The White Castle breakfast hours are aimed at serving every type of person, no matter what their life entails. Breakfast should not be subjective to when most people are up and about for work or school, as many are forced to miss out on the opportunity for some fine breakfast foods from all if their favourite food establishments such as White Castle. They understand that we all operate on different times, which is why you will find that White Castle breakfast hours last 24 hours a day!

That’s right; there is no need to worry about getting there for the right time (which tends to be obscenely early for most restaurants!) to take advantage of White Castle breakfast hours, because they last all day every day! Fancy a bacon egg and cheese slider but you have woke up a little alter in the day? Not to worry, as you find all of the tasty White Castle breakfast foods no matter what time it is!


With White Castle breakfast hours not having any particular time periods (expect all day long!) you really can enjoy the food no matter your situation. Anyone who is up at the crack of dawn for work can enjoy some hash brown nibblers and a coffee on their way to help dust off the cobwebs and get them ready for work. Kids heading to school can get their favourite breakfast sliders on the way to class if they so wish. Same goes for any late risers or those working back shits or night shifts, you can enjoy whatever breakfast treats you want despite the fact it’s not technically breakfast!

So what about the White Castle lobby hours? Obviously as long as White Castle is opened, you can enjoy their breakfast foods when you want. The largest majority of White Castle stores are also 24 hour services, so their lobby hours are literally all day long! Not many restaurants offer 24 hour lobby hours seven days a week, let alone run their breakfast promotions all day long as well – one of the reasons White Castle continues to be pioneers of the industry!

Now some locations may not run the 24 hour a day, seven days a week services. While in the minority, it would be more than annoying if you head out at some more obscure hours and find your local White Castle is shut! Luckily these venues are in the minority, and even if the one near you doesn’t offer 24 hours services every day, you can be sure they will do at the weekends


With its first restaurant opening in 1921 White Castle essentially created the fast food concept that we all know and love today. Having popularized many processes that remain to this day, White Castle has pioneered so many aspects of dining out. Their trademark small square slider burgers have stood the test of time for close to a century – Time magazine even named it the most influential burger of all time. This al goes to show that anytime visiting White Castle, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can be sure to find some great tasting burgers, fries and drinks.