Steak ‘n Shake are a chain of restaurants that bring a universal service to customers – including drive-thru, sit-in and front-window services all available. This just means that customers can get their food in the most hassle free manner that suits them. Steak ‘n Shake are known for their sumptuous steak burger and hand dipped milkshakes to die for. Although they do serve a great variety of other foods, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have a look at the tables below to get a great idea about extensive Steak and Shake Breakfast Hours.


Steak and Shake breakfast hours are one of the best in the entire industry, with your favorite breakfast foods served from as late (or early) as midnight! This can be thanked to their 24 hour service, where you can get whatever food you want at the most suitable time of the day for you. So it could be midnight and you have a craving for a bagel sandwich with eggs and sausage, or early in the day and you want a hearty, filling breakfast meal such as all you can eat pancakes – it’s all about serving you when you want it most.

These Steak and Shake breakfast hours are perfect for anyone who might up early for work and doesn’t have the time or energy to make something delicious. Even those working late night shifts who won’t get off until after midnight can enjoy something tasty and warm, as the breakfast menu is served from 12am until 11am the following morning.  So while it stops being served before lunch, you still have plenty of time to make up for it later – 11 hours to be precise!

What is great about Steak n’ Shake is that you don’t need to sit in to grab your breakfast. While this is amazing for anyone who happens by a restaurant in the early hours of the morning, you can get some biscuits and gravy to go or some delicious breakfast tacos.

Those on a mad dash to work or facing a long commute can appreciate the drive-thru services available during the Steak ‘n Shake breakfast hours. You can get something lush like the home-style breakfast to give you’re the energy you need to see you through to lunch and beyond!

Although should you have the time to spare, sitting in will be more than worth it should you make it there during the Steak n’ Shake breakfast hours, which shouldn’t been to hard considering how long they are! But with so many amazing meals begging to be tried and some of the friendliest service you can imagine, visiting is the restaurant to sit down is a guaranteed good time! Tuck into a Californian Skillet with scrambled eggs, sausage or chicken, cheese and avocado for a really impressive breakfast! Fruit and yogurt or pancakes topped with blueberry’s are ideal for anyone who fancies something on the sweeter side – the options are limitless.

Steak and Shake Lobby and Drive Thru

Steak and Shakes hours are all about convenience, and nothing gets more convenient than being opened 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Combine this with the ridiculously long Steak ’n Shake breakfast hours and all of your breakfast needs are met!

That’s not to say you can’t take advantage of some of the amazing foods being served later in the day. Steak sandwiches are a must for meat lovers, and with so many divine flavours of milkshake begging to be ordered, you can be sure any time you visit Steak n’ Shake is going to be more than enjoyable!