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Apple & Bacon$12.58
avocado, kale, quinoa mix, dried cranberry, pepitas, red wine vinaigrette
Avocado & Lime$12.60
black bean & corn salsa, sautéed veggies, kale, quinoa, tomato, cilantro, chipotle purée, chipotle vinaigrette
Butternut Carbonara Bowl$11.05
spinach, peas, egg, mushrooms, parmesan, roasted coconut, creamy miso sauce
Mediterranean Chicken Bowl$13.28
feta, tomato, cucumber, radish, romaine, super grains, hummus, za'atar, red wine
Spaghetti and "Meatballs"$12.70
zucchini noodles, eggplant meatballs, kale, Parmesan, tomato, marinara
Sunnyside Harvest$12.60
sunnyside egg, brussels sprouts, super grains, squash, kale, crunchy chickpeas, red wine vinaigrette


Chicken Caesar$10.30
Chicken, romaine, Parmesan, homemade croutons and lemon-Caesar vinaigrette.
Harvest Kale$10.98
brussels sprouts, squash, cheddar, beets, chickpeas, pepitas, balsamic vinaigrette
Southwest Chicken Salad$12.13
avocado, tomato, black bean & corn salsa, mixed greens, toasted corn, chipotle
Thai Noodle$10.88
tofu, zucchini noodles, spicy slaw, romaine, pecans, cilantro, spicy coconut dressing (Vegan & GF)

Sides Salads

Side Caesar Salad$6.85
Romaine, homemade croutons, Parmesan and lemon-Caesar vinaigrette.
Side Harvest Kale Salad$6.85
Kale, Brussels sprouts, cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds, beets, garbanzos and sherry vinaigrette.


All-natural beef, guacamole, spicy slaw, tomato, chipotle puree.
Mushroom & Swiss$9.15
All-natural beef, sauteed mushrooms, gruyere, caramelized onions, mayo.
Power Play Sandwich$10.30
NH slab bacon, sharp Cheddar, avocado, local egg.
The Classic$8.00
All-natural beef, lettuce, tomato, red onion, relish, secret sauce
Beef burger, cheddar, lettuce, tomato.

Flexitarian Burgers

Vegetarian. Chickpea burger, whipped feta, spicy cucumbers, lettuce, tomato.
Jalapeño & Cheddar$9.65
Vegetarian. Poblano quinoa burger, cheddar, jalapeño-corn salsa, lettuce, cilantro, chipotle purée.
Sweet Heat$9.15
Vegetarian, vegan. Beet pineapple burger, caramelized onions, kale, spicy slaw, beet hummus.
Turkey Medley$10.85
Turkey mushroom burger, gruyère, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, chipotle aioli.

Chicken Sandwiches

BBQ Chicken$8.05
gruyere, spicy slaw, bbq sauce
Bomba Chicken$8.05
caramelized onions, parmesan, butternut squash, bomba sauce
Chicken Avocado$8.00
lettuce, tomato, dijon
Chipotle Chicken$9.05
cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, chipotle aioli
Chicken Club$9.05
cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo


Avocado Toast$3.50
Toasted multigrain bread, avocado, za'atar seasoning, olive oil and salt.
Eggplant Meatballs (4 pieces)$4.65
Real Fries$4.08
Hand-cut & oven-finished.
Roasted Squash Soup$5.45
a creamy blend of winter squash
Sweet Potato Fries$3.98
Hand-cut & oven-finished.

Kids Menu

Kids Cheeseburger$8.05
Kids Grilled Cheese$6.55
Cheddar cheese, country bread
Kids Hot Dog$6.95
All-natural and local hot
Kids Sandwich$6.95
Choice of: beef, chicken, veggie or turkey


Acai Berry$8.00
Acai, blueberries, banana, almond milk, pineapple, chia, lemon.
Cocoa Crave$8.00
dark chocolate, honey, banana, coconut milk
Kale Crush$8.00
Kale, apple, pineapple, banana, pineapple juice.
Mocha Protein Smoothie$9.15
Almond butter, dates, chia, hemp, pumpkin seeds, oats, cocoa powder, skim milk, coffee (20g natural protein).
Strawberries, bananas, honey, yogurt, lemon


Fountain Drinks$2.55


Chocolate Shake$7.43
Vanilla Shake$7.43

Kids Smoothies + Shakes

Kids Chocolate Shake$3.40
Kids Kale Crush$3.50
Kids Vanilla Shake$3.50