Carls Jr breakfast is one of the most popular fast food restaurants to be found in amongst the Western and South Western states and If you are looking for Carls Jr Breakfast Hours, than you have come to the right place. Known for their amazing burgers and sandwiches, customers can enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner any time the visit. With many locations also sporting drive- thrus, some of which operate 24 hours a day, you can find yourself stopping by at any point of the day.


Carls Jr Breakfast Hours

Breakfast just so happens to be one those meals that sometimes completely skips by you. Heading out early for work or school can leave you short of a great meal to start the day, which is why taking advantage of early start for Carls Jr breakfast hours is the perfect solution. Some people can get by with just a coffee, others need a nice filling meal such as a breakfast burrito, no matter what you need to make the mornings a tad easier on yourself can be found on the Carls Jr breakfast menu.

There are two general starting times for the Carls Jr breakfast hours, both of which are nice and early. Perfect for a quick bite to eat on the go whilst you make your morning commute, openings times begin around 5am and 5.30am, with the breakfast menu available from this time. These locations usually serve breakfast items until 10.30 on weekdays, with Saturdays and Sundays often serving until 11am.

The other Carls Jr breakfast hours follow pretty similar times, with around and hours different give or take. These locations will begin their breakfast menu slightly later at 6am, although it still offers an early enough opening for most making their way to work.  They do however make up for their delayed opening times by offering the breakfast menu until 11am all week long, which can be ideal for anyone getting up a bit later and might have craving for grilled cheese and bacon breakfast sandwich.

Carls Jr hours for lobby and drive-thru

Carls Jr also serves plenty of delicious foods after their breakfast hours. So whatever time in the day you may be heading down, Carls Jr hours for lobby are long enough to make sure you can get down. Opening times are between 5am and 6am depending on your local restaurant, with most closing around 11pm and midnight.

You may be in luck if it’s a more obscure time of the day; you are out on the road and in need of some food. This is because a lot of drive-thru hours for Carls Jr operate 24 hours a day, making the perfect pit stop to fuel up on some much needed grub. A lot of locations will operate their drive-thrus until midnight, in line with the Carls Jr hours for lobby, but a lot will be opened for 24 hour periods over the weekend.

Be aware though that not ever Carls Jr has a drive-thru. Their location tends to affect whether or not there will be one, with store front locations simply unable to have one. A large amount does though of course, and the majority of these will run for 24 hours at some point in the week, which is always handy.