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Charbroiled skewered chicken and served with teriyaki sauce.
Soft Shell Crab$10.55
Deep fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce.
Hawaiian Crunchy Tuna$12.90
Chopped tuna with a spicy sauce and ponzu sauce served on wonton over a bed of mixed greens.
Crab Cake$9.90
Fried Calamari$8.90
Deep fried breaded squid.
Uni Shooter$9.00
Uni with sake, quail egg and spicy ponzu sauce.
Vegetable Tempura$9.00
Spicy Edamame$7.00
Albacore Tempura$10.90
Monkey Ball$10.90
Stuffed mushroom with spicy tuna and Cream cheese.
Yellowtail Collar$10.90
Served with ponzu sauce.
Garlic Edamame$7.00
Salmon Collar$8.90
Served with ponzu sauce.
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura$10.00
Baked Green Mussels$9.55
Baked green mussels with cream sauce.
Fried Rice$9.00
Sauteed shrimp, chicken and vegetables with rice.
Agedashi Tofu$7.90
Served with ponzu sauce.
Heart Attack$12.00
Fried jalapenos and Cream cheese with spicy tuna.
Oyster Shooter$6.90
Oyster with sake, quail egg and spicy ponzu sauce.
Scallops, mushrooms, onions and baked with creamy sauce over rice.


Miso Soup$1.45


Tako Salad$10.55
Mixed salad.
Ika Salad$10.45
Mixed salad.
Cucumber Salad$5.55
Sashimi Salad$18.90
Assorted fish with mixed salad.
Poke Salad$19.90
Diced tuna with spicy sauce over mixed greens.
Seaweed Salad$8.45
Seasoned seaweed with mixed salad.
Garden Salad$5.55
Spring mix salad.

Paso Special Rolls

Onion King Roll$15.00
Spicy tuna and cucumber inside, albacore topped with deep fried onion, mustard.
Sa-Lemon Roll$13.00
Vegetable roll topped with salmon and lemon.
Salmon King Roll$13.90
Chopped spicy salmon inside, topped with fresh salmon.
Loco Roll$13.90
Deep fried salmon, avocado, Cream cheese topped with spicy crab meat, deep fried onion.
Macadamia Roll$14.90
Deep fried baby lobster and shrimp tempura roll topped with macadamia nut.
Kiss of Fire$15.90
Spicy tuna, cucumber topped with fresh tunaand slice of jalapeno.
Alejandro Roll$15.90
Spicy tuna and shrimp tempura inside, tuna, avocado with special salsa.
Avo Crunchy$13.00
Crunchy roll topped with avocado.
Spicy tuna, avocado topped with ono.
Garlic Chip Roll$15.00
Spicy tuna and cucumber inside, albacore, avocado topped with garlic chip.
Tom's Special$21.90
Avocado tuna salmon wrapped with jumbo scallop with albacore special sauce.
Tuna Temptation$19.00
Spicy tuna, spicy crabmeat, cucumber topped with tuna and deep fried garlic, jalapeno, onion.

House Special Rolls

Alaskan Roll$13.00
Crabmeat and asparagus wrapped with fresh salmon and served with goma sauce.
Cucumber Roll$3.55
Sunshine Roll$14.55
California roll topped with assorted fish in seaweed and soy paper with house spicy sauce.
Ichi Roll$14.00
Shrimp tempura with crabmeat wrapped with shrimp and avocado with goma sauce.
Salmon Skin Roll$4.95
Hot Night Roll$12.90
Shrimp tempura with crabmeat, topped spicy tuna and eel sauce.
Avocado Roll$3.95
Assorted sashimi, 20 pieces.
Green Salmon$11.55
Salmon, asparagusand seaweed wrapped with cucumber served without rice.
Unagi Roll$7.05
California Roll$5.55
3 Times Lady$14.90
Tuna, salmon, crabmeat and albacore wrapped with seaweed and soy bean topped with tobiko and ponzu sauce.
Vegetarian Roll$9.90
Assorted vegetables wrapped with soy bean paper and cucumber without rice.
Spider Roll 11.50$11.55
Deep fried soft shell crab with crabmeat, avocado, Japanese carrot, bonito flakeand cucumber with eel sauce.
Salmon Roll$5.95
Tuna Tataki$19.00
Seared tuna with spicy chill oil and ponzu sauce.
Tuna Roll$5.95
Albacore Delight$12.90
Chopped albacore and crabmeat, wrapped in albacore and avocado served with spicy ponzu sauce.
Sexy Roll$15.00
Assorted fish and ginger wrapped with cucumber without rice.
Tarantula Roll$13.90
Fried soft shell crab and crabmeat wrapped with avocado served with eel sauce.
Green Land Roll$9.55
Assorted vegetables wrapped with rice seaweed and soy paper.
Hawaiian Roll$14.90
California roll wrapped with seaweed and soybean paper topped with cut tuna, tomatoes, fish eggs with spicy sauce.
Fire Cracker Roll$13.00
Spicy scallop and crabmeat topped with spicy tuna served with chili oil sauce.
Yanagi Roll$16.55
Fried soft shell crab and crabmeat topped with oel and avocado served with eel sauce.
Hungry Roll$12.90
Fried spicy tuna roll with salmon wrapped in seaweed and soy paper served with mayonnaise and eel sauce.
Yami Yami Roll$15.00
Fried spicy tuna and mint leaf wrapped with crabmeat and topped with tuna and ginger sauce.
Mountain Roll$15.00
California roll wrapped with salmon and spicy tuna on top. Baked with mayonnaise and goma sauce.
Fried Oyster Roll$10.90
Fried oyster, crabmeat with seaweed and soy bean paper with house sauce.
Special Combo$30.45
Chef's selection of 8 pieces of sushi. Miso soup and small garden salad.
Philadelphia Roll$14.00
Smoked salmon, Cream cheese, avocadoand crabmeat wrapped with salmon and served with salmon roe and ponzu sauce.
Red Dragon Roll$13.90
Crabmeat, cucumber and eel topped with spicy tuna, served with chili oil, eel sauce.
911 Roll$13.00
Chopped shrimp and spicy crab wrapped with avocado and served with spicy mayo sauce.
Yellowtail Roll$5.95
Scallop Roll$6.05
Dragon Roll$14.00
California roll, wrapped with fresh water eel and avocado served with eel sauce.
Albacore Tataki$18.00
Seared albacore with spicy chill oil and ponzu sauce.
Perfection Roll$13.45
Spicy tuna, crabmeat, asparagus, oba, avocado, gobo wrapped with white fish, deep fried with house sauce.
Lobster Roll$13.55
California wrapped with soybean paper topped with baked baby lobster with bel sauce and mayo sauce.
Spicy Tuna Roll$6.05
Vegetable Tempura$10.55
Deep fried vegetable tempura wrapped seawood, soy boan paperand avocado with ponzu sauce.
Futo Maki Roll$10.55
Japanese pickled vegetable, crabmeat, tamago(egg), avocado.
Rainbow Roll$14.00
A house favorite! California roll wrapped with assorted pieces of fish and avocado topped with ponzu sauce.
Includes 12 pieces.
Baked Dynamite$14.00
California roll with scallops, mushroomsand onions on top, baked with house mayo and eel sauce.
Japanese Ceviche$19.00
Assorted fish with spicy chill oil and ponzu sauce.

U Don

Yaki Udon$14.90
Sauteed udon noodle with vegetables, chickenand shrimp.
Nabeyaki U-Don$15.00
Shrimp, vegetables, tempura, clam and egg over a delicious noodle.
Yaki Soba$12.00
Sauteed Japanese noodles with vegetables, chicken and shrimp.
Sauteed Vegetable$10.55
With house sauce.
Tempura U-Don$16.90
Udon with tempura on the side.

A La Carte

Chicken Teriyaki$16.00
Grilled chicken breast with sauteed vegetables.
Chicken Cutlet$15.40
Beef Teriyaki$23.00
Usda choice ribeye with sauteed vegetables.
Vegetable Tempura$15.00
Assorted fresh vegetables.
Short Rib Bbq$23.00
Broiled short ribs marinated with house sauce.
Salmon Teriyaki$22.00
Sliced rib eye marinated with house sauce.
Pork Cutlet$15.40
Shrimp Tempura$19.90
6 pieces of shrimp and vegetable tempura with rice and miso soup.
Chicken Bulgogi$16.00
Chicken dark meat marinated with house sauce.

Rice Bowls

Una Don$21.90
Broiled Col served over rice.
Chicken Teriyaki$11.55
Grilled chicken breast with teriyaki sauce over rice.
Beef Teriyaki$13.90
Grilled sliced beef with teriyaki sauce over rice.
Katsu Don$15.00
Pork cutlet with sauteed vegetables and egg over rice.
Chirashi Sushi$21.90
A variety of sashimi over sushi rice.

Dinner Combinations

3 Different Items$27.45
2 Different Items.$21.55

Boat Combinations

Love Boat$26.55
Ca roll, salmon, beet, per chicken, tempura, short rib, gyoza, selected daily by the chef (minimum order : 2 persons).
Children's Platter$11.00
Teriyaki with shrimp and vegetable tempuraand gyoza served with only rice.
Yanagi Boat$32.55
From the sushi bar, sashimi, sushi and house special rolls selected daily by the chef (minimum order : 2 persons).


Plain White Rice$1.45