Hardees are a chain of fast food restaurants that serves classic American cuisine for every meal of the day. With over 50 years in the industry, they have learned a thing or two about what customers want, and they have placed a particular importance on the Hardees breakfast menu, which contributes to a large portion of their overall sales. His means you can expect some of the best breakfast foods in the country at your local Hardees. Get a good idea of what time is hardees breakfast hours :



So what is so appealing about the Hardees breakfast menu? It is all about creating the perfect breakfast meal, putting control back into the hands of the customer. With a strong southern influence throughout the history of the country, it is somewhat unsurprising that their trademark breakfast dish in their biscuit breakfast sandwiches. You can get amazing combination of fillings to create the ultimate breakfast sandwich, with the likes of sausage, egg, bacon, ham and cheese all staples of this menu.

The biscuit breakfast treats don’t end there though, as they are known for their rather unique fillings too for the more adventurous customers, such as biscuits and gravy or the grilled pork chop and biscuit sandwich. That’s not to say you can get common breakfast sandwiches with toasted bread and fillings to taste too. Even the fully loaded breakfast burrito is another popular item; showcasing all of the great food you can in the morning to make sure you are enjoying the most important meal of the day.

That begs the most important question for breakfast lovers – when are the Hardees breakfast hours? Mondays through to Saturdays will usually begin Hardees breakfast hours at 5am, which is nice and early for those who are early risers or anyone on the dash to work early in the morning and want to grab something on the go. Sundays will usually feature a slightly later starting hour for the Hardees breakfast menu, beginning at 6am rather than 5am. Every day features the same times for when the Hardees breakfast hours finish, usually at 11am allowing most people plenty of time to jump down for a tasty biscuit sandwich or maybe some outstanding hash rounds.

It is worth noting that the odd location may see a slight change in the Hardees breakfast hours. Some will begin even earlier in the day with breakfast being served from 4am (or 5am on Sundays rather than the usual 6am). Conversely, other locations will start to serve breakfast an hour later at 6am, but most follow the standard 5am -11am breakfast hours – just be sure to double check if you are unsure and the extra hour is required to make sure you get your breakfast fix!

Hardees Lobby and Drive-Thru Hours

While the Hardees breakfast menu is the stuff of legend, the food available after the breakfast hours have finished are certainly not lacking in taste. The thickburger hamburger ranges are also incredibly popular and offer the chance to dig into a monstrous sized burger. Chicken tenders, sides including fries and onion rings along with desserts such as cookies can be enjoyed throughout the day too.

Lobby hours run from 5am daily (6am on Sundays) and finish at 10pm Mondays to Thursdays. Fridays to Sundays have a slightly later closing time of 11pm. Drive-thru hours tend to be the same hours as the lobby ones, although some locations may have a 24 hour drive-thru.