Tim Hortons is a chain of fast casual dining restaurants that were originally founded in Canada where they remain one of the country’s largest restaurant chains. They have since expanded south of the border to the United States, where hundreds of restaurants can now be found although they still have the largest presence in Canada. In terms of food service, Tim Hortons breakfast menu is perhaps the restaurants most popular choices for customers, particularly their fresh coffee, pastries and baked goods such as doughnuts.  The table below will act as a great guide in knowing Tim Hortons Breakfast Hours.


The great thing about Tim Hortons breakfast hours is how long they run throughout the day. Not many restaurants specialise in breakfast goods, while many may offer them for select points of the day, Tim Hortons breakfast hours run later than most. This means you can get your favourite breakfast treats here without worrying about getting there in time to take advantage of the breakfast menu before it is no longer available.  That’s not to say that early risers are at a loss either, because the hours are great for anyone who is out and about at the crack of dawn, and looking for something nice and tasty to eat.

This is why Tim Hortons breakfast hours are great for everyone, as you can get some delicious breakfast foods whenever you have a craving for them! Many people need to get up at incredibly early hours of the day for various reasons. Work is a common one, with lots of people needed a few hours to make sure they can get to work in time, long commutes, traffic jam or just early starting jobs can mean an early rise. This doesn’t mean you should have to go without food or a piping hot coffee just because of the time, and Tim Hortons breakfast hours recognize this, with opening times starting at 5am.

Mornings have never been so enjoyable, with the likes of hot breakfast sandwiches, flatbreads, Panini’s and bagels all perfect meals to get your day going. Tim Hortons most well know breakfast item is perhaps their trademark coffee which is one of their most popular items on the menu. Even if it is something as simple as grabbing a coffee and a doughnut on your way to work, Tim Hortons breakfast hours are here to help the start of your day that bit easier.

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of Tim Hortons breakfast hours is the fat they run until 5pm. That means their breakfast times can technically double up as lunch or an early dinner for anyone who fancies something a little different. Waking and craving a coffee and hash brown after 12pm won’t be a problem with Tim Hortons breakfast hours, because they well into lunchtime! It should be noted that some locations will not serve oatmeal and has browns past 12pm , they are few and far between, but just in case you are getting your hopes up for this, always be sure to double check before you head out – a quick phone call to your local restaurant or checking their website should do the trick.

 Lobby Hours

Thanks to the popularity of the Tim Hortons breakfast menu, the opening hours are pretty early, beginning at 5am. While the breakfast food stops at 5pm that doesn’t mean you can still get a bite to eat, with plenty of popular soups and sandwiches always ready to fill a hole. Their popular hot beverages are also available until closing time, along with baked goods and ice cream, making the 11pm closing time even better, as it allows plenty of opportunity to get your favourite foods throughout the day.

These hours are consistent throughout the week, with each day running from 5am till 11pm. Drive-thru hours at Tim Hortons follow the same as the lobby hours for the restaurant too.