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Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts$14.00
Fried Brussel sprouts, pickled peppadew peppers, Parmesan, green chile crema
House Bitterballen$12.00
Deep fried meatballs of house-blend beef and pork, carrots, onions, peppers and Gruyere, curry ketchup dipping sauce
Warm Crab Dip$16.00
Old Bay seasoned crab, peppers and cheese dip, crostini, cucumbers, rainbow carrots, mini sweet peppers, radishes
Goat Cheese Bruschetta$14.00
Herb-garlic goat cheese spread, house-made tomato bruschetta, crostini, balsamic glaze, olive oil
Mushroom & Brie Flatbread$12.90
Chive and garlic brie cheese spread, roasted mushrooms, white cheddar, fried garlic, arugula. (Vegetarian)
Traditional Frites$6.90
Includes your choice of 2 dipping sauces. (Vegetarian)
Sweet Potato Frites$8.00
Includes your choice of 2 dipping sauces. (Vegetarian)
Belgian Table Bread$8.90
Pull-apart fresh-baked bread dusted with parmesan, chive butter. (Vegetarian)


Farmhouse Tomato Bisque$4.90
Roasted tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil creme fraiche, parmesan crouton. (Vegetarian)
Creamy Mushroom$5.00
Sherry cream, roasted mushrooms. (Vegetarian)


Roasted Apple$13.00
Oven-roasted apples, sheep's milk feta, toasted hazelnuts, puffed rice, dandelion leaves, red leaf lettuce, cider vinaigrette
Organic mixed greens, tomatoes, candied walnuts, red onions, bleu cheese, balsamic vinaigrette. (Vegetarian)
Chopped Chicken$14.90
Grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, hard boiled egg, Hook's 3-year aged cheddar, organic mixed greens, carrots, tomatoes, bleu cheese dressing
Blackened Shrimp$16.00
Lime roasted corn, cumin black beans, roasted Brussels sprouts, red leaf lettuce, avocado, crispy tortilla strips, blackened ranch
Beet & Avo$12.90
Roasted beets, avocado, Marieke aged Gouda, organic arugula, caraway vinaigrette. (Vegetarian)


Open-Face BBQ Brisket$15.00
Texas toast, house Barbeque sauce, coleslaw, spicy garlic pickles, crispy Barbeque onions
Grand Café Club$12.90
Shaved turkey, bacon, apples, red onions, cheddar cheese, roasted garlic aioli, Thai chili sauce, sourdough bread.
The Kulminator$13.90
Smoked Gouda, dill havarti, American, Muenster, bacon, oven-roasted tomatoes, griddled sourdough
Smoked Beet & Tempeh Reuben$12.00
Swiss, sauerkraut, vegan thousand island aioli, tempeh, roasted smoked beets, multigrain. (Vegetarian)
Blackberry Turkey$12.90
Shaved turkey, blackberry preserves, spicy giardiniera, smoked Gouda, potato bread
Bacon Avocado Chicken$14.00
Blackened garlic ranch aioli, chicken, avocado, bacon, roasted tomatoes, organic arugula, Troubadour bun
BLT & A$13.00
Bacon, sliced tomato, avocado, green leaf lettuce, multigrain bread, basil aioli
Pretzel Breakfast Sammy$14.00
Canadian bacon, pretzel bun, Muenster, bacon, herb garlic cheese, scrambled eggs


Highlander Burger$13.90
Sesame bun, pepperoncini, smoked Gouda, arugula, crispy pepperoni, pizza sauce, grass-fed beef patty $2.00 from every Homestead Highlander Burger supports Homestead Athletics!
Jalapeno BBQ$15.00
Pepper Jack cheese, spicy giardiniera, avocado, house Barbeque sauce, crispy Barbeque onions
Fried spicy garlic pickles, Cudahy bacon, Wisconsin-aged cheddar cheese, local pretzel bun, skewer of cheese curds
Big Smokey$15.00
Smoked Gouda, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, smoked chipotle aioli
House-seasoned patty
The Vedge$13.00
House-made pistachio beluga lentil veggie patty, roasted smoked beets, chipotle aioli, Roma tomatoes, crispy Barbeque onions, arugula. (Vegetarian)

Grand Cafe Plates

Bacon Leek Quiche$13.00
Bacon, basil, sheep's milk feta, scallions, leeks, petite salad
Dutch Quarter Jambalaya$18.00
Andouille sausage, shrimp, chicken, Roma tomatoes, onion, mini sweet peppers, jasmine rice, spicy cajun sauce.
Macaroni & Cheeses$16.00
5-cheese cream sauce, pickled peppadew peppers, rotini noodles, toasted bread crumbs. (Vegetarian)
Moeders Meatloaf$16.90
House-blend of ground beef and pork, mixed with Gruyere, vegetables and spices, haricots verts, stoemp mashed potatoes, petite salad
Chicken & Waffle$17.00
Buttermilk fried chicken, Liege waffle, pork onion gravy, rainbow carrots
Prime Steak$22.90
7 oz Grilled prime sirloin, shallot butter, rainbow carrots, stoemp mashed potatoes