Hometown Buffet is a chain of buffet themed restaurants that come under the Ovation brand that includes other popular buffet restaurant chains such as Old Town Buffet and Country Buffet. Serving a plethora of amazing foods that are limitless in portion size thanks to the buffet theme of restaurants, Hometown Buffet is the perfect location for groups of friends or families who want to enjoy a hearty meal in an establishment that serves such a rich variety of different foods that there truly is something for everyone.

FRIDAY11 AM - 9:30 PM
SATURDAY 8:00 AM - 9:30 PM
SUNDAY8:00 AM - 8:30 PM

As to be expected with buffet service for breakfast, Hometown Buffet’s breakfast hours are only available during the weekends. This makes perfect sense, as a buffet meal is something you want to take the time to enjoy, and during the week, most are working or at school, leaving a small amount of people who can actually spare the few hours needed to really take advantage of so much food choices for your breakfast. A fair amount of people prefer a quick breakfast on the go for those early morning weekdays, which is why the Hometown Buffet breakfast hours are saved just for the weekend.

The weekend is a far better time to make the most of the breakfast buffet selections available. As a family friendly restaurant there is no better way to treat the kids and yourself to a day off from getting food made in the morning, especially after a hectic week. Maybe you just feel like a little indulgence, and considering the wide variety of delicious breakfast favourites being served during Hometown Buffet’s breakfast hours, there is no better way to spoil yourself than a massive breakfast on the weekend!

Available on Saturdays and Sundays, the Hometown Buffet breakfast hours begin at 8am and are available until 11am. So whether you are up early with the kids or wake up and the ridge is empty, heading down to Hometown Buffet for a breakfast couldn’t be easier with a good few hours to enjoy all of their breakfast offerings.

Speaking of their breakfast, what exactly can you expect from a breakfast buffet? A fair amount would be the best the answer! As anyone knows, your breakfast is only limited by your imagination, so there are plenty of different types of food both hot and cold that can be enjoyed. Have a sweet tooth? Pancakes, waffles and a great amount of pastries and baked goods can give you that fix you have been craving – it is the weekend after all!

In saying that, why limit yourself to one thing off the menu? It is a buffet in fairness! Sausages, bacon hash browns are just a few of the great foods to be found. You can get plenty of eggs to go with your bacon – why not throw in pancake for good measure for a really decadent breakfast treat? Failing that, omelettes, cereals and fruit can all be devoured at your will!

Plenty of drinks are also available during the Hometown Buffet breakfast hours, so why not get a good few cups of coffee or tea down you wash down your breakfast? The kids can enjoy a healthy glass of milk, or there are plenty of juices on offer too. Everything you could possible need for a hearty breakfast can be found at Hometown Buffet.

Hometown Buffet Hours of Operation

Nothing is handier than knowing the Hometown Buffet hours of operation, just in case you miss your breakfast and feel like a massive lunch to compensate with. Obviously due to the lack of breakfast during weekdays, Hometown Buffets hours differ from the weekend.

Service starts at 11am, Mondays to Fridays, where you can enjoy lunch foods being served from this time. Sundays to Thursdays shut at 8.30pm, with dinner available until these times. Fridays and Saturdays are opened slightly later until 9.30pm. The weekends also feature 8am openings to accommodate the Hometown Buffet breakfast hours.