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Raw Oysters$9.44
Ice-Cold, raw oysters served with lemon and our spicy cocktail sauce.
Oysters Shooters$3.24
One freshly shucked oyster with cocktail sauce and vodka served in a shot glass.
Chargrilled Oysters$11.94
Sizzling, chargrilled oysters saturated in an herb butter sauce, topped with a special blend of cheese.


Boo Fries$5.24
French fries topped with our own roast beef gravy and cheese.
The Sampler$12.94
Onion rings, meat pies, buffalo wings. Serves 2 to 4.
Fried Oyster Remoulade$9.94
Fried Crab Claws$12.94
Meat Pies$7.04
Fried Crawfish Tails$7.94
Buffalo Wings$8.34
Onion Rings$4.94
Craw Puppies$7.24
Boom Boom Shrimp$8.94
A generous portion of fried shrimp coated in our homemade sauce.
Crab Cake with Corn Maque Choux$10.44
A crispy crab cake served atop a bed of sweet corn maque choux with acme remoulade sauce.


Side Salad$3.94
House Salad$6.94
Gluten-free friendly. Fresh mixed greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
Wedge Salad$6.94
Popcorn Shrimp Salad$11.94
Popcorn Crawfish Salad$11.04
Grilled Marinated Chicken Salad$10.04
Grilled Marinated Shrimp Salad$11.94
Fried Oyster Salad$12.94
Seafood Salad$18.54
Fresh mixed greens, grilled shrimp, crab claws, and lump crabmeat.
Soup & Salad$9.04
Caesar Salad$7.34

New Orleans Specialties

Seafood Gumbo$5.84
Shrimp and crab with rice.
Chicken & Andouille Gumbo$5.54
Oyster Rockefeller Soup$4.94
Oysters, spinach, Parmesan cheeseand a hint of herbsaint.
Gluten-free friendly. Seasoned rice with smoked sausage and chicken.
Acme Poopa$12.04
French bread bowl filled with your favorite soup, gumbo or red beans and rice.
Red Beans & Rice$9.94
Gluten-free friendly. With grilled smoked sausage.
Seafood etoufee$8.04
Seasoned in a buttery roux, with seafood over rice.
New Orleans Medley$12.04
A sampling of gumbo, jambalaya, red beans, and rice and grilled smoked sausage.


Red Beans & Rice$4.04
Gluten-free friendly.
Gluten-free friendly.
Grilled Smoked Sausage$3.24
Gluten-free friendly.
French Fries$3.04
Gluten-free friendly.
Gluten-free friendly.
Hush Puppies$3.94
Potato Salad$3.04
Sweet Potato Fries$3.34


Fried Peace Maker Po-Boy$15.94
Golden fried oysters & shrimp, seasoned to perfection, with TABASCO infused mayo.
Fried Oyster Po-Boy$17.44
Fried Shrimp Po-Boy$12.04
Fried Fish Po-Boy$11.04
Fried Crawfish Po-Boy$12.04
Half and Half Po-Boy$12.54
Fried Soft Shell Crab Po-Boy$15.94
Served with French fries.
Ham Po-Boy$9.94
Turkey Po-Boy$10.04
Hot Sausage Patty Po-Boy$9.94
Grilled Smoked Sausage Po-Boy$10.04
Grilled Marinated Shrimp Po-Boy$13.04
With grilled mushrooms and onions.
Grilled Marinated Chicken Po-Boy$12.94
With grilled mushrooms and onions.
Acme Special Po-Boy$10.04
Hot, debris-style roast beef, ham, turkey Americanand swiss cheeses.
Acme "10 Napkin Roast Beef"$11.94
Traditional Slow-Cooked chuck roast, served hot and Debris-Style. Trust us, you'll use all 10!
1/2lb. Hamburger Po-Boy$8.94
Served with French fries.
1/2 lb. Hamburger Bun$9.04
Served with French fries.
Half Po-Boy & Choice of Side$12.44
Ham, turkey, roast beef, shrimp, fried fish, fried crawfish tails, grilled smoked sausage or hot sausage.
Half Po-Boy & Cup of Soup, Gumbo$12.44
Ham, turkey, roast beef, shrimp, fried fish, fried crawfish tails, grilled smoked sausage or hot sausage.
Half Po-Boy & Salad$12.44
Ham, turkey, roast beef, shrimp, fried fish, fried crawfish tails, grilled smoked sausage or hot sausage.

Fried Plates

Fried Half and Half Platter$16.04
Fried Oyster Platter$20.20
Fried Shrimp Platter$16.94
Fried Fish Platter$16.04
Two mild, white flaky filets fried to a golden perfection.
Fried Soft Shell Crab Platter (One Crab)$15.94
Fried Soft Shell Crab Platter (Two Crabs)$23.94
Crab Cake Platter (One Crab Cake)$14.04
Crab Cake Platter (Two Crab Cakes)$18.44
Fried Seafood Platter$21.54
Oysters, shrimp, and fried fish.
Fish Pontchartrain$18.04
Lightly battered and fried, topped with fresh crabmeat, shrimp, and our own wonderful butter cream sauce. Served with vegetable medley.
The Captain's Platter$40.04
Fried oysters, shrimp, fish, soft shell crab, craw puppies, French fries, hush puppies, onion rings and cole slaw. Serves two.

Grilled Plates

New Orleans Hamburger Steak$11.04
Our 1-2 lb. burger, topped with grilled mushrooms and onions, brown gravy, served on a bed of yellow rice. This item contains pork.
Grilled Marinated Shrimp Platter$14.94
With sweet potato fries, grilled onions and mushrooms.
Grilled Marinated Chicken Platter$13.04
With sweet potato fries, grilled onions and mushrooms.


Brownie Sundae$7.54
Pecan Cobbler$6.94
With vanilla ice cream.
Root Beer Float$4.94
Chocolate Caramel Pie$5.94
New Orleans Bread Pudding$6.04
With whiskey sauce.
Vanilla Ice Cream$2.94
Max's Bananas Foster Cheesecake$6.44