Anyone looking to get a nice fix of chicken to set them up for the day needn’t look further than what is being served during the Chick fil A breakfast hours.  Whether you are craving their famous Chick fil A Chicken biscuit or the sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, popping by to take advantage if what’s on offer during the Chick fil A breakfast hours will leave you feeling satisfied until lunch.


Starting at 6 am at most locations, the Chick fil A breakfast hours are catered to every person who needs something nice for breakfast despite how early they may be starting their days. It could be work or getting up early for school and you live nearby a restaurant, the opportunity to get something for breakfast that you don’t have to cook at such and early time can be a god send for many people. Most Chick fil A breakfast hours will finish at 10.30am, which allows you a good amount of time to get your breakfast sorted before you go about your day.

It should be noted that some Chick fil A breakfast hours may slightly differ from these more general times. This only tends to affect the opening times of certain restaurants, which will start to serve breakfast foods later on in the day. Some begin just a bit later at 6.30am, causing not too many differences, although some can open later than that, with certain Chick fil A breakfast hours beginning as late at 7.30am or possibly 8am in some locations.

The majority of Chick fil A breakfast hours do not even open for Sundays. This can be attributed to their founders Southern Baptist religion, meaning that Sundays are considered days that should not be worked on, an ideal that has been carried on throughout most of their time as a fast food restaurant.

Chick fil A Lobby Hours – What Time Does Chick Fil A Start Serving Breakfast

Anyone looking to get some of their favorite southern style chicken sandwiches for lunch, breakfast or just for a treat later on in the day can take advantage of Chick fil A lobby hours, which tend to follow the same time periods. As mentioned, opening hours range from 6am to 8am, with intervals in-between theses times also possible. The majority of closing times for Chick fil A are at 10 pm. These hours follow the same timelines of Mondays through until Saturdays, with most being closed on Sundays.

Items You can Enjoy During Chick Fil A Breakfast Hours

Biscuit Sandwiches

The breakfast biscuit sandwiches found on the menu during the Chick fil A breakfast hours remain on of the most sought after items to be served. Tasty buttery biscuits are sandwiched between all of your favourite breakfast ingredients for a sandwich that hits all the right spots in the morning.

The Chick fil A Chicken Biscuit sandwich features the trademark chicken breast served from Chick-fil-A, which is also available with spicy chicken. For those who don’t fancy chicken, you can get either sausage or bacon along with egg and cheese biscuits. There is even a plain biscuit option too! So if you’re a fan of biscuit breakfast treats, food found during Chick fil A breakfast hours are well suited to your tastes!

Breakfast Burrito

A breakfast menu is not complete without a breakfast burritos, and you can find just that being served during Chick fil A breakfast hours. Filled with scrambled eggs, onions and peppers, Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, you can get chicken, spicy chicken or sausage wrapped in tortilla which also comes with salsa. Not a bad meal to start the day with!

Chick-fil-A Platter

For those who fancy their breakfast to be served individually as opposed to a wrap or sandwich, the Chick fil A Platter range is certainly going to be to your liking. All come served on a platter with scrambled eggs, freshly baked buttery biscuits and white pepper gravy. Then it’s a case of picking your favorite meat, with a Sausage Platter, Bacon Platter and Chicken Platter all available. This is a hearty meal and one of the more popular served during the Chick fil A breakfast hours.

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