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Organic Yogurt$7.05
with fresh fruit and nutty granola
Steel Cut Oatmeal (Seasonal)$7.30
with warm apple compote
Egg In A Hole$7.95
with homemade english muffin bread and roasted potatoes
Oliverâ??s Over Easy$8.55
with nueskes bacon, roasted potatoes and seven grain toast
served with roasted potatoes onions and seven grain toast
plain scramble
scramble with roasted sweet peppers
Periwinkle Pancake$8.30
fridays and saturdays only. oven baked pancake served with orange vanilla bean syrup, bacon and fresh fruit

Breakfast Sides

Extra Egg$1.30
Seared Nueskes Ham, Or Bacon$3.05
Roasted Potatoes$2.45
Fresh Fruit$4.20
Toast, Seven Grain Or English Muffin Bread$2.05


Soup Of The Day$3.45
seasonal selection
served with a side salad
Chicken Pot Pie (Seasonal)$10.05
served with a side salad
Vegetable Tart$8.70
assorted seasonal veggies, kalamata olives and a touch of cheese. served warm with a side salad.
Wild Mushroom Cake$6.95
sauteed with carrot daikon slaw and asian dressing


Mediterranean Tuna (Ciabatta Or Seven Grain Roll)$8.45
with lemon, olive oil and kalamata olives
Warm Roasted Vegetables (Ciabatta Or Seven Grain Roll)$8.80
with fresh mozzarella and pesto
Grilled Chicken Club (On Kaiser Roll)$9.20
bacon, roasted tomato, crispy onions, lettuce and russian dressing
Hot Brisket$9.95
served on a homemade kaiser roll
BLT Focaccia$8.45
crispy mixed greens, bacon, roasted tomato, caramelized red onion, blue cheese, & buttermilk dressing


Mixed Greens$5.95
with celery, apple, blue cheese, drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette
Nicoise Salad$9.55
with fresh salmon cake
Curry Chicken$8.45
on crunchy greens topped with candied fennel

Sunday Brunch

seasonal selection
Organic Yogurt$6.95
with fresh fruit and homemade granola
Steel Cut Oatmeal (Seasonal)$7.30
topped with warm apple compote
Egg In A Hole$8.45
with homemade english muffin bread and roasted potatoes
Creamed Wild Mushrooms$9.55
and poached eggs on toast with roasted potatoes and bacon
Plain Scramble$7.05
served with roasted potatoes and seven grain toast
Roasted Asparagus And Goat Cheese Scramble$9.05
served with roasted potatoes and seven grain toast
Baked French Toast$8.45
with orange vanilla bean syrup and fruit
Smoked Trout Foccacia$9.80
herbed cream cheese, roasted red onions, tomatoes and mixed greens
Fresh Salmon Or Mushroom Cakes$9.95
on mixed greens with lemon aioli
Vegetable Tart$8.80
assorted seasonal vegetables, kalamata olives, touch of cheese. served warm with a side salad.
served with seared neuskes honey ham


english muffin bread or seven grain
Nueskes Seared Ham Or Bacon$1.95
Roasted Potatoes$1.80
Fresh Fruit Bowl$4.30


Scrambled Egg$5.95
with fruit and toast
with fruit


Coffee, Regular And Decaf$2.55
with free in house refills
Milk, Whole Or Skim$2.05
Chocolate Milk$2.45
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice$2.45
Martinelli's Apple Juice And LaCroix Water$1.70
Izze Juice, Boylans Soda And Honest Teas$2.20
Hot Or Ice Tea$1.70
various flavors available
Espresso Drinks
cappuccino, mocha, espresso shot, etc.

Retro Favorites

The Airstream
our ""homemade twinkie"". white cake piped full of marshmallow buttercream.
The R.V.
the airstream coated with a raspberry glaze and rolled in coconut.
The Igloo
devil's food cake dome with cream filling and spiral coated in homemade marshmallow.
Whoopie Pie
chocolate cake cookies sandwiched with marshmallow buttercream and dipped in dark chocolate.
homemade graham cracker and marshmallow dipped in chocolate.
Boston Cream Cupcake
white cake with a vanilla bean custard filling and dipped in dark chocolate glaze.
Thin Mints
our version of the girl scout classic. chocolate mint crisp, with a squiggle of mint ganache and coated in chocolate.

Always Available In Our Case

Chocolate Or Yellow Cake$29.95
with multi colored old fashioned buttercream frosting
Red Velvet$29.95
with cream cheese frosting

Specialty Favorites $40

Mexican Hot Chocolate, Cinnamon Icing Dipped In Spicy Chocolate
Banana Peanut Butter
German Chocolate
Maple Spice
Sour Cherry Crisp

Option #1 $50

12 Cupcakes
chocolate or vanilla
4 Icing Colors
green, blue, white, pink, yellow, orange, brown
Assorted Sprinkles
1 set of fondant cutouts (flowers, polka dots, stars)

Option #2 $95

24 Cupcakes
chocolate or vanilla
4 Icing Colors
green, blue, white, pink, yellow, orange, brown
Assorted Sprinkles
1 set of fondant cutouts (flowers, polka dots, stars)

Bakery Items

dense coconut macaroon with almonds throughout, dipped in chocolate.
Sour Cherry Macaroon
dense coconut macaroon with sour cherries throughout, dipped in chocolate.
rich cream cheese dough rolled with apricots, raisins and walnuts.
Carrot Cake Club
simple carrot cake with a touch of ginger. orange cream cheese filling, and a marzipan olive to top it off.
Drunken Fig Bar
a grown up fig newton.
Lemon Bars
tangy and rich!
dense and fudgy, with or without walnuts.
the perfect little snack, a rum ball.
Mud Pie
a flourless chocolate cupcake!
Cake Balz
cake rolled into little grab n' go treats. comes in a variety of flavors and coatings.

Bakery Items - Seasonal Items

Bread Pudding
Rice Pudding
Chocolate Pudding
Fresh Fruit Pies And Tarts
Pecan Tarts
Apple Bread

Commuters' Specials

Commuter Sandwiches
prosciutto, brie and fig jam on our housemade ciabatta smoked trout, herbed cream cheese, roasted tomato and red onion
Muffin Of The Day
sour cherry, blueberry, pear ginger, cornmeal raspberry, cinnamon apple, banana, lemon or orange poppyseed and many more!
Scone Of The Day
lemon ginger, cornmeal cranberry or blueberry, apricot, whole wheat apple, peach, cherry almond, mixed fruit, cornmeal bacon cheddar and more!
sweet chocolate, almond, cinnamon carmel pecan, savory asparagus & goat cheese, ham & egg
Frittata Of The Day
mushroom, asparagus, ham & cheese, vegetable, sweet pepper and more!

Everyday Cakes

with orange-ginger buttercream
with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate or white buttercream
with espresso buttercream and chocolate drip
with caramel buttercream filling and white buttercream icing
with lemon curd and spiky meringue