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Ice Tea$1.24
Fruit Juice$0.95


Beef Suya$5.04
Seasoned beef steaks. Order of 5.
Chicken Suya$5.95
African steak. Seasoned chicken steaks. Order of 5.
Moinmoin Wrap$1.45
Bean omelet with hard boiled egg and corned beef.
5 Pieces Akara$2.55
Blended and fried black eyed peas.
Scotch Egg$2.45
Hard boiled egg wrapped in ground beef covered with breadcrumbs and deep fried.
Meat Pie$2.45
Seasoned ground beef, potatoes and carrots, wrapped in a savory pie crust.


Efo Riro Soup$14.95
Simmered spinach in a rich tomato sauce.
Efo Egusi Soup$14.85
Tasty broth of ground melon with assorted meats.
Okra Garnish Soup$14.94
Ogbono Soup$14.85
Crushed seed of African mango cooked with assorted meats.
Pepper Soup$9.94


Fufu Swallows$15.04
Potato flour.
Eba Swallows$14.94
Cassava flour.
Amala Swallows$14.94
Yam flour.
Semolina Swallows$14.94
Ground maize.
Oatmeal Swallows$14.94
Ground oatmeal.
Wheat Swallows$14.94
Ground whole wheat.
Banku Swallows$14.94
Mashed rice.

Main Dishes

Fried Beef$11.94
Fried Chicken$9.94
Fried Fish$9.94
Fried Goat$14.85
Jerk Chicken$10.04
Stewed Beef$11.84
Stewed Chicken$11.84
Stewed Fish$11.84

Kids Meal

Chicken Nuggets and Fries Kids$4.94


6 Pieces Puff Puff$1.95
Sweet fried flour dough.
6 Pieces Buns$2.05
Deep fried flour with eggs and sugar.
Flour with butter, eggs and sugar, cut and fried.