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Chicken Tortilla Soup
homemade, light & brothy.
Baja Rolls
chopped chicken breast, cream cheese, spinach & salsa hand-rolled in a flour tortilla.
Chips & Salsa
Maui Onion Rings
crunchy and beer battered.
choice of fillings.
choice of fillings.
(3) with fish, chicken, steak or carnitas.
French Fries
Garden Salad

Salads & Sandwich

Wahoo's Salad
with cheese, guacamole, salsa, corn tortilla strips, and choice of fillings.
Powder Chopper Salad
with rice, beans garden veggies and choice of fillings.
Wahoo's Sandwich
choice of fillings with guacamole, cheese and lettuce. add fries or onion rings or rice & beans.

Choice Of Fillings

Chicken Breast
grilled or cajun.
braised pork.
grilled or cajun, wild caught.
Carne Asada
grilled marinated steak.
polynesian marinade, sauteed.
polynesian marinade, sauteed.
polynesian marinade, sauteed.
rice, black beans, cheese, lettuce & cabbage, salsa.
Banzai Veggies
premixed bell peppers, onions, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage, sauteed with homemade teriyaki.

Tacos & Enchiladas

Soft Taco
choice of fillings in corn tortillas with cheese, lettuce or cabbage and salsa.
choice of fillings in corn tortilla covered with homemade enchilada sauce and melted cheese.

Combo Platters

One Taco Or Enchilada
Two Tacos Or Enchiladas
One Classic Burrito
The Kahuna
burrito & taco or enchilada.
The Kahuna Grande
1 taco or enchilada and 3 taquitos (guacamole & sour cream upon request)


Maui Bowl
teriyaki marinated steak.
Chicken Bowl
grilled, cajun or teriyaki.
Wahoo's Bowl
fish grilled, cajun or teriyaki.
Veggie Bowl
banzal veggies.
Kalua Pig Bowl
shredded carnitas sauteed in teriyaki sauce.
Banzai Bowl
banzai veggies plus choice of filling.
Shrimp Bowl
sauteed polynesian shrimp.
Wafu Bowl
sauteed polynesian tofu & banzal veggies.


Banzai Burrito
banzai veggies with choice of fillings with rice (white or brown), beans (black or cajun white) and salsa.
Outer Beef Burrito
choice of fillings with cheese, lettuce, rice (white or brown), beans (black or cajun white), wahoo's green sauce and side of salsa with guacamole & sour cream.
Classic Burrito
choice of fillings with cheese, lettuce or cabbage and salsa.
Wet - Any Burrito
topped with cheese and enchilada sauce or wahoo's green sauce.

Kid's Menu

Kid's Bowl
choice of fillings served over rice & beans.
Kid's Plate
taco with choice or fillings or cheese enchilada with fries or rice & beans.
Mini Quesadilla
with fries or rice & beans.
Kids Nachos
Black Bean & Cheese Burrito

Side Kicks

Beans Or Rice
1/2 Bean & 1/2 Rice
reg or lrg.
3 soft corn or 1 flour.
3 oz or 12 oz.
Sour Cream
3 oz or 12 oz.
Fresh Salsa
3 oz or 12 oz.
Wahoo's Green Sauce
3 oz or 12 oz.
Mr. Lee's Chili Sauce
3 oz or 12 oz.
Teriyaki Sauce
3 oz or 12 oz.


Brownies Or Ice Cream


Diet Pepsi
Mtn Dew
Sierra Mist
Raspberry Brisk
Fountain Frinks
Bottled Dinks
Coffee/ Hot Tea

Pick Your Party Up

2 Tacos Or 1 Burrito Choice Of Filling$72.45
grilled or blackened fish or chicken, carne asada, carnitas, vegetarian options available. white or brown rice, black or cajun white beans, chips and salsa. ($7.25 per person) (serves 10)
Classic Burrito Platter$51.95
served with cheese, lettuce or cabbage, fresh salsa and your choice of filling. short board (20 halves), long board (40 halves).
Baja Roll Platter$18.95
spinach, chicken, salsa and cream cheese rolled in a flour tortilla. served with roasted pepper cilantro dressing. short board (serves 10), Long board (serves 20).

Side Kicks

(12 ounces)
Sour Cream$2.00
(12 ounces)
Fresh Salsa$1.34
(12 ounces)
Fresh Chips And Salsa$7.50
(serves 10)
Garden Salad$19.50
(serves 10)