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Kool Aid$1.14
Soft Drink$1.04

Fish and Seafood

Catfish Nuggets$6.94
Catfish Fillet$7.04
Clam Strips$5.94
10-13 pieces.

Family Meals

18 Piece Family Meal$20.94
Wings, legs or combo served with 1 lb. of fries and 2 - 32 oz. beverages.
25 Piece Family Meal$28.04
Wings, legs or combo served with 1 1/2 lb. of fries and 2 - 32 oz. beverages.
50 Piece Family Meal$50.04
Wings, legs or combo served with 2 lb. of fries and 2 - 32 oz. beverages.

Chicken Wings

6 Piece Chicken Wings$5.34
9 Piece Chicken Wings$7.44
12 Piece Chicken Wings$9.54
18 Piece Chicken Wings$13.44
25 Piece Chicken Wings$18.04
50 Piece Chicken Wings$35.04
75 Piece Chicken Wings$51.94
100 Piece Chicken Wings$68.94

Chicken Legs

6 Piece Chicken Legs$6.54
9 Piece Chicken Legs$9.34
12 Piece Chicken Legs$11.94
18 Piece Chicken Legs$16.94
25 Piece Chicken Legs$23.04
50 Piece Chicken Legs$45.04
75 Piece Chicken Legs$67.04
100 Piece Chicken Legs$89.04

Whole Chicken Wings

3 Piece Plain Breaded Whole Wings$3.14
5 Piece Plain Breaded Whole Wings$5.34
8 Piece Plain Breaded Whole Wings$7.94
20 Piece Plain Breaded Whole Wings$17.94
30 Piece Plain Breaded Whole Wings$20.44
50 Piece Plain Breaded Whole Wings$39.94

Chicken Tenders

3 Piece Chicken Tenders$5.04
6 Piece Chicken Tenders$7.44

Chicken Gizzards

1/2 lb. Chicken Gizzards$4.04
1 lb. Chicken Gizzards$7.04

Chicken Combo

6 Piece Wings and Legs Combo$5.94
9 Piece Wings and Legs Combo$8.34
12 Piece Wings and Legs Combo$10.74
18 Piece Wings and Legs Combo$15.34
25 Piece Wings and Legs Combo$20.54
50 Piece Wings and Legs Combo$39.94
75 Piece Wings and Legs Combo$59.44
100 Piece Wings and Legs Combo$79.04

Hot Sides

French Fries$1.74
Onion Rings$2.94
Fried Okra$2.94
Potato Wedges$2.94
Fried Mushrooms$3.04
Fried Cauliflower$3.04
Bacon and Cheddar Wedges$3.94
Jalapeno Poppers$3.94
Mozzarella Sticks$3.94
Mac Cheese Wedges$3.94
Deep Fried Pickle$3.94

Cold Sides

Potato Salad$1.04
Baked Beans$0.94

Kids Meal

Kid's 3 Piece Wing Dings Meal$5.04
Served with a small fry, a drink and a cookie.
Kid's 2 Piece Strips Meal$5.04
Served with a small fry, a drink and a cookie.


Funnel Fries$2.94
15 pieces.
Cheesecake Bites$3.94
5 pieces.