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Red Snapper Lunch$7.43
Sole Lunch$7.53
Whiting Lunch$7.43
Shrimp Lunch$7.43
Catfish Lunch$7.43
Buffalo Lunch$7.43
Sandab Lunch$7.53
Oysters Lunch$7.53


Red Snapper Dinner$10.03
Sole Dinner$9.93
Whiting Dinner$9.03
Shrimp Dinner$10.23
Scallops Dinner$10.33
Catfish Dinner$10.03
Buffalo Dinner$9.03
Sandab Dinner$9.93
Oyster Dinner$10.23
3 Item Combo Dinner$12.73
2 Item Combo Dinner$10.73
Chicken Wings Dinner$7.53
Includes 1 side order.
CW and Chris Special Dinner$7.54
Breast, wing, leg & thigh. with 2 side orders.

Mixed Pieces Of Chicken

2 Mixed Piece of Chicken$4.50
With 1 side order.
Mixed Piece of Chicken$7.64
With 2 sides.
Hot Buffalo Wings$9.83
Fried Drummettes$9.53

Side Orders

Potato Salad$2.20
Mac Salad$2.20
Hush Puppies$1.30
Tossed Salad$2.30