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Breakfast, Eggs & Such

Steak & Eggs$33.05
10 Ounces NY steak, grilled onion, chimichurri, sunny side eggs.
Avocado Tostada$9.95
Egg, harissa salsa, radish, feta.
Breakfast Sando$18.05
Tavern ham or sausage, egg omelet, American cheese, aioli, tots.
Aged cheddar, fontina, Gouda, chives, baby field greens, tomato.
Chili con Carne$14.95
Scrambled eggs, avocado, salsa fresca, crema, feta cheese.
Corned Beef Hash$16.95
Skillet fried with shredded potatoes, poached eggs, pico, cheddar.
Granola French Toast$16.95
Whipped ricotta, goji berries, honeyand almonds.
Bagel & Lox$14.05
Plain bagel, cream cheese, tomato, shaved red onion, capers, pickles.
Classic Benedict$14.95
English muffin, bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise.
2 Eggs Your Way$15.95
Bacon, country toast, butter, jam.
Soft eggs, stewed tomatoes and peppers, lebna, flat bread, dukkah.
Breakfast Burrito$14.05
Skirt steak, egg, cheese, tomato, onion, salsa negra.


Milk Rolls$7.05
Wildflower honey, citrus conserva.
Onion Soup Gratinee$11.95
Beef broth, cave-aged Gruyere, beef cheek marmalade toast.


Salt Roasted Red Beet$14.95
Watercress, farro verde, raisin, pistachio goat cheese, rye crisp.
Simple Salad$13.05
Heirloom tomatoes, avocado, radish, red onion, cucumber, citrus vin.
Butter Lettuce$17.05
Point reyes blue cheese, avocado, heirloom tomato, creamy tarragon dressing.
Chopped Salad$18.05
Hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, salami, olives, peperoncino, ricotta salata, oregano vin.
Caesar Salad$13.95
Grilled artichoke, crouton, anchovy, grana padano.


Turkey Avocado Club$14.95
Roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, dijonnaise.
Veggie Wrap$12.95
Hummus, sauteed vegetables, caramelized onion, tomato, cucumber, mint.
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, sourdough.
French Dip$14.05
Au jus, horseradish cream, Gruyere.
Corned beef, kraut, Gruyere cheese, grilled onion, Russian dressing on rye.
Tuna Melt$13.95
Olive oil and rosemary poached tuna, tomato, havarti, micro greens, pickles.
Dry age blend, pickles, tomato, grilled onion, lettuce, American cheese and sauce on milk bun.
Ham, slab bacon, pickles, mustard, mayo, soft roll.

Charcuterie & Fromage

Platter of Smoked & Cured Fish & Shellfish$32.95
Pickles, spread, crackers and vegetable crudite.
Daily Selection of Artisan Cured Meats & Cheeses$38.05
Seasonal jams, nuts, dried fruits, crusty breads.

Raw Bar

Chilled 1/2 Lobster$40.95
Split and dressed.
Osetra Caviar (1/2 oz.)$40.05
Traditional accompaniments.
Colossal Shrimp (6 Each)$28.05
Gin cocktail sauce.
Alaskan King Crab Leg$44.95
Hot mustard, condiments.
'BG' Ceviche, Albacore, Pico, Lime, Cilantro$17.05


Mignonette, hot sauce, condiments.

Steam Kettles

New England Clam Chowder$15.95
Maine Lobster & Sweet White Corn$24.05
Bacon, chive.
Shellfish Pot$24.95
Scallops, shrimp, mussels, curry flavors.
Manhattan Clam Chowder$16.05
Daily Steamers$17.95
Drawn butter, grilled lemon.
Prawns, scallops, mussels, corn, chili oil, cilantro.
Pan Roast$25.95
Cream, butter, clam juice, chili buttered rice, oyster, shrimp, scallopsand daily market fish.
Lobster, scallop, manila clams, mussels, white fish, tomato.


Lamb Chop 'frites'$37.95
Roasted eggplant puree, ratatouille, persillade.
Wild Salmon$32.95
Grilled artichoke barigoule, capers, shelling beans, spinach cream.
Rotisserie Chicken$26.95
Butchers spice, lebna hummus, fattoush.

Pizza From The Hearth Oven

Oven cured tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, garlic, basil.
Pork belly, bacon, pancetta, soft egg, mozzarella, provolone, black pepper.
Mushroom fontina, taleggio, fried sage.
Roasted garden vegetables, artichoke, crispy chickpeas, provolone.
Burrata Pie$24.05
Provolone, squash blossom, fried rosemary, shaved pistachio, orange oil.
Pepperoni, pancetta, fennel sausage, provolone, smoked mozzarella, Calabrian chilies.


Onion Jus$2.95
Au Poivre$3.05
Blue Cheese Fondue$3.05
Housemade Steak Sauce$2.95
Yuzu Kosho Butter$2.95


Hash Browns, Herbs, Sour Cream$6.95
Smashed Potatoes, Slab Bacon, Roasted Garlic Gravy$11.05
Double Dutch Fries, Herbs, Roasted Garlic Aioli$10.05
Soft Scrambled Eggs, Chives, Sea Salt$8.05
Tots, Aioli, Ketchup$9.05
Breakfast Potatoes, Onions, Peppers, Feta$7.05
Creamed Spinach, Fontina$12.05
Onion Rings, Curry Ketchup, Goddess Dip$9.05
Cavatappi Pasta, Mac & Cheese, Aged Cheddar$12.05