Panera Bread offers a blend of bakery and café style foods served through their fast casual restaurants. Aiming to provide not only healthy and nutritional alternates, but foods that are not lacking in flavor has made them one of the go to locations for anyone looking to eat out but still enjoy healthy food.


Panera Bread Breakfast Hours

Just because you don’t have time to make any breakfast in the morning so need to buy something to go, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice eating well. Not many places offer quite the selection of tasty and healthy breakfast foods quite like Panera Bread. Luckily for customers, Panera breakfast hours offer plenty of time to get down and enjoy something delicious to get you going for the day.

There are plenty of reasons to want to eat out for breakfast, and Panera breakfast hours understands the need to eat something well in the morning, which is why they serve their breakfasts so early. 6am provides ample time for even the earliest of risers to take advantage of some food to go that doesn’t take up half of your calorie intake for a day.

Whether you are heading off to classes for the day and want something that will give you plenty of energy, going for the likes of oatmeal or fruit cups that are served at Panera Breads is always a great idea. Plenty of us need to get up bright and early for work, where sometimes getting breakfast prepared is sacrificed in the name of a few more moments in bed. Stopping by Panera Breads for a healthy breakfast sandwich or bagel can be ideal for those living a hectic life on the go.

That doesn’t mean people won’t want to stop by Panera Bread with nothing planned for their days, sometimes you just get a craving for one of their amazing pastries or cakes and nice cup of coffee to start your day off on a high not. Panera Bread’s breakfast hours run until 10.30am from Mondays to Fridays, meaning there is plenty of time for everyone to get some tasty and healthy breakfast down their necks.

Saturdays Panera Bread breakfast hours even runs for an hour later in the day, stopping at 11am, meaning even more time to get your favorite breakfast treats. Sundays feature a slightly later starting time for Panera Breads breakfast hours, starting at 7am, though they also run until 11am much like a Saturday would.

What’s On the Panera Bread Breakfast Menu?

The Panera Bread breakfast menu is teeming with healthy foods that don’t skimp out on the flavor. Although anyone with a sweet tooth can find plenty worth enjoying too in the baked goods ranges also found on the Panera Bread breakfast menu.

Nowhere offers quite the high quality breakfast range like Panera Bread. Breakfast sandwiches and bagels are popular items that allow you to enjoy breakfast in style. There are various breads, as well as a great selection of toppings all available, such as sausage, egg and cheese – or all three!

You can get some egg soufflés if that takes your fancy or something simpler such as oatmeal – although you can get amazing nuts and fruit selections to really help it jump with flavour! Failing that you can always enjoy a muffin, cookie or pastry from the baked goods section of the menu if you just want something a little sweeter!

Panera Bread Hours

Panera Bread hours are pretty standard. Opening times begin at 6 am from Mondays through to Saturdays, with Sunday being the expectation, opening at 7am. Closing at 10pm for the entire week, Panera Bread Hours means you can still get a fix of some healthy soups and sandwiches late into the night, along with their trademark breads and baked goods.