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seafood /Mea / Popularity Lunch

Lunch Hamchi kama$10.95
Broiled yellowtail check.
Salmon Kama$9.05
Broiled Samon check.
Lunch Tempura combination$9.30
Deep fried shrimp and vegetables.
Lunch Ebi Tempura$9.80
Deep fried shrimp.
Lunch Sashimi app$16.30
Lunch Saba teriyaki side Dish$8.20
Lunch Kaki Fry$9.45
Breaded deep fried oysters served with tomkaisu sauce.
Lunch Beef Teriyaki Side Dish$9.70
Lunch Chicken Teriyaki Side Dish$8.70
Lunch Gyoza$7.70
Steamed pork potstickers.
Lunch Vakitori$6.20
Skewered chicken bell peppers and onion served in teriyaki sauce.

Vegetable Lunch

Lunch Vegetable Tempura Lunch$8.30
Deep fried vegetable.
Lunch Agedashi Tofu$6.20
Lighlty fried tofu served in tempura sauce.
Lunch Edamame$4.20
Broiled soy beares.
Lunch Miso Soup$2.05

Lunch Salad

Green Salad Lunch$2.05
Tsukemono Lunch$3.70
assoried japanese pickles.
Kimachee Lunch$3.05
Seaweedd Salad$5.45

Upon Lunch(Noodle soup)

Sea Udon Lunch$10.55
Plian noodle soup.
Nabeyaki Udon Lunch$14.30
Noodle soup with shrimp green onions and egg served an an iron pot.
Tempura Udon Lunch$14.30
Nabeyaki udon with assorted tempura.
Chicken Teriyaki Udon$14.20
Nabeyaki udon with chicken served in iron pot.

Donubi Lunch

Oyako Don Lunch$9.70
Chicken Vegetables and egg served over fries.
Tempura Lunch$10.70
Assorted tempura served over rice.
Chicken Teriyaki Sauce Lunch$10.70
Chicken teriyaki and vegetables served over rice.
Sukayaki Don Lunch$11.70
Sukiyaki served over rice.
Katsu Don Lunch$10.80
Pork cutlet vegetables and egg served over rice.
Unagi Don Lunch$20.90
Broiled eel served over rice.
Tekka Don Lunch$31.95
Fresh Raw Tuna Served over rice.

Bento Boxes Lunch

Chicken Teriyaki Lunch$11.55
Beef Teriayaki Lunch$12.55
Breaded Fried Pork Lunch$11.45
Calamari Teriyaki Lunch$11.55
Beef Teriyaki Sashimi Lunch$17.80
Chicken Teriyaki Shashimi Lunch$16.95
Breaded Fried Pork & Shashimi Lunch$17.05
Salmon Teriyaki Lunch$16.80
Korean Marinated Beef Lunch$12.95
korean Style Lunch$12.55
Spicy Pork Lunch$12.45

Lunch Entrees

Cgicken Teriyaki Lunch$15.20
Boneless skinless chicken in teriyaki sauce.
Beef Teriyaki Lunch$15.80
Tender cut of new york steak served in teriyaki sauce.
Salmon Teriyaki$15.80
Broiled salmon filer served in teriyaki.
Saba teriyaki Lunch$13.30
Broiled mackerel filet served in teriyaki.
Salmon Teriyaki Lunch$13.20
Salmon filet broiled with salt.
Saba Teriyaki Lunch$15.80
Mackeri filet broiled with salt.
Vegetable Tempura Lunch$13.05
Assorted vegetable tempura.
Ebi Tempura Lunch$16.30
Shrimp Tempura.
Tempura Combination$14.20
Shrimp and assorted vegetable tempura.
Tonkatsu Lunch$14.20
Breded deep fried pork cutlet.
Chicken Katsu Lunch$16.70
Breaded deep fried chicken breast.
Katsu Curry Lunch$13.95
Breaded deep fried pork cutlet served with japanese curry sauce.
Gyoza Lunch$13.30
Steamed pork potstickers.
korean Mixed Rice Dish Lunch$13.95
Egg spinach bean sprouts carrot zucchini cucumber beef optional.

Sushi Comination Lunch

California Tekka, Kappa Lunch$14.95
8 Pcs Assorted Nigiri Lunch$20.20
Tekka 6 Pcs Maguro Nilgiri Lunch$22.95
Caloifornia 8 Pcs assorted Nilgiri L Lunch$23.05
Assorted Shashimi Over Sushi Rice Lunch$21.55
Chef Specail Assorted Sushi And Shashimi Lunch$38.95

Dinner Menu

Diet Coke$2.70
Pibba Xtra$2.70
Ice tea$2.80

Dinner Sea food /Meat popularity

Hamachi Kama$11.05
Broiled yellowtail check.
salmon Kama$8.95
Broiled Salmon check.
Tempura Combination$9.30
Deep fried shrimp and vegetables.
Ebi Tempura$9.80
Deep fried shrimp.
Sashimi App$16.30
saba Teriyaki Side Dish$8.20
Kaki Fry$9.45
Breded deep fried oysters served with tonkatsu sauce.
bEef Teriyaki Side Dish$9.70
Chicken Teriyaki Side Dish$8.70
Steamed pork potstickers.
Skewerd chicken bell pepper and onion served in teriyaki sauce.


Vegetable Tempura$8.30
Deep fried vegetable.
Agedashi Tofu$6.20
Lightly fried tofu served in tempura sauce.
Broiled soy beans.
Miso Soup$2.05


Green Salad$2.05
Assorted japanese pickles.
Steawed Salad$5.55

Bento Boxes

Chicken Teriyaki$14.80
Beef Teriyaki$15.80
Breaded Fried Pork Cutlet$15.20
Korean Marinated Beef$15.70
Spicy Chicken Korean Style$15.30
Spicy Pork Korean Style$15.30


Chicken Teriyaki$17.00
Boneless skinless chicken served cin teriyaki sauce.
Beef Teriyaki$20.45
Tender of new york served with teriyaki sauce.
Salmon Teriyaki$17.90
Broiled mackerel filet served in teriyaki sauce.
Saba Teriyaki$14.80
Broiled mackerel filet served in teriyaki sauce.
SAlmon Teriyaki$17.90
Salmon filet broiled with salt.
Saba shioyaki$14.80
Salmon fillet broiled with salt.
Gyoza Dinner$15.80
Steamed pork potstickers.
Bibbin Bap$13.95
Korean mixed rice egg spincah sprouts carrot zucchini cucumber (beef optional )
Uma Ju$21.00
Broiled eet over rice.


Vegetable Tempura$14.70
Assorted vegetable tempura
Ebi Tempura$18.55
Shrimp Tempura.
Seafood Tempura$20.80
Shrimp squaid, scaloops kani hamchi and calamari tempura.
Breaded deep fried pork cutlet.
Chicken Katsu$17.00
Breaded dep fried chicken breast.
Chicken Katsu$16.90
Breaded deep fried chicken breast
Chicken Katsu$17.00
Breaded deep fried chicken breast
Katsu Curry$14.55
Breaded deep fried cutlet served with japanese curry sauce.


Nabeyaki Udon$14.55
Noodle soup with shrimp tempura green onions and egg served in an pot.
Tempura nabeyaki udon$14.45
Noodle soup with assorted tempura served in iron pot.
Vegetable and noodles cooked in an iron pot with homemade sukiyaki sauce.


Salmon Teriyaki Tempura$21.05
Chicken Teriyaki & Tempura$21.95
Sukiyaki & Tempura$21.95
Beef & Chicken Teriyaki$20.55
Assorted Sashimi & Tempura$24.45

Kids Plate

Beef Teriyaki$9.95

Sushi Comination

Tuna Sashimi$30.05
Hamachi Sashimi$29.95
Shake Shashimi$30.05
Sashimi Comination$29.95

House Comination

Chef Special Sashimi Plate$39.05
California roll 8 pieces assorted nigiri assorted sahimi.
Yuri Specail Plate$70.05


Amacbi (sweet Shrimp)$8.80
Sea Cel$6.20
Yellow Tail$6.45
Surf Clam$5.70
Sweet Tofu Skin$4.20
Salmon Rice$7.70
Crab Cake$5.05
Yellowtail Green Onion$6.45
Red Snapper$5.80
Sweet Egg$5.55
Flying Fish Roc$6.45
Fresh Water Eel$6.55
Quail Egg$1.05


sea ccl cucumber unagi sauce seeds.
California roll$6.05
Crab and avocado.
Kappa Maki$4.70
Negihama Maki$6.45
Yellowtail and green onion.
Shake Maki$6.55
Shinko Maki$4.70
pickled radish.
Tekka Maki$6.70

Guest Creation

yellowtail wasabi sauce radish sprouts.
A&J Hospital$7.80
Shr9imp crab cucumber.
Tuna crab avocado sauce seeds.
Tuna crab avocado sauce seeds.
Crab avocado cell tobiko.
Clarie Classic$9.30
Shrimp crab scallops green onion wasabi sauce seeds.
Clarie Classic$9.30
Shrimp crab scaloo(s green onion wasabi sauce tobiko.
cliamax (deep fried )$7.95
Tuna crab avocado.
Albacore green onion jalpaeno lemon tobiko.
Daniel Roll$8.80
Shrimp tempura cream cheese onion cucumber seeds.
Dancing Ebi$7.70
Shrimp tempura cucumber seeds.
Dancing Ebi$7.70
Shrimp tempura cucumber seeds.
Double d$8.45
Tuna yellow allbacore eel ginger sauce green onion tobiko wasabi.
East & West ( Deep Fried )$8.05
Yellowtail crab green onion.
Ei Amigo$9.05
Tuna shrimp cucumber avocado macadamia nuts sauce seeds.
Fie Ball ( Two Pieces )$8.30
Tuna green onion japanese chilli sauce, sesame oil tobbiko.
Hawalian Poki Roll$8.80
Tuna greeb onion peppers wasabi seame oil tonbiko.
Heavy Metal$9.05
Yellowtail eel cucumber avocado macadamia nuts tobiko sauce seeds.
Salmon skin crab green onion tobiko.

Yuri Sushi 1

1986 Roll$14.55
In fried snapper cucumber, out tuna salmon shrimp avocado spicy mayo unagi sauce, tobiko bonito flakes.
Aborn Roll$15.05
In fried spicy imitation crab out tuna salmon snapper, tobiko green onion macadamina nuts spicy mayo unagi sauce.
Curi Maki$16.95
In imitation crab wasabi sauce green onion tobiko, avocado out seaweed cucumber ponazu shichimi pepper seasoninig.
Inari Maki$9.05
In avocado cucumber out inari sweet torfu.
Meagn Roll$14.05
In Imitation crab avocado out salmon.
Rainboew Roll$17.05
In Imitation crab unagi avocado out tuna salmon hamchi halibut unagi sauce, tobiko sesame seeds.
Special John$14.95
In fried hamchi out spicy tuna green onion.
Spider Roll$12.30
In soft crab avocado cucumber out tobiko.

Yuri Sushi 2

Evergreen Roll$13.95
in Tuna, jalapeno shrimp tempura out: avocado tempura powder spicy mayo green onion.
Fire Crunch$14.95
In : spicy shrimp tempura out: salmon snapper, avocado tempura powder wasabi sauce unagi sauce green onion.
In: imitation crab cucumber salmon skin pout: salmon lemon green onion tobiko.
Kai Kai$15.05
In: Unagi cucumber out: tuna salmon.
In: spicy tuna spicy imitation crab, avocado out: salmon unagi jalapeno, tobiko, greenn onion macadamia nuts, spicy mayo unagi sauce.
Mk Specail$15.95
In: shrimp tempura cucumber unagi out: salmon hanachi avocado spicy mayo unaghi sauce sesame needs.
Baked Salmon$15.95
In Spicy : imitation avocado out: salmon spicy mayo unagi sauce tonbiko green onion mcadamia nuts baked.
Something Specaial$15.45
In : Spicy imiattation crab shrimp tempura lemon out: tuna hamachi albacore onion tobiko tempura powder spicy mayo unagi sauce.
The Burn$14.20
In : Sicy tempura cucumber out : avocado jalapeno tobiko.
Krista roll$15.05
In : Spicy imitation crab, cucumber out: tuna avocado green onion tobiko spicy mayo.
S White Roll$15.20
In : shrimp tempura cucumber out: unagi avocado tobiko green onion spicy unagi sauce.
Super Paradise$17.20
In: spicy tuna imitation crab cucumber out: tuna salmon hamavhi unagi avocado nuts tobiko green onion.
Crunch Roll$10.45
in : imitation crab salad shrimp tempura out: tempura powder unagi sauce sesme seeds.
Spicy Deep Fry$12.55
In : spicy imitation crab salmon albacore out: cucumbe, green onion spicy unagi sauce.
In : Sm Shrimp tempura lg soft shell crab out: unagi avocado tobiko.




Green Tea$1.95
Kona Coffe$1.95