Nothing offers a unique dining experience with a Southern twist to it quite like Cracker Barrel. Doubling up as a restaurant and gift store, each establishment is instantly recognizable thanks to their southern country homages, including front porches to each venue decorated with rocking chairs, the old time western general store design of the interior and of course their expansive menu, featuring America classics along with many Southern favorites too. What makes Cracker Barrel Breakfast Hours so incredible is that they serve breakfast menu all day.



Breakfast lovers will feel right at home here, thanks to the Cracker Barrel breakfast hours – they run all day long! That’s right, as long as you see a Cracker Barrel that is opened for business; you can enjoy a breakfast meal at any point in the day! You can be sure that the Cracker Barrel breakfast menu is jammed packed with amazing choices, so whether you fancy a taste of something a little Southern or maybe just a traditional breakfast meal its likely available here.

The Cracker Barrel breakfast hours run all day long, so it doesn’t need to be breakfast to grab a plate of one of their trademark breakfast dishes such as the Old Timer’s Breakfast. Standard breakfast items come with a Southern twist, along with trademark Southern cuisine that make it such a distinct location for some breakfast food. With the likes of buttermilk biscuits, grits, gravy and various sausage patties nowhere provides an authentic country Southern dining experience than Cracker Barrel.

Most Cracker Barrel hours begin service at 6am each and every day of the week; meaning those who are up and out early can get some breakfast food when they need it most. Ample time before starting work or heading off to school, you can be sure to enjoy plenty of different breakfast offerings depending on what you are craving. It doesn’t need to be Southern food either, pancakes and syrup are available too, coming with many toppings and ingredients such as various fruits and nuts to create the perfect morning treat to fend off your hunger.

With closing times being 10pm daily, the Cracker Barrel breakfast hours technically finish at this time. Fridays and Saturdays also run their hours slightly later at 11pm, giving you an extra hour to get down and devour some truly late night breakfast! Everyone enjoys the odd breakfast meal for dinner, and with these times you can be sure to do so at Cracker Barrel. While many of us may want a hot cooked plate with plenty of bacon, eggs and sausage, a bowl of cereal can do the trick for most. May cereals are available, along with the likes yogurt and fresh food and muffins with blueberries and apple bran – the choices cover every type of breakfast food you can imagine!

A perfect treat for the family and one that can be enjoyed at the weekends or after school, there are plenty of breakfast options for the young ones too! You can get pancakes, eggs and cereals all tailored in portion sizes just to suit children – which is ideal for families looking to get some good grub down them to get them energised and fed for the day!

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