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Pork Chop Sandwich

Pork Chop Sandwich$2.24

Pork Chop Plate?

2 Pork Chops$5.60
2 Vegetables$5.70
Rolls Or Our Signature Hush Puppies$5.60

Barbeque Pork?

Small Bbq Sandwich$3.04
Large BBQ Sandwich$3.94
Small Bbq Plate$5.94
Large BBQ Plate$6.55
Small Combination Plate$6.70
BBQ and chicken.
Large Combination Plate$7.20
BBQ an chicken.
Family Pack of Bbq$11.05
1 Pound of BBQ$7.54
BBQ By the Ounce$0.70

Fried Chicken?

Dark Plate$5.30
2 Pieces.
White Plate$5.85
2 Pieces.
4 Pieces. Halt try.
Dark Snack Pack$3.55
White Snack Pack$4.55
Wing Pack$3.00
Tub of Chicken$9.00
Tub and Trimmings$11.70

Chicken by The Piece?

Chicken Breast$3.15
Chicken Thigh$2.55
Chicken Wing$1.85
Chicken Leg$1.75

Side Orders?

Cole Slaw$1.20
Potato Salad$1.20
Baked Beans$1.30


BBQ Hut, Iced Tea$1.24
French Fries$1.60

?Coke Products?

Diet Coke$1.45
Dr Pepper$1.55
Sprite Lemonade$1.55
Fruit Punch$1.45


Strawberry Shortcake$2.20
Banana Pudding$1.30
Homemade Coconut Pie$1.90
Homemade Chocolate Pie$2.00
Whole Homemade Pies$8.05