel, crab meat, topped with lobster salad and chef's special sauce finished with wasabi and tobiko.
26. Golden Dream Roll$21.04
Shrimp tempura, avocado, mango and cucumber inside topped with spicy tuna with chef's special sauce.
27. Paradise Roll$20.64
Spicy tuna, avocado, white tuna inside topped with lobster salad, spicy Salmon with chef's special sauce.

Tokyo Teriyaki Entree

1. Chicken Teriyaki$22.18
Marinated or glazed in a soy based sauce.
2. Shrimp Teriyaki$26.10
Marinated or glazed in a soy based sauce.
3. Steak Teriyaki$27.94
Marinated or glazed in a soy based sauce.
4. Salmon Teriyaki$27.04
Marinated or glazed in a soy based sauce.
5. Tuna Teriyaki$28.94
Marinated or glazed in a soy based sauce.
6. Beef Negimaki$25.35
Beef and scallions.
7. Seafood Teriyaki$33.30
Shrimp, scallop and lobster.

Tempura and Katsu

1. Vegetable Tempura$18.10
2. Chicken Tempura$23.00
3. Shrimp Tempura$24.30
4. Chicken Katsu$20.04
Breaded chicken cutlet served with katsu sauce.
5. Pork Katsu$20.04
Breaded pork served with katsu sauce.
6. Salmon Katsu$25.63
Breaded salmon served with katsu sauce.

Udon Noodle

1. Tempura Udon$21.30
Thick wheat flour noodles.
2. Nabeyaki Udon$22.70
Chicken udon noodles and vegetables with broth soup.
3. Seafood Udon$26.30
Seafood udon noodle and vegetable with broth soup.
4. Yaki Udon$21.30
Stir fry chicken noodle.
5. Beef Soba$22.00
Stir fry Japanese brown noodle with beef.

Tokyo's Hibachi Grill Entree

1. Hibachi Vegetable$22.00
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
2. Hibachi Chicken$23.43
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
3. Hibachi Calamari$23.43
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
4. Hibachi Steak$29.90
NY strip.
5. Hibachi Shrimp$28.90
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
6. Hibachi Salmon$28.90
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
7. Hibachi Sea Scallop$31.00
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
8. Hibachi Tuna$31.00
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
9. Hibachi Filet Mignon$35.90
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
10. Hibachi Seabass$39.10
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
11. Hibachi Lobster$56.04
Cooked on a hibachi grill.

Tokyo Hibachi Combinations

A. Chicken Hibachi Combo$24.88
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
B. Steak Hibachi Combo$28.08
NY strip.
C. Shrimp Hibachi Combo$26.90
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
D. Filet Mignon Hibachi Combo$30.38
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
E. Sonomono Hibachi Combo$41.94
Chicken, steak and shrimp.
F. Sea Fortune Special Hibachi Combo$43.69
Tuna, salmon and seabass.
G. Seafood Delight Hibachi Combo$43.80
Shrimp, scallop and lobster.
H. Tokyo Deluxe Hibachi Combo$59.04
Filet Mignon, shrimp, lobster and scallop.

Side Order

1. Vegetable Fried Rice$12.04
2. Chicken Fried Rice$14.94
3. Shrimp Fried Rice$17.30
4. Steak Fried Rice$17.60
5. Seafood Fried Rice$19.50
6. Hibachi Fried Rice$6.21
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
7. Sushi Rice$5.61
8. White Rice$5.14
9. Sauces$7.80

Lunch Special Box Bento Box

1. Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Special$13.74
Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce.
2. Shrimp Teriyaki Lunch Special$15.30
Grilled shrimp and teriyaki sauce.
3. Steak Teriyaki Lunch Special$16.94
Grilled steak with teriyaki sauce.
4. Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Special$15.30
Grilled salmon and teriyaki sauce.
5. Vegetable Tempura Lunch Special$12.69
Lightly batter deep fried with tempura sauce.
6. Chicken Tempura Lunch Special$14.00
Lightly batter deep fried with tempura sauce.
7. Shrimp Tempura Lunch Special$14.00
Lightly batter deep fried with tempura sauce.
8. Unagi Don Lunch Special$18.30
Freshwater eel.
9. Sashimi Lunch Special$18.00
Thinly slices assorted raw fish.

Lunch Special Hibachi From Kitchen

1. Vegetable Hibachi Lunch Special$12.94
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
2. Chicken Hibachi Lunch Special$14.60
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
3. Steak Hibachi Lunch Special$18.00
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
4. Shrimp Hibachi Lunch Special$15.75
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
5. Calamari Hibachi Lunch Special$14.60
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
6. Scallop Hibachi Lunch Special$15.85
Cooked on a hibachi grill.
7. Filet Mignon Lunch Special$19.00
Boneless sliced meat.
8. Salmon Lunch Special$17.10
Ray-finned fish.

Lunch Special Katsu

1. Chicken Katsu Lunch Special$13.04
Covered in panko breadcrumbs and fried.
1A. Pork Katsu Lunch Special$13.04
Covered in panko breadcrumbs and fried.
2. Salmon Katsu Lunch Special$14.50
Covered in panko breadcrumbs and fried.

Lunch Special Roll Combination

Any 2 Roll Lunch Special$12.80
Any 3 Roll Lunch Special$17.55
1. Sushi Platter Lunch Special$14.95
4 pieces sushi and 1 California roll served with miso soup, salad with ginger dressing.
2. Chirashi Don Lunch Special$18.00
Assorted raw fish top over a bowl of rice served with miso soup and salad with ginger dressing.
3. Sushi and Sashimi Lunch Special Combo$20.90
5 pieces sushi and 6 pieces sashimi and California roll.

Lunch Special Udon

1. Tempura Udon Lunch Special$15.90
Udon noodle with broth soup, fish cake and shrimp tempura on side.
2. Yaki Udon Lunch Special$14.90
Sticky chicken noodle.
3. Seafood Udon Lunch Special$20.00
Seafood udon noodle broth soup.
4. Beef Soba Lunch Special$15.90
Sticky Japanese brown noodle with beef.


1. Tempura Ice Cream$8.04
3. Mochi Ice Cream$7.48
6. Fried Cheese Cake$6.34


1. Soda$2.67
2. Juice$3.64
4. Shirley Temple$3.64
5. Spring Water$3.08
6. Sparking Water$3.59
1. Japanese Green Tea$1.45