Anyone who enjoys a buffet dinner has likely enjoyed some time down at Old Country Buffet. Nowhere provides the amazing balance of great tasting, high quality food with incredible value for money and low prices. They cover every meal of the day too, so any time you are down, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can expect to enjoy endless amounts of amazing food without breaking the bank. Old Country Buffet prices are among the best in the buffet restaurant market one of the main reasons for their continued success.

11 AM - 3:30 PM
*Senior lunch: $7.99
11 AM - 8:30 PM
8:00 AM - 11 AM
STARTS 11 AM - 830 PM
8 AM - 11 PM
*Seniors: $8.99
AGES 2 - 3
AGES 4 - 7
AGES 8 -11

While not everyone is a fan of buffet style dining, it’s hard to deny that for the amount of food you can eat you are not getting a spectacular deal. You can devour plate upon plate of your favourite foods, which is never a bad way to eat out! For those who are taking the family out for a meal or are going out with friends for a bite to eat, there is always one person who doesn’t want a particular style of cuisine. That’s a problem you don’t need to worry with a buffet, as there really is something for everyone included on the massive menus. Combine the endless choices with the amazing Old Country Buffet prices and you will be hard pressed for a reason not to visit.

At the weekends, you can enjoy the amazing breakfast menus that feature everything you would ever want from a breakfast – eggs (done in every way you like!), bacon and sausage to name a few. With pancakes, waffles and muffins also available, you can treat your palate to both sweet and savoury items! Add in the fact you can get these buffet meals for great rates with the Old Country Buffet prices and there won’t be a better place to go for some food at the weekend!

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy lunch and dinner meals throughout the week, because there is certainly enough food items available that you could have several different meals and still have something new to try! Best of all is that will the Old Country Buffet prices; you know exactly what you are paying for thanks to their simple and easy pricing system. In essence, you will never pay more than $14 for a buffet option, with some costing under $10!

Considering there is no limits to how many plates you can load with food during your time there, it’s easy to see why Old Country Buffet’s prices keep bringing satisfied customers back!