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Vietnamese Iced Coffee$3.55
Cold Brew Coffee$3.55
Vietnamese Coffee$3.45
Bullet Proof Monk Coffee$3.95


Thai Clam Chowder$3.45
East meets west in a bowl.
Kitchen Sink Gumbo$4.45
Portuguese sausage, spam, chicken, ox tail and tomato.
Smothered Fries$8.05
In choice of sloppy joe or japanese curry. Top it with a fried Egg for $1.50 .


Asian Chopped Vegetable Salad$8.95
Mixed greens, cabbage, red onion, red pepper, carrots, cucumber, tofu, almonds with sesame dressing and choice of chicken or shrimp gluten free, add chicken $2.00, add shrimp $3.00.
Chicken Katsu Cobb Salad$11.95
Crispy chicken katsu, cabbage, iceberg lettuce, bacon, egg, cucumber, garlic croutons with our house dressing.
House Salad$6.05
Mixed greens, carrot, cucumber, garlic croutons with carrot-ginger dressing add tofu $1.00, chicken $2.00, shrimp $3.00.


Pho Dip$9.05
Chinese five spice rubbed top sirloin, pickled bean sprouts, red onion, cilantro, basil and chinese mustard served on a baguette with a pho au jus.
Char Siu Pork Roll$7.95
Marinated pork sirloin, carrot-daikon-jalapeno pickles, asian slaw and hoisin BBQ sauce served on a sweet roll.
Chicken Katsu Club$8.95
Crispy chicken katsu, bacon, shredded lettuce, katsu sauce and tomato on a sweet roll.
Sloppy Joe$8.95
Braised short rib, red curry, kimchee pickles and asian slaw on a sweet roll.
Szechuan Shrimp Po-Boy$8.95
Crispy shrimp, spicy szechuan mayo and shredded lettuce, pickled peppers served on a baguette.
Chicken Salad Sandwich$8.05
Roasted chicken, dried cherries and walnuts with ginger-scallion mayo on on a sweet roll.


Asian Falafel Wrap$8.05
Edamame & chickpea falafel, zucchini, potato, thai cucumber salad, peanut sauce and asian slaw in a wrap.
Buddha's Delight$8.95
Crispy, stir-fried vegetables, cabbage and sesame-ginger sauce in a wrap.


Asian BBQ Flatbread$9.95
Chinese sausage, char sui pork, jalapenos, hoisin BBQ sauce, cilantro and mozzarella cheese.
Ginger-Scallion Flatbread$10.05
Chicken breast, scallions, red onion, cilantro and mozzarella cheese.
Thai Red Curry Flatbread$9.95
Red & green bell pepper, zucchini, kaboucha squash, red onion and mozzarella cheese add chicken $2.00, add shrimp $3.00.
Short Rib Red Curry Flatbread$11.95
Braised short rib, caramelized onions, red bell pepper, scallions and mozzarella cheese
9th Island Pizza$10.05
Portugese sausage, spam, jalapenos, pineapple and mozzarella cheese.


House Made Chips$1.95
Potato tossed in our furikake seasoning, gluten free.
Asian Slaw$2.05
Cabbage, carrot, scallions, soy-ginger dressing.
9th Island Potato Salad$2.95
Spam, roasted garlic, potato and mayo, gluten free.
Small House Salad$3.95
Mixed greens, carrot, cucumber, garlic croutons with carrot- ginger dressing.
Dragon Breath Fries$3.95
Hope you're not on a first date, gluten free.


Thai Iced Tea$3.45
Black Peach Iced Tea$2.45
Hot Tea$2.45