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Appetizers & Salad

Cha Gio$3.94
Vietnamese egg-roll simply irresistible.
Goi Tom Sate$13.04
Shrimp, watercress, tomato, onion, vinaigrette.
Goi Cuon Tom$4.04
Spring roll shrimp vermicelli and vegetables.
Thit Nuong Cuon$4.04
Spring roll pork vermicelli and vegetables.
Goi Bach Tuoc Sate$12.94
Octopus, watercress, tomato, onion, vinaigrette.
Goi do Bien Sate$12.94
Seafood, watercress, tomato, onion, vinaigrette.

Noodle Soup

Mi Suon Non$8.04
Pork rib egg noodle (dry-in broth).
Hu Tieu Suon Non$8.04
Pork rib rice noodle (dry-in broth).
Hu Tieu Ga$8.04
Chicken rice noodle (dry-in broth).
Hu Tieu Bo Vien$8.04
Meat ball rice noodle (dry-in broth).
Mi Ga$8.04
Chicken egg noodle (dry-in broth).

Banh Canh

Banh Canh do Bien dac Biet$12.04
Udon noodle soup with octopus, artic clam, jumbo shrimpand shrimp ball.

Rice Platters & Fried Rice

Chim Cut Quay, Tom Nuong, Ga Nuong$12.94
Roasted quail, grilled shrimp and char-grilled chicken.
Com Suon Bo Nuong Xa$12.94
Grilled lemon grass beef short rib with fried rice.
Com Suon Non Nuong, Tom Nuong, Ga Nuong$12.94
Grilled baby back rib, grilled shrimp and char-grilled chicken.
Com Suon Nuong$7.80
Grill pork chop with steamed rice.
Com Ga Nuong$7.04
Grilled chicken with steamed rice.
Com Thit Nuong$6.94
Grilled pork with steamed rice.
Com Suon Non Nuong$8.04
Grilled spare rib with steamed rice.
Com Tom Nuong$12.94
Grilled jumbo shrimp with fried rice.
Com Chim Cut Quay$10.04
Roasted quail with fried rice.

Beverages & Dessert

Nuoc Dua$2.94
Coconut juice.
Rau Ma dau Xanh$4.94
Pennyworth leaf drink with mung bean.
Banh Flan$2.70
Flan cake.