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Milk Tea

Non-Dairy Milk Tea$4.15
Non-Dairy Black Milk Tea$4.05
Non-Dairy Green Milk Tea$4.15
Dairy Milk Tea$4.05
Fresh Milk Tea$4.15

Milk Ice

Milk Ice$4.15

Fresh Tea

Fresh Tea$3.40


Black Coffee$4.50
Coffee Mocha$4.40
Coffee Latte$4.50

Fruit Tea

Green Tea Base$4.15
Black Tea Base$4.15

Special Teas

Arnold Fiender$4.15
Boba fiend's version of an arnold palmer with kumquat passion fruit and lychee.
Garden Green Tea$4.25
A tart green tea with pineapple lychee and rose.
A citrusy green tea using green apple lychee and peach.
Jolly Rancher Slush$4.45
A green jolly rancher that you can drink! Green apple lychee and peach.
Matcha Milk Tea$4.15
Matcha milk tea that uses jasmine green tea as base.
Oreo Milk Tea$4.15
Love our milk tea. Try it with oreos.
Oreo Latte$4.15
Need a shot? We added a shot of black coffee to the oreo milk tea.
Sly Slush$4.45
Strawberry lychee and yogurt, this slush may make you crave
Tiger Milk Tea$4.15
Tiger milk tea with taro added to the mix. The top 3 flavors of our shop.


Popcorn Chicken$5.60
Popcorn Shrimp$5.60





Flavored Juice

Flavored Juice$3.95

Flavored Yogurt Juice

Flavored Yogurt Juice$3.95