All too often can breakfast foods being served at restaurants get old quite fast. Whether it’s a biscuit sandwich or breakfast burrito, too many places are offering much of the same with only slight variations. Anyone stopping by during Bojangles breakfast hours knows that there is something a little different being served here. Breakfast at Bojangles infuses a taste the south-eastern region of the country, including their trademark Cajun chicken and buttery biscuit.


Bojangles breakfast hours are aimed at helping everyone get through their day. Beginning at 5.30 am daily, anyone who is up early to get about their business for the day can stop by and grab a sausage and biscuit combo to set them up for the day. Whether it is work, school or just an early commute to start your day, some filling breakfast food is always a welcome sight during the early hours of the morning. Better still, some Bjoangles breakfast hours open as early as 5 am, meaning even the earliest risers are in luck – in general most restaurants start service between 5 am and 5.30 am.

Not wanting to leave anyone out due to the time they wake up at, Bojangles breakfast hours run throughout the day. That means anyone looking out for some breakfast food for lunch or even dinner is more than welcome to do so. We all get a craving for some tasty breakfast foods later on in the day, so being able to head down to Bojangles at any time and do so is great news for everyone.

It is worth mentioning that one item isn’t available all day long. Lovers of some genuine southern cuisine may need to get up a bit earlier, as grits is the only item that is available until 10am. Other than that, everything else found during Bojangles breakfast hours can be purchased throughout the day, so if you are craving something hearty and filling such as the Steak Biscuit, you are in luck!

As the Bojangles breakfast hours are essentially the same as their lobby hours thanks to the breakfast food being served all day long, as long as you make it down before closing time you can grab whatever you fancy. The majority of Bojangles close at 10pm every night, although some may be earlier at 9 pm. Any Bojangles with a drive-thru will usually be opened until 10pm regardless of the lobby hours. In fact, some locations will have a drive-thru available until 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays, meaning midnight breakfast food is possible!

Items to Enjoy During Bojangles Breakfast Hours

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit

With buttery biscuit baked to perfection and stuffed with crispy bacon, fully eggs and tasty American cheese, this remains one of the must have items served during Bojangles breakfast hours. It is a classic breakfast sandwich with Bojangles own signature biscuit, offering a truly southern breakfast that can be enjoyed all over.

Cajun Fillet Biscuit

Get a taste of some genuine Cajun inspired chicken combined with some trademark biscuits to offer one of the most popular items to enjoy during Bojangles breakfast hours. A breast of chicken is seasoned with their special spicy coating, served in a freshly made buttery biscuit for a unique yet delicious breakfast sandwich.

Sausage and Egg Biscuit

The sausage and egg biscuit is unquestionably one of the tastiest items you can enjoy during Bojangles breakfast hours. Sausage and biscuit go hand in hand, and with the addition of some lightly folded fluffy scrambled eggs, you have a flavourful sandwich that will taste amazing no matter the time of day.

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