McDonalds is one of the best known fast food restaurants in the world today. With a foothold in almost every country in the world, there are not many places you can visit without catching a glimpse of the famous yellow archway. Severing not only hamburgers and fries, you can get chicken nuggets, wraps, salads and a variety of different beef and chicken burgers to satisfy your cravings.

McDonald’s breakfast hours have become the stuff of legend, with most people who enjoy their breakfast food claiming at one point in time that it needs to run for longer. While it may be true in some locations, most McDonalds breakfast hours offer plenty of time to get your favorite breakfast food in time.


What Time Does Mcdonalds Start Serving Breakfast ?

Should you manage to find yourself inside a restaurant during the McDonalds breakfast hours, there are fine selections of tasty breakfast foods that can fill a hole and get your day kick started with some good fuel. Sausage and egg McMuffins are famous around the world, making a tasty treat that goes great with a cup of coffee to shake of the cobwebs and get the day moving. That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of other great choices for you, with hotcakes, bagels, burritos and even the famous Big Breakfast, there will be something to suit every ones tastes.

For those that begin work earlier than usual, you will still find that McDonalds breakfast hours are still available for your, with the majority of most stores serving breakfast from 5am onwards! Some locations may vary by and hour or so, with some starting around 6am, though this is still pretty early, and most busy locations will have the McDonalds breakfast hours starting early enough so you can catch something before you head off to work. It should be noted that some of the quitter restaurants may start to serve their breakfasts as late as 8am or any times before that, though it shouldn’t open start any alter than this.

Most McDonald’s breakfast hours finish at the same time, which is 10am. Although in many locations is once was 11am and there are been rumours that they may begin to serve McDonalds breakfast foods throughout the day! While it has yet to be confirmed, you will have to stick by the current hours which tend to be 5am to 10am. This still give plenty of time for people who are starting their days early and just cannot be bothered making their own breakfast, or happen to pass by a McDonalds and get a craving for something tasty.

McDonalds Lobby Hours

McDonalds lobby hours all depend on what type of restaurant you are near. Standalone stores tend to have the longest hours of operation, with most serving from 6am until 10pm. Again, this can all change depending on where it is situated, with venues in malls possibly closing earlier at around 8pm or 9pm, though most still begin service at 5am or 6am.

What day it is can also effect hours of operation for McDonalds, with many restaurants in busy city centres and metropolitan areas often open as late as 12am. A vernal rule of thumb for most stores is times between 6am and 10pm, though expect the possibility of these to change by the odd hour or so depending on your location.

McDonalds Drive-Thru Hours

The McDonalds drive-thru have fast become one of their most popular methods of buying food, with many now operation on a 24 hour basis. Some save the 24 hour drive-thru times for weekends only, with Thursday s to Sundays often 24 hours. Midweek nights tend to close earlier, form anytime between 12am to 3am depending on location. Always be sure to check your local restaurant just to be on the safe side, though most McDonald’s drive-thru hours run for far longer than their lobby hours.