Offering a fine blend of Mexican cuisine such as burritos, quesadillas and Tacos, Del Taco have become one of the most popular fast food chains serving Mexican food. America food is not out of place at Del Taco either mind you, with burgers and fries a very popular item of the menu too. A common problem at Del Taco is deciding what type of tasty food you are going to have! The Del Taco breakfast menu is particularly popular, offering breakfast classics with a Mexican twist. Below is guide to Del Taco Breakfast hours, luckily Del Taco serves breakfast all day.

SUNDAY 12 AM - 11 AM


The funny thing about breakfast is that it can be a completely different part of the day for people – it all depends when you wake up! Work, school and other commitments can mean that we all don’t get to wake up in the morning time and get pour breakfasts then. Some people are preparing breakfast when the majority of others are tucking into their lunch or dinners! Del Tacos breakfast hours seem to back this up, as they are very flexible and convenient for everyone, no matter the time of the day!

Del Taco breakfast hours are clearly evident that breakfast can be at any point in the day for some. Also, some people just love a breakfast burrito for lunch or dinner or just a snack at one point in the day, even though not every fast food chain is serving their breakfast menus past midday in most places. Starting service at 11pm or 12am in the majority of their establishment, the Del Taco breakfast hours allow for a late night breakfast treat or an early morning one – it just depends what time your day starts! A few locations even offer the Del Taco breakfast menu 24 hours a day! Meaning you can grab bacon and egg quesadilla or some hash brown sticks with a few breakfast tacos whenever you want! This is great for breakfast food aficionados, so be sure to call your local restaurants to see if you are in luck.

These times remain for each day of the week, with the breakfast services stopping at 11am in most locations. 12 hours is plenty of time to get some of the great Mexican breakfast available at Del Taco, combining classis ingredients such as eggs, bacon and sausage with Mexican favourites such as hard shell tacos and soft flour tortilla wraps. So whether you are up very early for work or have just finished your night shift and are in dire need of some energy, Del Taco’s breakfast hours are here to help.

Del Taco Lobby and Drive- Thru Hours

The majority of Del Taco lobby hours are standard times, with opening hours usually around 7am and closing times being around 12am. This means you can sit inside one of their dining areas of the restaurants all the way until midnight in most locations which is great for those late nights where you want a late snack – you can even get some breakfast food at this time!

Drive-thru hours are 24 hours for most restaurants, so you can grab whatever Mexican food you are craving at any point in the day! The odd location may not have a 24 hour drive-thru, although this tends to be rare with most running all day every day. if you are ever unsure, simply phone up and ask your local establishment or just check their website.

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