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1. Banh Beo$6.80
Steamed rice cakes with minced shrimp.
2. Banh Nam$6.02
Banana leaf-wrapped, flat rice dumpling with minced shrimp and pork.
3. Banh Bot Loc$6.02
Banana leaf-wrapped, tapioca rice dumplings with shrimp and pork.


4. Mi Quang$8.05
Turmeric flat rice noodles with shrimp, pork, and fish cakes. Soup on the side.
5. Bun Sura$7.95
Rice noodles with shrimp, pork, and fish cakes. Topped with jellyfish. Soup on the side.
6. Banh Canh$8.05
Thick Vietnamese udon noodle soup.
7. Com, Bun Hen$8.05
Rice or thin rice noodles with baby clams and vegetables.

Com and Bun

8. Com Tam Thit Nurong$7.35
Broken rice with lemongrass bbq pork.
9. Com Am Phu$8.45
Rice with minced shrimp, bbq pork, and scrambled eggs.
10. Bun Thit Nurong$7.35
Rice noodles with lemongrass bbq pork.

Bun Bo Hue

11. Bun Bo Hue Dac Biet$6.94
Special combo beef, sausage, blood cubes, and pork hock.
12. Bun Bo Thit$7.04
Beef only.
13. Thit Cha$6.94
Beef and pork sausages.
14. Thit Huyet$7.04
Beef and pork blood cubes.
15. Thit Gio$6.94
Beef and pork hock.
16. Thit Gan$6.94
Beef and tendon.
17. Gan Gio$6.94
Tendon and pork hock.
18. Thit Gan Cha$6.94
Beef, tendon, and pork sausages.
19. Thit Gan Huyet$7.04
Beef, tendon, and pork blood cubes.
20. Thit Gan Gio$7.55
Beef, tendon, and pork hock.
21. Thit Ngau Pin$8.04
Beef and special tendon.
22. Tom Cha$7.94
Shrimp balls and pork sausages.
23. Thit Tom$7.94
Beef and shrimp balls.
24. Bun Bo Hue Biet$7.75
Special combo beef, sausage, blood cubes, and pork leg.
25. Bun Nuroc$6.02
Noodles and soup only.

Mon Phu Them

Chen Thit$5.95
A side order of beef.
Chen Gio$6.05
A side order of pork hock.
Chen Huyet$4.95
A side order of blood cubes.
Chen Gan$5.95
A side order of tendon.
Chen Tom$6.05
A side order of shrimp balls.
Them Thit$1.80
Additional beef.
Them Gio$2.05
Additional pig feet.
Them Huyet$1.45
Additional blood cubes.
Them Gan$1.80
Additional tendon.
Them tom$1.95
Additional shrimp balls.
Them Ngau Pin$1.95
Them Cha$1.10
Additional sausage.
Them Dia Cha$2.10
An additional plate of sausages.
Them Rau$1.05
Additional vegetables.
Them Bap Chuoi$1.55
Additional banana blossom.
Chen Soup$1.20
A side order of soup.
Them Bun$1.15
Extra noodles.


Che Dau Do Noruc Dura$2.55
Sweet red beans with coconut milk.
Che Dau Trang Nuroc Dura$2.45
Sweet white beans with coconut milk.
Che Ba Mau$2.45
Tri-color beans with coconut milk.
Che Hot Sen$2.45
Lotus seeds.
Che Dau Xanh La Dura$2.45
Mung beans with dates and jello.
Che Dau Xanh Danh$2.55
Mung bean pudding with coconut milk.
Che Thai$2.55
Jack fruit, longan, rambutan, and grass jelly with creamer.


Caphe Sura$2.70
French roast coffee with condensed milk.
Caphe Den$2.80
French roast coffee.
Soda Chanh$2.45
Lemonade soda.
Da Chanh$2.55
Soda Xi Muoi$2.55
Salted plum.
Soda Chanh Muoi$2.45
Salted lemonade soda.
Chanh Muoi$2.45
Salted lemonade.
Soda Sura Hot Ga$3.05
Club soda with an egg yolk and condensed milk.
Tra Thai$3.05
Thai tea.
Cam Vat$3.05
Fresh orange juice.
Sura Dau Nanh$2.45
Soybean milk.
Nhan Nhuc$2.55
Longan juice.
Nuroc Dura$2.45
Coconut juice.
NUroc Ngot$1.30
Tra Da$0.80
Unsweetened jasmine iced tea.
Binh Tra$1.45
Hot jasmine teapot.