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House Made Desserts

Apple Pastry$5.95
Snickers Pie$5.95
Chocolate Molt Lava Cake with Ice Cream$8.05
Red Velvet Cake$7.95
Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce$5.05
Lemon Tart$6.95

Seven Appetizers

Crab Cakes$14.05
Baron's Pretzel$5.95
Baba Ghanoush$8.95
Knight's Nachos$10.95
Picadillo Carioca$10.05
Spinach Artichoke Dip$11.95
Lord's Hummus Platter$7.95


Garden Salad$2.95
Highland Mixed Greens$3.95
Emperor Caesar$3.95

Junior Meals

Angel's Grilled Cheese$6.05
Dilly Dilly PBJ$5.05
Young's Mac & Cheese$5.95

Seven Bistro Meals

Royal Baby Back Ribs$10.95
Yorkshire Beef Pot Pie$13.95
Dover Chicken Pasta$12.05
Lancaster Angus Pasta$14.05
Royal Baby Back Ribs$11.05

Seven Sandwiches

Banh Mi$9.95
Royal Reuben$12.95
King's Pulled Pork$12.05
Enchanted Grilled Cheese$6.95
Queen's Grilled Chicken$11.05

Bar Snacks

Peasant's Chips & Salsa$4.95
Corn chips with mango pico de gallo.
Baron's Pretzel$5.95
Bavarian beer cheese topped with pickled red onions.
Royal Pub Mix$3.05
A savory and crunchy English style pub mix.

Individual Sliders

Chef's Special 7sliders$23.05
All 7 sliders with sea salt crisps.
Dover Chicken Slider$1.95
House-smoked pulled chicken with citrus cumin coleslaw.
Warwick Pulled Pork Slider$3.05
House-smoked pulled pork with citrus cumin coleslaw.
Black Forest Ham Slider$3.05
Black forest ham and swiss cheese served with garlic aioli.
Lancaster Angus Slider$4.05
House-smoked pacific northwest angus brisket with serrano cream cheese.
Rochester Veggie Slider$3.95
Pinto bean, textured vegetable protein patty, tomato, lettuce, red onionand chipotle aioli.
Valentino Meatball Slider$4.05
Seasoned sirloin beef meatball served in tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese.