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Cinema Concessions

3 Gallon Party Popcorn Bag$14.95
Delicious, fresh and perfectly salted, your favorite movie theatre treat in a 3 Gallon bulk popcorn bag. Comes with butter and popcorn salt!
Van Holten Pickle in a Pouch$2.05
Jumbo Dill Pickle
Cheetos Popcorn$7.95
Bringing the dangerously cheesy nature and mischievous playfulness of Cheetos to our fresh movie theatre popcorn.
Dippin Dots Banana Split$4.70
Dippin Dots Chocolate$4.80


Water Bottle - 32 oz$2.95
Monster Energy Drink$2.95
Vitamin Water$3.05

Theatre Candy

Sour Patch Kids$3.95
M&M Peanut$4.05
Airheads Extreme$3.95
Reeses Pieces$3.95
M&M Plain$4.05
Milk Duds$3.95
Kit Kat Bars$4.05
Welch's Fruit Snacks$3.95
Snickers Grab N Go$4.05
Rice Krispy Treats Cookies n Cream$3.95
Junior Mints$4.05
Tuxedo Chocolate Almonds$3.95