Jack in the Box is a chain of fast food restaurants that predominately feature along the West Coast of the United States. Their main focus is various types of burgers, coming in many shapes and sizes with a great selections of toppings and fillings available. Internationally inspired cuisine also features on their menu such as chicken Teriyaki, helping to provide a varied menu that aims to offer something for everyone. Jack in the Box Breakfast Hours could not be better !


Breakfast foods are covered by Jack in the Box, who have a truly outstanding selection of breakfast sandwiches, burritos and snacks that can make anyone morning that bit better. Funnily enough, the Jack in the Box breakfast hours are rather unique in a sense, because they are available for the entire day! Throw in the fact that that each Jack in the Box restaurant is opened 24 hours and breakfast can be appreciated at any point in the day!

It is great that the Jack in the Box breakfast hours are available all day every day, because all too often are breakfast menus saved for the early hours of the morning time, where plenty of people won’t even be awake let alone picking out something to eat. At the same time, early risers can take advantage of the fact the Jack in the Box hours allow them to grab some breakfast on the go no matter what time they may be starting at, it could be 3am,6am or 9am – anyone heading out to work early can stop by for some great tasting breakfast food.

That’s not to say people won’t crave some of the items from the Jack in the Box breakfast menu at other times of the day. A side of mini pancakes or hash browns are as delicious in the evening as they are in the morning! Some of the epic breakfast sandwiches found here will make a great dinner let alone a breakfast, with the likes of the extreme sausage sandwich or ultimate breakfast sandwiches some of the few mouth-watering items you can lap up all day long!

Dining and Drive-Thru Hours

While most Jack in the Box hours are 24 hours long, dining in locations tend to have a closing time. Most open their doors around 6am for anyone looking to jump in and grab some breakfast food. You can dine in until 10pm in most locations, and take your pick of breakfast menus or the standard lunch/dinner options. Sundays tend to open an hour later at 7am, with an earlier closing time of 8pm for the dining areas of each restaurant.

The fact that most Jack in the Box hours operate for 24 hours, you may be wondering how this works if the dining-in areas have opening and closing times. The majority of Jack in the Box restaurant’s drive –thru sections run for 24 hours, allowing you to get breakfast foods at any time of the day (car permitting of course!). Some restaurants may not have 24 hour drive-thrus every day though, with many stopping at weeknights around the 2am-4am period, saving the 24 hour service for the weekends.