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Custom Burrito's and Salad's - Mains

Grilled Steak$5.95
Ground Chuck$5.95
Grilled Chicken$5.95
Pork Carnitas$5.95
Chicken Ranchero$5.95
Veggie Only$4.85
Double Meat$1.95

Booya's Extras

Booya's Fish Tacos$3.05
Tilapia fillets grilled with tasty seasonings and herbs, wrapped in a soft flour or low carb whole wheat flour tortillas, add your choice of toppings and sauces (try booya's chipotle tartar sauce!), or try our fried catfish tacos, same price!
Custom Quesadilas with Meat$4.55
Custom Nachos Supremo$4.45
Soft Tacos$2.55


Basket Of Chips and Salsa$2.05
Basket of Chips and Guacamole$3.55
Basket Of Chips and Chili$2.95
con queso (cheese sauce)

Kids Menu

One Soft Tacos$2.95
Chicken Ringers$2.95


Mango Pie$2.70

Booya's Signature Burrito's

Beach Burrito$7.45
delicate shrimp, scallops, and fish sauteed with garlic, veggies and white wine add rice and go for it!
Chile Verde Burrito$6.55
charks of tender braised pork in a savory spicy green chile tomato sauce!
Buffalo Chicken$6.45
a classic hot and spicy buffalo sauce a USA classic with a Mexican twist!


Bottled Drinks / Water$2.05
Fountain Drinks$1.55
(one size fits all-ya-all, big)
Ice Tea$1.45
(one size fits all-ya-all, big)

Drinks - Draft Beers

Dos Equis$2.45
Coors Lite$2.45

Bienvenida Amigos

Step One
choose your tortilla, whole wheat, spinach and herb, tomato basil, herbs and garlic plain
Step Two
choose your man
Step Three
customize your creation with add-in's, sauces and salsas
Step Four
surfs up-enjoy and have fun
Step Five
adios amigos