Harvesters are a chain of restaurants found exclusively in the United Kingdom, where they have over 200 establishments. A farmhouse style restaurant, you can find deliciously cooked grilled foods here, including chicken, burgers, ribs and steaks, not to mention their famous unlimited salad bar. They also serve daily breakfasts, full of classic British staples that make starting the day that bit easier. Family orientated, Harvesters aims to provides something tasty for everyone, including every meal of the day as well as take away services for those days you just can be bothered making anything. Following table shows a common Harvester Breakfast times :


Harvester Breakfast Times

Harvester Breakfast times follow most other restaurants in the country, with service beginning from 9am, Mondays to Fridays, with Saturday and Sunday breakfast times starting slightly earlier at 8am. Every day runs the Harvester breakfast times all the way through until 11am, meaning you can get yourself sorted for the day and be well and truly fed until lunch rolls around. So whether you have dropped the kids off at school or are enjoying a day of work and want to treat yourself to some top quality breakfast, Harvesters is the place to be.

Knowing the Harvester breakfast times allow plenty of opportunity to get down to your local restaurant, you may be wonder what can you get from the Harvester breakfast menu? No matter what your preferences are, Harvesters has you covered, and you may want to make sure you get down nice and early, just so you can take advantage of their unlimited breakfasts!

That’s right, for one payment you can get unlimited breakfast foods from the menu. No matter how many times you want to top up your plate or make it as large as possible you really can go crazy. There are two types of continental breakfasts available, the cooked continental breakfast and the standard continental.

A cooked breakfast will only set you back £4.99 for as much as you want, with the standard continental even cheaper at £2.99! You can even add unlimited drinks from £2.10 for coffees and teas, with fruit juices, teas and coffee available too for only £2.60. Got the kids with you? They can enjoy the standard continental breakfast for only 99p and the hot breakfast for £1.99!

So unlimited plats sound great, and the Harvester breakfast times means you can get a good few hours’ worth of food and drinks for next to nothing, but what food can you expect for a filling breakfast?

The hot continental breakfast features all of the full English breakfast classics. Pork sausages, bacon, black pudding, hash browns, eggs (fried, scrambled or poached all available) and beans can all be enjoyed as much as you want. Vegetarian options are present too, with mushrooms, golden fires, and soya and leek sausages all available too. For such as low price you really are getting amazing value for money!

The standard continental breakfast features different food types, yet no less enjoyable, it’s all down to taste. Cereals, Greek yoghurt, pancakes and muffins can be eaten as often as you like, with no limit to what you want – all for just £2.99!

Harvester Hours of Operations

Harvester has pretty much standard restaurant hours for the rest of the day. They operate from 9am till 11pm from Mondays to Fridays, with the weekend opening slightly earlier at 8am. Food service after breakfast begins at 11.30 am with orders available until 10.30pm. So whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner you want, Harvester has hot you covered!