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Everyday Favorite Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.60
A mound of chips with a little dough.
Frosted Sugar Cookie$1.70
Soft sugar cookie with vanilla frosting.
Lemon Sugar Cookie$1.70
Soft sugar cookie with lemon frosting.
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip$1.70
This is our breakfast cookie.
Peanut Butter Cookie$1.60
Full of creamy peanut butter.

Signature Cookies

Twisted Sugar Cookie$1.80
Coconut icing and fresh lime.
Caramel Sugar Cookie$1.80
Vanilla icing and caramel.
Cotton Candy Sugar Cookie$1.90
Cotton candy icing and sprinkles.
Lemon Raspberry Sugar Cookie$1.90
Lemon icing and raspberry drizzle.
Salted Caramel Sugar Cookie$1.90
Vanilla icing, caramel and rock salt.
Sugardoodle Cookie$1.80
Brown sugar cinnamon icing and cinnamon sugar sprinkle.

Indulgence Cookies

Peanut Butter Nutella Cookie$2.15
As good as it sounds.
Lemon Tart Sugar Cookie$2.05
Lemon icing, tart lemon powder and fresh lime.
Crepe Sugar Cookie$2.40
Nutella, vanilla icing and drizzle raspberry or caramel.
Swizzle Sugar Cookie$2.15
Coconut icing, raspberry drizzle and fresh lime.
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip with Cookie Butter$2.30


#23 Energy Sips$3.95
Red bull, Mountain Dew and cherry.
All Shook Up$5.05
Rockstar, Mountain Dew, mango puree and cream.
Brain Blast$4.45
Rockstar, sprite, strawberry and lime.
Hound Dog$5.55
Lemonade Rockstar, lemonade, raspberry puree, pineapple, coconut, and cream.
Huckle Star$4.80
Lemonade rockstar, lemonade, huckleberry and coconut cream.
Twisted Rockstar$4.45
Sugar-free Rockstar, coconut, and fresh lime.
16 oz. Red Bull Italian Soda$3.80
Build Your Own Soda
Classic Soda
Vanilla and cream.
Coconut, pineapple and cream.
Coconut and fresh lime.
16 oz. Regular Water$0.45
Kims Water
A delightfully filtered ice water with sugar free coconut and pineapple flavor. A twist of lime finishes this refreshing beverage off.
Raspberry puree and blackberry.
Mango puree, coconut and fresh lime.
Lindy Hop
Cherry and maraschino cherries.
My Foolish Heart
Raspberry puree and coconut cream.
Peach puree, orange and cream.
Pure Poppy
Blue raspberry, vanilla and vanilla cream.
Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry and cream.
Summer Lovin
Strawberry, coconut and pineapple.
T Bird
Pineapple, cherry and maraschino cherries.
The Bop
Coconut and cherry.
Evel Knievel Dr Pepper
Strawberry puree, vanilla, coconut and cream.
Grease Monkey Dr Pepper
Peach puree, strawberry and watermelon.
Huck Finn Dr Pepper
Vanilla and huckleberry.
Jukebox Dr Pepper
Raspberry, coconut and cream.
Madster Dr Pepper
Vanilla, coconut and cream.
Nerd Alert Dr Pepper
Pineapple, coconut and coconut cream.
Reggie Dr Pepper
Raspberry and fresh lime.
Straight Outta Kimbo Dr Pepper
Peach, vanilla and cream.
Zuko Dr Pepper
Raspberry, fresh lime and cream.
Cherry Pie Red Cream Soda
Cherry and huckleberry.
Flamingo Red Cream Soda
Coconut and coconut cream.
Sprinkles Red Cream Soda
Cupcake, vanilla and cream.
Popsicle Fanta Orange
Mango puree and peach puree.
Tiger Lily Fanta Orange
Pineapple, strawberry and fresh lime.
Trixie Fanta Orange
Huckleberry and raspberry.
Arnold Palmer
Iced tea and lemonade.
Raspberry and strawberry puree and coconut.
High Society
Strawberry and cherry.
Mango puree, coconut and kiwi.
Peach puree, mango and coconut cream.
Lime Rickey Sprite
Grape and fresh limes.
Bengal's Blood Sprite
Mango, pomegranate and raspberry.
Da Bom Sprite
Tiger's blood, coconut and coconut cream.
Fashionista Sprite
Lemonade, cherry and maraschino cherries.
Lulu Sprite
Strawberry, watermelon and peach.
Peaches and Cream Sprite
Peach puree and cream.
Pink Cupcake Sprite
Strawberry, vanilla, cupcake and cream.
Saturday Night Swing
Banana, pineapple, strawberry and coconut.
Stop Staring Sprite
Peach and mango puree, coconut and fresh lime.
Voodoo Sprite
Grapefruit, cherry and fresh lime.
Appletini Mountain Dew
Green apple.
Berry Mai Tai Mountain Dew
Huckleberry, blackberry and pomegranate.
Big Chill Mountain Dew
Mango puree and cream.
Bombshell Mountain Dew
Grapefruit, pomegranate and fresh lime.
Kiwi Rush Mountain Dew
Strawberry puree and kiwi.
Love Shack Mountain Dew
Caraco, pineapple, coconut and fresh lime.
Mad Love Mountain Dew
Orange and cream.
Marigold Swing Mountain Dew
Mango puree, vanilla and cream.
Just Peachy Mountain Dew
Peach puree and cream.
Red Dragon Mountain Dew
Watermelon and cream.
Rock and Roll Mountain Dew
Strawberry, cherry and cream.
Mandie Bee
Raspberry puree, blackberry and cream.
Retro Rock
Orange and vanilla.
Strawberry puree, coconut, vanilla and cream.
Root Beer Barrel
Caramel and vanilla.
Tootsie Pop
Chocolate and vanilla.
Boogey Monster
Sprite and green apple.
Lemonade, blackberry and cream.
Pink Poodle
Red cream soda and cream.
Shirley Temple
Sprite, cherry and maraschino cherries.
Tootsie Pop
Root beer, chocolate and vanilla.
Cougar Classic
Powerade, vanilla and cream.
Davis Dartman
Rootbeer, banana, chocolate and cream.
Falcon Fan
Mountain dew, kiwi, green apple and fresh lime.
Lancer Legend
Sprite, blue raspberry, curaco and fresh lime.
Northridge Knight
Red cream soda, coconut and banana.
Titan Tiki
Mountain dew, curaco and fresh lime.
Utes Unleashed
Dew, red cream soda, tigers blood, strawberry and cream.
The Wildcat
Sprite, grape, huckleberry and fresh lime.