Sonics are a chain of fast food restaurants that pay homage to vintage drive-in diners. With the likes of carhops decorated the walls and staff serving your favorite American cuisine on roller boots, it provides a n unique experience that continues to be loved by the public – as evidenced by the 3 million customers served each and every day! You can enjoy some amazing food a Sonics, with classic such as burgers, hot dogs and fried chicken all staples from the menu. Sonic breakfast menu is also very popular, serving plenty of breakfast treats from burritos to French toast.


We all get a craving for breakfast food, sometimes well after breakfast has passed. Some of us don’t even get to see the earlier hours of the day for various reasons, so often skip breakfast all together! That doesn’t mean there isn’t a craving for some eggs, bacon and sausage washed down with a cup of coffee during lunch time or even late at night  – we all experienced cravings at the strangest of times after all!

This is why Sonic breakfast hours are so great – they last all day long! Fancy a breakfast burrito for dinner? No problem with Sonic breakfast hours. Why can’t we enjoy the famed CroisSONIC breakfast sandwich after the sun has went down? Well Sonic breakfast hours allow precisely that to happen! There are plenty of great snacks and treats that are traditionally breakfast food, but not at Sonics as breakfast lasts all day every day! Sonic hours at the weekend means you could enjoy a Breakfast Toaster at midnight, it’s a great feature that not enough restaurants are doing!

With Sonic breakfast hours setting the standard all should follow, it just begs the question, what time to they start serving at!? Granted some people will still need to get up early for work or school and fancy something tasty to get them through until lunch. Popping by your nearest Sonics will likely be too tempting to turn down, and since the Sonic breakfast hours being at 6am, even the earliest of risers should find enough time to get an order in before your day kicks off. These Sonic hours for opening remain the same for the entire week.

Sonic hours are pretty long too, with each restaurant closing at 12am Sundays to Thursdays, with Fridays and Saturdays enjoying a later closing time of 1am. That plenty of time to get some breakfast food down your neck no matter the time! Of course plenty of other food is served throughout the day too, so you can enjoy a burger and fires or a hot dog if that’s your pleasure – the choice is all yours!

Some of Sonic hours do differ ever so slightly from location to location. While Opening hours tend to be pretty early in most cases, the odd Sonic breakfast hours won’t start until the restaurant opens, with some doing so at 7am or 8am and even in some locations at 9am. Anyone looking for something early in the day should keep this in mind and check in advance, as there would be nothing more disappointed than getting down and realising the place isn’t even opened!

On the flip side, closing times can change too. Most tend to be at 12am and 1am for weekends, although some locations may be a bit earlier than that. With closing times sometimes at 11pm or even as early as 10pm, there is the chance you could miss out if you are too late. Downtown and busier location will usually be the later opening stores, although some of the early closing Sonics will extend hours during the summer.  It never hurts to call your local Sonics to double check, failing that visit their website for info there.