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Cold Brews

Iced Cold Brew$4.95
Coffee Milk Tea$5.05
Sea Salt Caramel$5.05
Cookies & Cream$4.95
Ice blended.

Arnold Palmer

Mango Arnold Palmer$3.90
Strawberry Arnold Palmer$3.90
Raspberry Arnold Palmer$3.90
Peach Arnold Palmer$3.90

Frozen Lemonade

Strawberry Frozen Lemonade$4.20
Peach Frozen Lemonade$4.20
Lychee Frozen Lemonade$4.30
Watermelon Frozen Lemonade$4.20

Fiesta Freeze



Matcha Milk Tea$5.05
Matcha Latte$4.95
Brown Sugar Matcha Latte$5.05
Berry Matcha$5.05

Crepe Cones

Strawberry Bananza$6.55
Strawberry, bananas, Nutella, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and almonds.
Unicorn Crepe Cones$6.55
Strawberry, blueberries, white chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream and fruity pebbles.
Chocolate Lovers$6.45
Cookie chip, chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sliced bananas, and oreos.
Matcha Luv$6.55
Strawberries, blueberries, condensed milk, green tea ice cream, whipped cream, captain crunch.


Berry Nice Puffle$5.95
Strawberry ice cream, strawberries, strawberry syrup drizzle.
Chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup drizzle, graham cracker crumbs, mini marshmallows.
Salty Boy Puffle$5.95
Vanilla ice cream, caramel drizzle, crushed pretzels.
Matcha Crunch Puffle$5.95
Green tea ice cream, condensed milk drizzle, strawberries, blueberries, captain crunch.


Shoe String Spud$3.95
Tater Tot Spud$4.05
Waffle Cut Spud$3.95


House Wings$5.45
Lemon Pepper Wings$5.55
Garlic Parmesan Wings$5.55
BBQ Wings$5.55
Buffalo Wings$5.55
Hawaiian Wings$5.55

Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn Chicken$6.55


Sunset Ave. Tea$3.90
Passion green tea, hibiscus lemonade topped with butterfly pea tea.
Heartbreaker Tea$3.90
Strawberry, lychee green tea with strawberry bits and lychee jelly.
Salty Bae Tea$4.00
Sea-salt, jasmine green tea.
The 44 Tea$4.00
Orange, lemon black and green tea with aloe vera.
Pog Tea$4.00
Passion fruit, orange, guava green tea with honey boba.
Fuzzy Manapples Tea$4.00
Peach, mango, pineapple black tea with mango jelly.
Flower Bomb Tea$4.00
Strawberry, rose green tea with strawberry popping boba.
Suit and Thai Tea$3.90
Half milk tea, half Thai tea with egg pudding.
Hibiskiss Tea$3.90
Strawberry, apple, passion fruit hibiscus tea.
KCP Island Punch$4.00
Tropical mix fruit green tea with rainbow jelly.
The Black Frank white Tea$4.00
White peach black tea with aloe vera.
Thug Passion Tea$4.00
Passion fruit, raspberry, orange green tea with honey boba.


Lychee Slush$4.20
Comes with lychee bits.
Green Apple Watermelon Slush$4.30
Mango Slush$4.20
Peach Slush$4.30
Pineapple Slush$4.30
Strawberry Kiwi Slush$4.20
Passion Fruit Slush$4.30
Raspberry Slush$4.30
Orange Slush$4.20


Strawberry Banana Smoothies$4.30
Peach Smoothies$4.30
Triple Berry Smoothies$4.20
Orange Smoothies$4.30
Grapefruit Smoothies$4.30
Pineapple Smoothies$4.30
Honeydew Smoothies$4.30

Milk Icees

Caramel Milk Icees$4.20
Brown Sugar Milk Icees$4.30
Strawberry Milk Icees$4.30
Chocolate Milk Icees$4.20


Original Lime Moteatos$4.20
Blueberry Moteatos$4.20
Strawberry Moteatos$4.20
Cucumber Lime Moteatos$4.20

Butterfly Lemonades

Original Butterfly Lemonades$4.00
Peach Butterfly Lemonades$3.90
Blueberry Butterfly Lemonades$3.90
Strawberry Butterfly Lemonades$3.90


Milk Tea$3.45
Thai Tea$3.45
Honey Jasmine Green Tea$3.45
Honey Black Tea$3.45

Milk Teas

Taro Milk Tea$4.00
Almond Milk Tea$4.00
Green Milk Tea$4.00
Salted Caramel Milk Tea$3.90

Pick and Mix

Pick and Mix$4.30